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You don’t need a gourmet kitchen to make a delicious meal. All you need is the best convection toaster oven and your kitchen will suddenly become more versatile in the flip of a switch. In short, a convection toaster oven differs from a conventional toaster oven because it has a powerful fan inside. That fan increases and circulates the heat, which helps keep the temperature consistent, removes moisture, and cooks food faster, lending to a nice, even cook that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Here are our picks for the best convection toaster ovens to kick up your cuisine.

How We Chose the Best Convection Toaster Ovens


As product reviewers, we regularly assess appliances for quality and value. With dozens of options to choose from, we focused on a few specific criteria when choosing the best convection toaster oven. Here’s what we looked at:

  • Versatility: As they’re relatively sizeable countertop appliances, we loved multifunctional toaster ovens that cook in a variety of different ways. If it’s taking up that much counter space, we want it to do more than just toast bread.
  • Capacity: How does the oven use its space? We preferred ovens with more than one level, which allows for cooking multiple things at once. This is especially important if you’re in a small apartment or living space that doesn’t have a traditional oven and you’re using the toaster oven for the majority of your cooking.
  • Power: The fan is the most important part of a toaster oven—it’s what gets the hot air moving to surround the food. Fan velocity is an important feature of a toaster oven, because we were looking for ovens that got nice and hot and cooked evenly.

The Best Convection Toaster Ovens: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven

In addition to the standard features of a convection toaster oven, this multifunctional appliance comes with major air-frying functionality. Cuisinart

Why It Made the Cut: The Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven can air fry food until it’s nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.


  • Functions: Toast, broil, convection broil, air fry, bake, convection bake, warm
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches, takes up 0.6 cubic feet of space
  • Capacity: Fries up to 3 pounds of food


  • Cooks fast
  • Capacity for full meals
  • Quiet performance


  • No preheat setting

Our top pick for best overall convection toaster oven is Cuisinart’s Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven. Don’t let the name fool you—in addition to the powerful convection fan that makes for a perfect air fry, this multifunctional model can also bake, broil, toast, and warm. This one is a consumer favorite as well, which is no surprise given its powerful convection fan that makes for a perfect air fry.

Unlike other options with weaker heating systems, this oven really gets hot—and it gets hot fast. Some consumer feedback addressed food being burnt or overcooked, which may stem from a misunderstanding of convection ovens. The surrounding heat of convection cooks faster than a regular oven, so check to make sure you’re not setting the timer by a regular oven’s standards.

The only thing we found lacking from this model is the absence of a preheat setting or alarm. The display doesn’t let you know when preheating is complete, so you have to turn it on and wait five minutes to ensure that it has finished heating.

Best Compact: Cuisinart TOB-60N1

Perfect for those with small kitchens, the Cuisinart TOB-60N1 gets the job done without taking up too much counter space.

Why It Made the Cut: We love this small convection oven for its high performance and for its small size, which makes it great for kitchens that are tight on space.


  • Functions: Bake, broil, toast, convection bake, warm
  • Dimensions:19.1 x 15.5 x 9.8 inches, takes up 0.6 cubic feet of space
  • Capacity: Can accommodate a 12-inch pizza, 9 slices of bread, or a 9 x 13-inch baking pan


  • Good choice for small kitchens
  • Multi-functional oven for toasting, reheating, or baking
  • Heats up quickly


  • Doesn’t include a timer
  • Has smaller capacity for food

Despite its small footprint, this model from Cuisinart has enough power to heat through food quickly. The oven is made of stainless steel and includes a baking tray and broiling rack that easily slide in and out. Plus, the interior is covered with a nonstick coating for easy clean up. 

While you won’t be able to fit a meal for a big family in this toaster oven, it’s big enough to toast bread, heat pizza, or broil vegetables for two. You can even bake a small batch of cookies or pop a half-size muffin tray in there. 

This model is missing one feature that we would have liked to see: a timer. It may be an intentional omission given the ubiquity of cell phones with timers in them, but if you don’t have a timer on your phone or elsewhere in your kitchen, you may want to think about grabbing a cheap one before using this toaster oven.

Best Large Capacity: Ninja 10-in-1 XL Pro

Best Large Capacity

Perfect for large families, the Ninja 10-in-1 XL Pro offers plenty of space for food. Ninja

Why It Made the Cut: Ninja is known for its high-powered, high-capacity appliances and this convection toaster oven is no exception, with enough room to cook a full turkey and veggie dinner. 


  • Functions: Whole roast, air roast, air fry, bake, broil, toast, bagel, pizza, reheat, dehydrate
  • Dimensions:  17.09 x 20.22 x 13.34 inches
  • Capacity:  Can accommodate a 5-pound chicken and a sheet pan of vegetables, two 12-inch pizzas, or a 12-pound turkey


  • Two levels of cooking allows for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Easy to use


  • Loud
  • Expensive

This convection toaster oven from Ninja is big—it weighs over 30 pounds—but what it takes up in space it gives back in versatility. Capable of air frying and roasting, baking and dehydrating, there’s not much this oven can’t do. Its high velocity fan heats the oven quickly and makes for a fast and even cook. 

