If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that while they’re awesome pets, they can be quite messy—especially in their litter box area. They miss the box. They enjoying scratching litter and other materials out of the box. And yes, they can inadvertently make a mess. Fortunately, a good cat litter mat beneath your litter box can make all the difference. Keep your litter box area—and consequently the rest of your house—clean. When shopping for a a model that works for you and your feline, consider these factors.

  • Quality: A simple rubber mat under your litter box will help catch some of the mess associated with cat ownership, but not as much as a high-quality, purpose-made mat will. Mats with layers, called litter-trapper mats, can help keep cat waste out of your litter-box room and the rest of the house. The holes in the top layer allow excess litter to fall through to the bottom level. That keeps your cat from tracking it all around. For most of these mats, you can easily empty litter right back into the litter box to be used again instead of wasting it.
  • Ease of cleaning: If your mat is doing its job right, it’s going to get very messy now and then. That’s why choosing an option that’s easy to clean is a must. You can easily toss cloth mats in the washing machine, but repeated washings will wear them out quickly. That said, litter mats with a harder surface are easy to wipe clean. Some can even be tossed in the dishwasher for a deep clean. Be wary of mats with lots of texture, though. Litter and waste can get stuck in the grooves and make cleaning more difficult.
  • Durability. Since many cats like to scratch, a durable litter mat is a must if you want it to last more than just a few months. Anything made of cloth probably won’t last long. Keep comfort in mind, though. Mats that are rough on your cat’s paws might not be appealing, prompting your feline to take its business elsewhere. Never a good situation.

Our picks for the best litter mats on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Gorilla Grip

Top Pick Overall

This covering features deep grooves to capture droppings. The soft feel makes this pick double an ideal location for your feline to take a nap. Gorilla Grip

Runner Up: Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

This spacious pick is designed with a base layer that’s soft on the paws. And it will stand up to your kitty’s scratches. The honeycomb design also allows waste to filter through. Pieviev

Durable Pick: Bull-o Cat Litter Trapper

Durable Pick

This floor covering is made of sturdy and eco-friendly EVA foam rubber. What’s more, this pick separates the waste out through a filter for a no-mess option. Bulkniu

Budget Pick: Polarduck Mat

Budget Pick

This affordable option is purrr-fectly soft and is BPA-free. It also sifts out waste, making this a great all-around option for the price.

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