Decorating your shower so your little mermaids feel perfectly at home could win you the “parent of the year” award. That waffle-patterned, seahorse-motif may be a perfect fit for your seashore-themed bath, but you might also end up replacing it frequently if it’s not also mold and mildew resistant. Shower curtains that fight odors and are easy to clean might not top Ariel’s list, but they will surely make your shower a better and cleaner place to, well, take a shower.

Things to Consider:

  • Does it need a shower liner? There is a big difference between shower curtains and shower liners. The curtain is the heavy-duty textile that goes on the outside of the tub. Liners are the waterproof part that creates a tight seal with the surface. Some curtains function as both, though it’s important to find both coverage and water-resistance.
  • How long will it last? Everything wears down with time, including shower curtains. However, if you find a heavy-duty model made from quality textiles, it will generally last longer. If you choose a thicker version, you can machine wash and dry it to prevent mold. Liners are more cost-effective, but they require more frequent replacement.
  • Is it large enough for my shower? Look at the size of the curtain and measure it against the dimensions of your shower. It needs to provide ample coverage, meaning it must be both long and tall enough to seal the water in.
  • Does the style work for me? Every shower curtain looks a bit different, and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Muted tones tend to integrate into the surroundings better than bold designs. Thicker materials are ideal for larger bathrooms, though can be too much for smaller areas.

Our Picks for the Shower Curtains on Amazon

Best Overall: mDesign Hotel-Quality Shower Curtain

Luxurious Design that Integrates into any Shower

High-quality shower curtain that adds function and luxury to your bathroom. mDesign

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Balancing style with function, the mDesign Hotel-Quality Shower Curtain lives up to the hype. It features a waffle-style texturing that gives it a stylish look. Ringing in at 72-inches, the square curtain is made out of blended cotton and polyester. Safe to machine wash, you can keep this shower curtain working over the long term. When it comes to the grommets (the metal hooks that attach to the pole), you don’t have to worry about rust either. The stainless steel material prevents corrosion while the sturdy hem helps avoid tears on the surface. Meant for use with a liner, this soft shower curtain might not be waterproof, but it is stylish and opaque. Giving your shower a modern look, this mDesign curtain makes a great addition to any medium-to-large bathroom setup. 


  • Waffle weave adds luxurious flair
  • Metal grommets are rust-resistant
  • Gentle hue fits into any bathroom


  • Requires a shower liner
  • May shrink slightly in the dryer

Premium Pick: AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain

Textured Fabric adds Style and Function

Durable grommets and mildew-resistant shower curtain materials offer lasting benefits. AmazerBath

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If you’re looking for something that will perform well and give you that clean look, the AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain is worth checking out. It features the iconic hotel look, down to the fine waffle texture detailing. Equipped with rust-resistant grommets, it’s easy to hook this curtain into place. When used with any plain liner, it offers completely opaque and watertight coverage. It rings in at 72 inches, the square design accommodating the majority of shower setups. Gentle to the touch, this material dries efficiently to prevent the accrual of mold spores. This crisp white shower curtain stands out for the fresh look it lends to the room. You can machine wash and dry it, plus the fabric is safe to bleach in case of a DIY hair job gone wrong. Lightweight and easy to handle, this premium option is a great way to go. 


  • Fits well in any bathroom
  • Large enough to cover bigger showers
  • Durable fabric withstands bleaching well


  • Better with metal shower rods
  • White color is easily stained
  • Not entirely waterproof

Best Budget: Bigfoot Clear Shower Curtain

Ideal Balance of Cost and Quality

Cost-effective shower curtain that ensures an entirely watertight seal. BIGFOOT

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Replacing your shower curtain shouldn’t be an extreme cost, which is what makes the Bigfoot Clear Shower Curtain such a good pick. For starters, it works as both a liner and a curtain. Though the material is white, it is thick enough to provide complete coverage. The polymer used in construction is repellent to mildew and mold. So long as you dry it off properly, it won’t hold onto spills and isn’t prone to staining. Coming with magnetic attachments at the bottom of the curtain,it holds onto the side of the tub to offer a completely watertight seal. Finishing off with rust-resistant metal grommets, this cost-effective curtain is a one-stop shower curtain solution for those on a budget. The square structure is 72 inches long on each side, providing complete protection in larger showers. Free of any harmful chemicals, this curtain offers ample value. 


  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Works independently or with extra curtain
  • Entirely waterproof design 


  • Vulnerable to damage from stretching
  • If not cleaned, mold can attach to soap scum or skin cells

Best Heavy-Duty:  LiBa PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

Creates a Powerful Seal

This crisp white, polymer shower curtain prevents water from getting on the floor. LiBa

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Tired of stepping out of the shower and into a puddle? The LiBa PEVA Shower Curtain Liner offers a completely waterproof seal to keep your floors dry. It features a bold sheen that adds lustre to the plain white color. The top of the 72-inch shower curtain is complete with a well sealed polymer that is tough enough to hold up under strain. Flexible yet sturdy, it fits into any bathtub, regardless of the design. IT works as a standalone or in conjunction with an outer curtain. Water rolls off it effortlessly; and, thanks to the density of the material, it creates a water tense seal every time. Manufactured using safe materials, even in the steam, this shower curtain keeps the air safe and retains its hold. Durable enough for demanding environments, this heavy-duty option is a great pick. 


  • Balance of affordability and utility
  • Works as a standalone or with a curtain
  • Made entirely out of safe, BPA-free materials


  • Needs to be replaced after a year
  • Light color lends to staining

Most Innovative: Ntbayt Eva Shower Curtain

Works Independently or With a Liner

Textured and aesthetically appealing, this shower curtain adds flair to your bathroom. NTBAY

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Last but not least, the Ntbayt Eva Shower Curtain is a well-designed addition to any bathroom. It features an innovative look, including a textured design that emulates the look of a shower door. Slip-resistant, it features magnetic attachments at the base to connect to the bathtub’s side. These, paired with the plastic curtain, ensure a quality watertight seal. At 72 inches long, the square curtain is easy to install in any setup. Coming with strong yet lightweight grommets, it touts a sleek look that’s unparalleled by the competition. For privacy’s sake, you might want to add an opaque curtain, but other than that it works as a standalone. Sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear, the clever design and stylish appearance help your bathroom decor pop. 


  • Features a unique design
  • Translucent and textured
  • Compatible with any tub size or style


  • Doesn’t offer opaque coverage
  • Requires a shower curtain to perform optimally

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