If your living space doesn’t have a traditional oven, this is a must-have. It can hold a roast, a chicken, and even up to a 12-pound turkey, or a pizza that’s up to 12 inches in diameter. The set includes sheet pans, wire racks, and air fry baskets, so you can cook any apps or sides as well. 

Due to the high velocity of the fan, this oven can be a little loud compared to smaller models. It’s also pricier than other convection toaster ovens, but in this instance you get what you pay for with all the capacity and multifunctionality it has to offer. 

Best Smart: Breville Smart Oven Pro

Best Smart

The Breville Smart Oven Pro uses power and heat intuitively and efficiently for a perfect cook every time. Breville

Why It Made the Cut: Breville’s technology makes it easy for home cooks to get perfect results at the press of a button.


  • Functions:  Toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, slow cook
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches
  • Capacity:  Can accommodate six slices of bread, a 13-inch pizza, roast chicken, a 9-cup muffin tray, or a 4.4-quart Dutch oven


  • Slow cook option
  • Large capacity
  • LCD display provides easy access to smart functionality


  • Expensive

Breville’s Element IQ system uses smart algorithms to steer power where it’s needed so food is cooked evenly every time. Some may find the complex appearance of the oven overwhelming at first, but it’s really quite simple and intuitive, though we recommend giving the manual a read before using. 

This convection toaster oven is multifunctional, including a slow-cook function that we didn’t find in most other ovens. You can slow cook for up to 10 hours and the oven even has capacity for a 4.4-quart Dutch oven. 

The only downside we found here is the price, which is naturally higher than some other brands or models because of the high functioning system. This is definitely a luxury item, but one that delivers. 

Best Value: Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

Best Value

This oven performs basic convection toaster oven functions at a reasonable price. Hamilton Beach

Why It Made the Cut: We chose this oven for its simple design and functionality that come in at an affordable price point.


  • Functions: Convection, bake, broil, toast
  • Dimensions: 15 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Capacity: Can accommodate six slices of toast, a 12-inch pizza, or a 9 x 11 inch baking pan


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to access
  • Roll-top door helps save on space
  • New safety feature for stay-on knob


  • Lower heat in bake and convection mode

If you’re looking for a basic convection toaster oven and don’t need a ton of bells and whistles, this Hamilton Beach countertop oven is a top pick. While it doesn’t have some of the versatility of larger, more expensive brands, it allows you to bake, broil, and toast, fitting up to six pieces of toast and 9 by 11 inches of baking or broiling space. 

Previous consumer feedback voiced concern about the oven’s stay-on feature. The stay-on knob could be easily turned without the user realizing it, causing the oven to stay hot indefinitely. Hamilton Beach heard these concerns and the knob now has a stop mechanism to prevent the problem, making it safer than previous models.

At a lower price point, you won’t get the kind of power you’d get from a more expensive version, but this oven consistently reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in the broil function.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Convection Toaster Oven


You may have been surprised to learn that convection toaster ovens can do more than just toast—that they can, in fact, roast a chicken, potatoes, and vegetables at the same time. Consider what you’ll use your oven for. Is it just for snacks and reheating pizza, or are you going to cook full meals in it? If you only need it for basic toasting or reheating, you might be able to do without all the bells and whistles.

Kitchen Space

Although some of our picks, like the Ninja 10-in-1 model, are full of helpful features and functions, they might take up a lot of counter space. Smaller living spaces might benefit more from a smaller, compact model with a rolling top to conserve space.


Some ovens, especially the higher end products, come with a variety of oven accessories like wire racks, frying baskets, baking pans, and more. Since standard-sized pans and racks are unlikely to fit in a toaster oven, check to make sure what’s included, or that you’ll be able to purchase properly fitting accessories on your own.



What is a convection toaster oven?

A convection toaster oven is a small countertop oven that has a fan inside it. The fan is used to circulate hot air through the oven so the heat surrounds the food evenly on all sides. Anyone who has microwaved a bowl of spaghetti knows how unevenly it heats—one side is burning hot, while the other is ice cold, so you have to keep taking it out and mixing it up to distribute the heat. A convection oven takes care of that problem on its own by circulating hot air evenly.


Which convection toaster oven is best?

We thought the Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven struck the best balance between price functionality, and it has capacity to do anything from bake a couple cookies to roast a full meal. If you’re looking for something with more fun features, we love anything by Ninja, like the Ninja 10-in-1 XL Pro.


What do you use a convection toaster oven for?

At this point, you can use some convection ovens for almost anything! The most basic toaster ovens have space for toasting bread or maybe reheating a slice of pizza, but now even some standard models can do so much more than that. Some of our picks even have enough room to roast a turkey. Some are capable of air-frying food, (Imagine making fries that are crispy on the outside and soft and crumbly on the inside from the comfort of your own home) while others can slow cook on a rotisserie. Some have dehydration and defrost settings. Check the specs on your convection oven of choice to see what kind of functions it offers.

Final Thoughts

Convection toaster ovens come in a wide spectrum of size, price, power, and functionality, and our top pick strikes just the right balance. The Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster oven fits easily on most counters and has the capacity to cook a full meal for a group. But if you’re looking for an oven to cook smaller portions, we love the more compact Cuisinart TOB-60N1.