Whether you’re a fan of gauzy window dressings or elegant drapes, curtain tiebacks can help set the tone in your decor. If you want to control the amount of light that comes into a particular room or add some privacy, you need a sturdy tieback. But if your curtains are purely room decor, then your tieback simply can enhance that look. Here’s what to consider before making a purchase.

  • Curtain holdbacks v. tiebacks. These handy home accessories provide the same functionality as a “tieback,” except they’re made of materials such as metal, iron, or wood. You can easily attach curtain holdbacks to your wall and your curtains. They’re a great option if you anticipate adjusting your curtains often for light and privacy.
  • Magnetic options. Skip the screws with these no-hassle products to corral your curtains. Magnetic curtain tiebacks are also an easy way to add flair. Most versions come in decorative forms such as flowers or geometric shapes to accent your wall treatments. And they can easily hold back all types of material weight, from filmy curtains to velvet drapes.
  • Placement. A good way to figure out where you should place your tieback is to hang it about a third of the way up from the bottom of your window treatment. For example, for a curtain that’s 84 inches long, you’d place the tieback about 28 inches from the bottom. For taller windows, though, you may want to place your tiebacks lower so you can reach them. But overall, there’s no real science to it. Place your tieback where it looks best and you can readily reach and adjust it. 

Our Picks for the Best Curtain Tiebacks on Amazon

Top Pick: Amazon Basics Decorative Curtain Holdback

Top Pick

Give your window treatments a modern look with these options. They’re available in black, bronze, and more and include installation hardware. Amazon Basics

Easy to Use: Lewondr Vintage Magnetic Tieback

Easy to Use

Lend a rustic feel to your accents with these floral accents. They’re a snap to install, no tools required, and you can pick from eight colors.

Designed with nickel-plating to ward off rust, these options come in a classic woven design. You don’t need any tools to install them, so you won’t risk damaging your walls. IHClink

Budget Pick: UNIAISENG Curtain Tiebacks

Budget Pick

Prefer a more formal look? These handmade accents will dress up your dining room at a great price. And they’re sturdy enough for use on your outdoor gazebo.

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