Comforters and duvets are often referred to interchangeably, but they’re two distinct types of bedding. A comforter is quilted so that the filling is evenly distributed, and you can place it on your bed right out of the box. Meanwhile, a duvet comes in two different parts: the cover and the filling, which fits inside the cover like a pillow to a pillow case (only with considerably more effort). Comforters, though attractive and convenient, may require expensive dry cleaning as opposed to the cover of a duvet, which you can just throw into the washer. If you’re looking for the best of both beddings, you should get a comforter that doubles as a duvet insert.

  • Filling Material: As with traditional stand-alone comforters, the first choice you’ll need to make with a comforter that doubles as duvet inserts is the type of filling material. Down is more expensive than feather, but it lasts longer, and you won’t have to worry about feather quills ending up all over the bedroom. It also keeps you warmer than feather filling, which might be a better option for warmer months. Synthetic filling is best if you suffer from allergies, and it also makes for a machine-washable comforter experience.
  • Change Up Your Look: Cleaning comforters that double as duvet inserts is a cinch because you only have to clean the duvet cover—but that’s not the only big benefit. Another is that they allow you to change up the look of your bedding. You can buy several covers of different colors, patterns, and fabrics to accommodate changing moods, changing tastes and changing seasons.
  • Keep Everything in Line: Lining up the filling to fit perfectly inside a duvet cover only to have it slip around every time you sleep under it can be a hassle. To bypass this issue, most comforters that double as duvet inserts come with a tab on each corner that can be fastened to the corners of the duvet cover to keep everything permanently in place.

Our Picks for the Best Comforters That Double as Duvet Inserts on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Utopia Bedding

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Runner Up: EASELAND All Season Down Alternative Comforter


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Budget Pick: Bedsure Down Alternative Comforter


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