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A soak in the tub is just the ticket to unwind after a long day. You can make the most of the experience with the addition of a bath pillow. These support systems are designed to cushion your head, neck, and shoulders while you’re in the tub. They’re a helpful addition to your bath, as they help you maintain a comfortable posture and avoid unnecessary strain. Bath pillows are made specifically for the tub, so they’re water-friendly and slip-proof, and usually made of soft, fluffy material.

Without a bath pillow, you usually need to rest your neck and head on the lip of the tub, which is hard, makes it difficult to relax, and contorts you into a position that may lend itself to back and neck pain. We’ve assembled a list of the best bath pillows available. Read on to find the best option for you.

How We Picked the Products

There is no one perfect bath pillow for everyone, however, there are several qualities that we looked at that determine what makes a bath pillow a worthy investment.

  • Comfort:  When it has to do with relaxation, comfort is key. In this category we took into consideration the types of materials (fabric, foam) and the thickness of the padding.
  • Safety: You never want to slip in the tub, especially when a fall may result in hitting your head. Bath pillows must stay securely in place, which makes suction cups extremely important. We looked for bath pillows with several well-positioned, high-quality suction cups.
  • Mold/Mildew Resistance: Since bath pillows are used in water, they may have a tendency to mold and develop mildew. Although this can never be entirely prevented due to age of the pillow, lack of cleanliness, or just humid/moist environments, we looked for pillows that had features that could prevent this from occurring. This includes waterproof materials, hooks to hang dry, quick-dry fabric, or odor-resistant materials.
  • Value: Although most bath pillows tend to range around the same price ($20 to $40), we looked for the pillows that would give you the best value for your dollar with longevity, practicality, and ease of cleaning.

The Best Bath Pillow: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow

This versatile pillow checks most boxes for size, color, safety, and comfort. Gorilla Grip

Why It Made The Cut: Gorilla Grip impressed us with more suction cups than other brands, larger dimensions, thick padding, and color options.


  • Measures 19.5 by 15 by 2 inches
  • Seven suction cups for firm attachment
  • Waterproof material that can be easily cleaned
  • Plenty of stability from suction cups
  • Suction cups don’t adhere as well to textured tubs
  • Non-porous material for cleanliness
  • Suitable for universal use in any tub, spa, or jacuzzi
  • This Gorilla Grip bath pillow uses a three-panel design to angle comfortably along the edge of a tub. A bit larger than competing products, this bath pillow supports the head, neck, shoulders, and back comfortably and fits well in both small and large bathtubs. 

    The company pays particular attention to safety, using seven suction cups to attach firmly to the tub. Like many other suction cups, these secure best to a smooth surface rather than against tile or textured tubs. 

    Made from a durable, thick padded foam, this pillow makes reclining in the tub cozy in addition to being secure. The non-porous material is easy to wipe clean, and is quick to air dry, helping the bath pillow stay mold- and mildew-free. Due to these qualities of the material, this is a solid choice for humid or wet environments. 

    The pillow comes in four colors, so you can choose one that goes best with your decor. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that the bath pillow will last for many years and that Gorilla Grips stands behind its product.

    Easiest Bath Pillow to Clean: Sierra Concepts Bath Pillow

    Why It Made The Cut: This bath pillow feels opulent, but it’s made for the washing machine, which gets the bath pillow cleaner than hand-washing.


    • Flexible 3D Air Mesh fabric that’s easy to wash
    • Measures 17 by 17 by 2 inches 
    • Weighs only 13.44 ounces
  • Flexible to fit the curve of any tub
  • Back and shoulder cushioning feels thinner than other bath pillows
  • A longer pillow, offering back comfort
  • A hook on the backside for convenience
  • Sierra Concepts’ bath pillow feels luxurious, but comes with features that make it perfect for everyday use. This pillow is an excellent option for comfort and is extremely simple to clean. Many other bath pillows have to be wiped by hand, but this one goes right into the washing machine (but it can be rinsed by hand, too). The 3D Air Mesh Fabric allows the bath pillow to air-dry faster, and comes with a hook on the backside to hang it up. This ease of cleaning and care help prevent mold and mildew from developing.

    This bath pillow is designed to cradle your shoulders, back, neck, and head. At 17 inches, it’s long enough to cushion your back, but it’s not as long as a full-size body pillow. 

    The accommodating fabric fits the curve of any tub and stays secure with six suction cups. With two-inch thick cushioning, this one is as thick as other bath pillows, but the flexibility of the material feels less dense, making it seem like it’s not as cushioned. However, there is additional cushion on the headrest, which enhances a bather’s comfort, giving extra support where it’s needed most.

    Best Value: BINO Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow

    This tiny pillow is the perfect starter pillow or for tucking in your suitcase.

