The thought of carrying a poop bag along with you when taking your pooch for a stroll used to be an alien concept. But since you typically take your furry friend out a couple of times a day, poop-bag dispensers have also become big business. They’re available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Each manufacturer provides features to make the experience easier for pet owners. When shopping for a dog-poop-bag dispenser, consider these factors.

  • Portability. If you can’t carry your poop-bag dispenser easily and comfortably, you might as well just be carrying a couple of bags in your pocket. To make them lightweight, many companies make poop-bag dispensers out of plastic. These are generally pretty durable, too. Also, look for a dispenser you can attach to your belt or to your dog’s leash, ensuring you have easy access to the bags when you need them.
  • Functionality. How easy is the poop-bag dispenser to use? Poorly made models are nearly either impossible to refill or make it easy to remove a handful at a time. That makes them more hassle than they’re worth. The best poop-bag dispensers have a large door for easy filling, along with a decent-sized port for removing the bags from the dispenser one at a time. Some are also scented, helping minimize the odor until you can find a suitable place to dispose of the bags. 
  • Value. Many poop-bag dispensers also come with a supply of disposable poop bags. In fact, one good way to choose is to look for a quality poop dispenser with the greatest number of bags at a reasonable price. Poop bags that are biodegradable are much more environmentally friendly, so many dog owners opt for those when available. That said, when buying replacement bags, be sure that they will fit correctly in your dispenser. Many dispensers and bags are manufacturer-specific, meaning you need to buy that company’s bags to use in their dispenser.

Our Picks for the best poop bag dispensers on Amazon

Best Overall: Amazon Basics

Best Overall

This plastic model has a carabiner-style attachment for easy transport and comes with 300 polyethylene containers that are durable and help reduce odor.
Amazon Basics

Runner Up: Infinite Node Dispenser

Premium Pick

Walking your canine at night just got a whole lot safer with this handy container that provides its own illumination. This versatile product also works with other brands, while its own supply carries the scent of lavender.
Infinite Node

Great for the Environment: BOTEWO Bags and Dispenser

Great for the Environment

Help save the earth this option that’s filled with vegetable-based ingredients that will naturally degrade within 18 months. The roomy containers are perfect for large canines. BOTEWO

Budget Pick: Downtown Pet Supply Poop Bags

Budget Pick

You’ll look forward to taking your pup around the block every time you grab this dog-bone-shaped container, which comes with whimsical refuse receptacles in a rainbow of paw-print designs.
Downtown Pet Supply

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