In case of emergencies, putting keys under the welcome mat by the front door or inside a flower pot is like rolling out the red carpet for burglars. If you’re searching for a safe space to keep a spare set of house keys, a portable lock box is the way to go. It’s like a key safe that only family and trusted people with the change-able code can open. Portable lock boxes are also a good way to ensure that family members never get locked outside. And if you want to avoid the bulk of carrying around an extra set of keys, just put them inside a portable lock box and go.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: When choosing a portable lock box, it’s a good idea to get one that’s suitable for use both in and out of the house, as well as one that is weather-resistant and coated to prevent scratching and other nicks. A shackle or steel cable can allow you to place it around a secure structure, like a metal gate or certain types of door handles. Portable lock boxes that can be mounted to the wall are another popular option, and you can place them near the front door or on the side of the house.
  • Electronic Locks: Back in the 1950s, lockboxes were opened by a silver key (a “lockbox key”), which was a fairly redundant system. Why give someone a lockbox key for access to your house key when you can just give them a copy of the house key? Next came lock boxes with resettable combinations, followed, in the 1990s, by electronic lock boxes. Today, these can be operated using a code (including one-day-only ones), infrared sensors, and even smartphone apps. Keep in mind how easy it is to plug in the code to your lockbox and change it. And be sure to keep an extra set of keys in a separate safe space, just in case of the unfortunate event that you forget the code and find yourself locked outside both your house and your portable lock box.
  • Size: Lockboxes aren’t just for keys—you can store anything inside of them. Maybe homes today use fobs or passcards, in addition to regular keys, as a security measure. The size of your lockbox will determine what can fit inside of it, so plan accordingly.

Our Picks for the Best Portable Lock Boxes on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box

Top Pick Overall

This is designed for both outside and inside use, and a shutter door keeps the dials protected from the elements. It comes in several designs, including heavy-duty and push button.
Master Lock

Runner Up: Master Lock 5424D Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box

The removable shackle makes this model a cinch to install nearly anywhere. When the panel is opened, the numbers illuminate, making them easy to read at any time of day or night.

Master Lock

Premium Pick: Master Lock Box, Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

Premium Pick

Share the physical code or invite guests to open this with their smartphones. It operates on a battery and allows you to monitor activity, just in case.
Master Lock

Also Consider: Rudy Run Key Lock Box for Outside

Built with rust- and corrosion-proof metals, this tough choice can withstand hammers, saws, and anyone trying to pry into it. It’s easy to install and can hold up to five house keys.

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