    Why It Made The Cut: In many bathtubs, support is most often required for the neck and head. BINO’s bath pillow is an economic size, but feels like luxury on a budget thanks to the thoughtful design and material.


    • Measures 12.5 by 12 by 3 inches
    • Eight suction cups to prevent slipping
    • Mesh design for quick draining
  • Odor-resistant mesh fabric
  • Compact size may be considered too small for some users
  • Stable suction cup design
  • Suited for small living spaces and travel
  • BINO’s an example of how good things come in small packages. In the bath, the most uncomfortable place is the area behind your neck and head. Though BINO’s bath pillows are petite, they are just right for cradling this part of the body and making a bathtub instantly comfortable. Their small size also doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase, so you can take them along to your vacation rental or hotel during travel.

    This bath pillow feels more upscale as it’s made with a fabric exterior, instead of plastic like many bath pillows. Textured fabric has an additional perk as it helps prevent water from pooling, and it’s designed to be odor-resistant; simply leave it out to dry flat between uses. In addition, this bath pillow is very unlikely to slip out of place, as it’s a small pillow secured by eight suction cups. And once the pillow is in place, it’s stuck there. 

    Whether you’re on a budget or you’re not sure if bath pillows are right for you, BINO’s bath pillow is a great introductory pillow as it’s very affordable and holds up as well as more expensive pillows. The small size offers a lot of additional comfort to a bathtub, and will help you decide if you want a larger bath pillow down the line.

    Best Full Body Bath Pillow: OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath Pillow

    Best Full Body Bath Pillow

    This machine-washable model has a thick headrest and multiple layers. OMYSTYLE

    Why It Made The Cut: This full-body bath pillow fits most tubs, emphasizes its suction cups for safety, and is machine-washable.


    • Measures 50 by 16 inches with a 0.9-inch padded mat and 2-inch padded headrest
    • Mesh fabric material (5D Air Mesh Technology)
    • Secures with 21 large suction cups
  • Fully supports the whole body
  • May be more prone to mold and mildew if not cleaned properly
  • Thick headrest for added comfort
  • Attached hook for air drying
  • Machine-washable (wash bag included)
  • Looking to stretch out? OMYSTYLE’s full-body bath pillow provides a cushion for virtually the entire length of the tub. With a padded mat for separation from cold metal or porcelain tubs, the big advantage of this bath pillow is that it supports the back and tailbone, which can be irritated by the unyielding surface of a bathtub. Plus, this pillow’s headrest feels quite cushy, as it’s over an inch thicker than the rest of the bath pillow.

    Made from 5-D Air Mesh fabric that feels soft against the skin, this pillow has advantages over traditional plastic bath pillows:

    • More extravagant feel
    • Water permeates the layers, so bathers feel the warmth of the bath water from all sides
    • The ability to put the entire bath pillow into the washing machine (using the included wash bag)

    Then once you wash it, this bath pillow air dries quickly. Simply hang it up using the attached hook on the backside of the pillow. As most of the body pillow can be submerged in bathwater along with bath bombs and bubble bath, cleaning the bath pillow after each use is essential. Without the commitment to proper care, this bath pillow runs the risk of acquiring odors that accompany mold and mildew.

    Finally, bathers can rest assured knowing that the bath pillow will stay securely in place, thanks to the 21 suction cups that each measure 2.1 inches in diameter. The extra suction cups may mean you need to take a little extra time to secure them before the bath, but it offers tremendous peace of mind that you won’t slip in the tub.

    Best Padded Bath Pillow: Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

    Best Padded Bath Pillow

    Max out the comfort with this ultra-thick bath pillow. Everlasting Comfort

    Why It Made The Cut: Made from soft polyester and at over five inches thick at its largest point, Everlasting Comfort makes one of most comfortable bath pillows.


    • Measures 16.34 by 13.23 by 5.28 inches
    • 100 percent polyester 
    • Lifetime replacement policy
  • Ultra thick padding
  • Extra padding may not be suitable for everyone
  • Side pocket for convenience
  • Only four suction cups
  • Tapered bottom for back support
  • Hook to hang after cleaning
  • Everlasting Comfort developed a bath pillow designed with thicker support and ergonomic design for the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Constructed with a curved shape, this bath pillow better conforms to the back, offering plush comfort to the bather. The overall shape of the pillow accounts for the natural curves of the back and spine, tapering at the bottom to provide sufficient back support that’s not too bulky.

    Made from soft polyester and a soft, breathable mesh cover, this bath pillow is comfortable but has the benefits of drying quickly and preventing water buildup inside the pillow. The interior of the pillow is a soft, cushy foam that’s suited to larger tubs because it takes up more room than other types of bath pillows.

