These days, losing your laptop ranks right up there with having your identity stolen. They’ve literally become our virtual offices. The beauty of it is that you can take your laptop with you essentially anywhere. To make that experience ever better, savvy companies are creating all sorts of cool products that make working on your laptop more comfortable, fun, and quite possibly, more productive. Consider the following when deciding which of the laptop accessories that recently caught our eye are right for you.

  • Portability: Laptops are inherently portable—but that doesn’t necessarily mean your workstation is. Laptop accessories can ease the mobility of your workstation (like lap desks, laptop stands, or even just computer bags). That means you can bring work anywhere you’re most comfortable, whether it’s the living room or the park.
  • Comfort: If your job or class schedule requires you to be on your laptop all day, you’ll want to invest in accessories that put less strain on your hands and wrists. Keyboard rest pads can keep you comfortable while you’re typing away. Look for rest pads made of memory foam or gel for the best comfort.
  • Efficiency: If you like to keep your phone near you or use your tablet as a second monitor, getting a USB hub or docking station makes simultaneously charging your devices seamless. Ensure your laptop’s charger is compatible with the dock you choose.

Our Picks for the Best Laptop Accessories on Amazon

Best Overall: Soundance Laptop Stand

Portable Design

This item elevates six inches so you’re not straining your neck, and it comes in nine different colors to complement your device. SOUNDANCE

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Runner Up: LapGear Lap Desk

Dual-Bolster Cushion

This item comes with a slot for your mobile and other computer accessories and allows for ventilation. LapGear

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Great for Comfort: Gimars Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Non-Skid Rubber Base

This ergonomic gadget is soft and durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort. Available in six stylish colors. Gimars

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Great for Posture: Lifelong Laptop Stand

Easy to Handle

This item prevents your device from overheating, can ease pressure on your back, and can be transported in your backpack.

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