Quick—what do you do if you’re overflowing with books, photos, and memorabilia that you want displayed but you’re lacking the space? You take advantage of all that blank wall space with floating shelves. Stylish and functional, floating shelves look chic while upping precious storage and display space. Here’s some tips and tricks to perfectly arrange them in any room of your home.

  • Consider Wood: If you’re looking to add some warmth and texture, wooden shelving is the perfect complement. It’s a subtle way to draw attention in an entryway or small room. And wood shelves will safely support heavier items you want to show off.
  • Add Depth With Size: Opting for a set of floating shelves, whether of varying sizes or uniform, is a great way to add depth to your room. Examples include using one shelf for items of the same color, another for books, and a third for related objects. The unity makes an attractive and organized focal point. 
  • Kid-Friendly Options: Whether it’s a bedroom or playroom, there’s always a need for extra storage in kids’ rooms. Floating shelves are an easy way to make room for their ever-growing collection of books, toys, and accessories. Shelves can be placed up high on the wall so little ones don’t knock everything over, or you can put them lower down so they can reach—and help clean up!

Our Picks for the Best Floating Wall Shelves on Amazon

Top Pick: Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves


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Runner Up: SRIWATANA Floating Shelves

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Great for Kids’ Rooms: Giftgarden 24-Inch Floating Shelves


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Premium Pick: BAOBAB WORKSHOP Wood Floating Shelves


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