    Additional features include:

    • A deep side pocket for storing bath products
    • A comfortable headrest roll
    • A hook attached to the back of the headrest for air drying

    This pillow is intended to work on rounded or curved tubs because of its flexible design. Users can adjust the positioning of the pillow by sliding it in any direction to get the best support. Though there are only four suction cups, this bath pillow stays anchored due to the strength and strategic placement of each one.

    This bath pillow also comes with a lifetime replacement policy. If anything ever goes wrong with the pillow, Everlasting Comfort pledges to replace it.

    Best Inflatable Pillow: Earth Therapeutics Terry-Covered Bath Pillow

    Best Inflatable Pillow

    Customize the support this lightweight inflatable pillow provides by adding more or less air. Earth Therapeutics

    Why It Made The Cut: Inflatable bath pillows that don’t feel completely plastic are hard to find, which is why we appreciate Earth Therapeutics’ terry cloth inflatable pillow.


    • Measures 4 by 4 by 2 inches
    • Terry cloth material covers inflatable plastic bath pillow
    • Portable and lightweight at only 4.8 ounces
  • Portable and easy to store
  • More fragile than other bath pillows
  • Easy-to-clean material
  • Only four suction cups
  • Adjustable by changing the amount it’s inflated
  • When space is at a premium or you’re on the move, the Earth Therapeutics inflatable bath pillow offers convenience and comfort. Inflatable bath pillows are lightweight by nature, making it easy to pack along or condense down, so they easily tuck away into a cupboard. 

    That said, this bath pillow, unlike traditional inflatable pillows, is wrapped in a soft terry cloth material that elevates the feeling, since you’re not reclining on sticky plastic. By design, the material is easy to clean with a simple hand wash and air dry. 

    As for comfort, this inflatable bath pillow has the advantage of customization. Users need only add as much air as they prefer to make the pillow more or less dense.

    While this pillow only comes with four suction cups that attach to the bathtub, it doesn’t actually require more than that. Since the pillow is small and lightweight, additional suction cups would be excessive for the design and material.

    One drawback for this pillow is the possibility of puncture. Unlike padded bath pillows, inflatable pillows require more care and thoughtful storage.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Bath Pillow

    Bath pillows can be an amazing addition to your bath. Choose the bath pillow that’s best suited for you with these considerations:

    • Support: Before you invest in a bath pillow, consider where the support is lacking in your bathtub. What parts of your body feel strained after a bath? You may only require a bath pillow that supports your head and neck rather than your whole body.
    • Material: The right material lends itself to both comfort and maintenance. Non-porous materials are easier to wipe clean, and they can be quite comfortable. Fabric materials absorb water in the bathtub, may feel more luxurious, and are more likely suited for the washing machine. Material choice really comes down to preference and what you’re able to maintain.
    • Frequency of Use: Purchasing a bath pillow may or may not change how often you find yourself in the tub. If you take baths infrequently, a bath pillow that stores away easily between uses, like an inflatable pillow, may be a more suitable option than a thick padded pillow that takes up a lot of space.
    • Your Bathtub: Assess your bathtub and determine the practicality of a bath pillow. Smaller tubs may not be an ideal place for larger bath pillows. You also want to look at the texture of the tub. Suction cups stick better to smooth surfaces, like porcelain.
    • Maintenance: If you know you will regularly clean your bath pillow, it’s an excellent accessory for your bathtub. If bath pillows aren’t taken care of, however, they can develop mold and mildew, which is nearly impossible to remove. If handwashing a bath pillow isn’t your cup of tea, make sure to purchase one that is machine-washable.


    For a seemingly simple product, there is a lot to learn about bath pillows and their care. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve come across about bath pillows.

    Q: Are there other things I can use instead of a bath pillow?

    There are other items that can support your head and neck while bathing, like a towel. However, there are drawbacks to fashioning your own version of a bath pillow, such as no suction cups for stability and unequal distribution of padding. The best option is to just use a bath pillow, as they are designed specifically for this use.

    Q: How can I make my bathtub more comfortable?

    A bath pillow can make any tub feel more comfortable in just a few seconds. There are bath pillows that suit any kind of tub from small bathtubs to large hot tubs.

    Q: Do bath pillows get moldy?

    Yes, bath pillows can get moldy. You can prevent and delay mold and mildew by keeping your bath pillows clean and dry in between use. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your bath pillow. 

    Final Thoughts

    A bath pillow can transform your time in the tub, making it more relaxing and supportive for your body. For enhanced comfort, it’s important that your neck and head are supported and the pillow contours around the natural curves of this area. We think our overall best pick, the Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow, meets this need and enhances it with upper back support and easy-to-clean material.