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The best cordless phone systems for the home are all about making life easier. To that end, these systems allow you to enjoy a landline phone without worry about power outages, trouble with cell towers, or even concerns about voicemails getting lost. Although cordless phones are great for those who have large families or simply prefer more convenience, they can also be a valuable asset to those who have a home office. The expansion of a phone system with additional headsets makes life even easier, because you can answer from any phone and not have to rush across the house to the base to answer a call.

The cordless phone systems today are not the same as those of yesteryear. Today, you can sync cell phones with the system, use voice assistants to do everything from place conference calls to turn off the ringer, and enjoy a much wider range with better sound quality than ever before.

Ready to enhance your home with the best cordless phone systems available? We did the work of narrowing down the options so you don’t have to.

How We Picked the Products


As someone with a busy family and a home office, having a landline is key to keeping in touch and organized. I also chose to keep a landline for practical safety reasons; in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, my cell phone didn’t work at all, but my landline never gave up. I’m always on the lookout for technology that might make life better, and many of the cordless phones I reviewed tempted me to upgrade. Here’s what I based my reviews on:

  • Number of handsets: I looked for at least two handsets, with the ability to expand. Those that can expand by up to five handsets are ideal.
  • Answering machine: An answering machine with extensive memory is a wonderful thing, especially with a large family. Many of these options had up to 22 minutes of recording time.
  • Ease of use: Backlit keys, big screens, handsets that are easy to hold, and a relatively simple setup matter. A visual ringer earns bonus points.
  • Ability to pair with other devices: Bluetooth-capable phones that can pair with cell phones or headsets make life much easier.
  • Call blocking: This matters a great deal. Robocalls have become troublesome for many people. An easy way to manage them can remove a great deal of stress.
  • Top brands: Tried-and-true brands in communication were a key part of these reviews. I looked at several, but the final cut came down to VTECH, Panasonic, and AT&T.

The Best Cordless Phone Systems: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

With five handsets and the ability to pair with voice assistants, this cordless phone system brings all the convenience. Panasonic

Why It Made The Cut: Never miss a call again with the 5 handsets included with this multifunction phone system, including caller ID, voice-assistant pairing, and an answering machine.


  • 5 handsets
  • Answering machine
  • Cell phone syncing


  • Fully battery-powered
  • 18-minute answering machine
  • User-friendly buttons


  • Voice quality might be lacking
  • Answering machine won’t record messages from cell phones

Looking for an all-around cordless phone system? This expandable five-handset unit from Panasonic offers a multitude of bells and whistles, such as an answering machine with an 18-minute capacity, connection to Siri, Google Now, and S Voice, the ability to link to up to two smartphones, and announcements in English or Spanish. One-touch call blocking helps cut down on those annoying telemarketing calls. 

It runs entirely on battery, so you can place the base system anywhere you please while you scatter the four other handsets throughout the home. Those handsets can also serve as intercoms between rooms, and there’s even the option to use it as a baby monitor. There’s a 3,000-entry phone book, which can be great for those who combine their home and office. However, keep in mind that calls from cell phones do not go to the answering machine on this unit.

The battery backup allows for up to 12 hours of talk time when the power goes out, which can be quite advantageous during natural disasters or other issues that bring down power lines—you have the peace of mind of still getting in touch with loved ones.  

Best Value: VTECH VS112-2 DECT 6.0 Bluetooth 2 Handset Cordless Phone for Home

With up to 22 minutes of answering machine time and a blocklist of 1,000 numbers, this phone makes life much easier. VTech

Why It Made The Cut: In addition to all the bells and whistles a homeowner might want, this phone offers a visual ringer and a built-in voice guide.


  • 2 handsets (expandable to 4)
  • One-touch call blocking
  • Cell phone pairing


  • Visual ringer
  • Call blocking for up to 1,000 numbers
  • Cellular pairing
  • Use with voice assistants


  • No shortcut to find contacts
  • No manual and little help available online

This two-handset phone system from VTECH offers a multitude of options, including call blocking of up to 1,000 numbers, 22 minutes of recording time on the answering machine, and an extra-large two-inch screen on each handset that offers backlit viewing for ease of use even at night. Easily save callers you want to hear from again in the large directory. For even more convenience, pair up to two cell phones, or one cell phone and one headset.

It’s possible to easily mute the system, perhaps for watching a movie without a ringer interrupting, but even on mute, the visual ringer alerts you with a blinking red light—this also works well for those who are hearing impaired. The speakerphone further helps those who are hearing impaired, and so does the built-in voice guide to help with setup. Those who prefer the guide in their hands to refer back to are out of luck with this one, as it doesn’t come with a manual.

Most Versatile: Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone

This phone system offers bilingual caller ID, smart call blocking, and compatibility with hearing aids. Panasonic

Why It Made The Cut: Those looking for a simple, straightforward cordless phone system that offers ease of use for elderly or visually impaired homeowners will enjoy this expandable system.


  • 2 handsets
  • High-contrast display
  • Different ringtones


  • Large, backlit screens
  • Bilingual caller ID
  • One-touch call blocking
  • Compatible with hearing aids


  •  Very light phone might slip from base
  • Can be difficult to set up the phone book

For those who need a phone system that isn’t difficult to use and is friendly to those who have visual impairments, this cordless phone system from Panasonic is a sure bet. It has backlit screens as well as backlit buttons. Those buttons are large and easy to press, making calling easier for those with visual issues. It’s compatible with a hearing aid T coil, thus providing better day-to-day living for those with hearing problems.

The one-touch call blocking prevents up to 150 numbers from calling; when a call does come through, the bilingual caller ID tells who it is so listeners can make an informed decision on whether to answer. The quick-read message counter reveals how many messages are waiting in the queue. The unit offers talk time of up to 10 hours, standby time of up to 5 days during power outages, and charge time of about 7 hours for the handsets.  

Best for Seniors:  AT&T EL52313 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

Best for Seniors

The extra-large backlit keys, large displays, and speakerphone make this an excellent option for seniors. AT&T

Why It Made The Cut: The large backlit keys and big display are just the start of the reasons this one is great for seniors—or anyone in the household, for that matter.


  • 3 handsets (expandable to 5)
  • Extra-large keys
  • Speakerphone


  • Large buttons
  • Backlit buttons and screens
  • Speakerphone


  • Might be issues with reception
  • Buttons might not work well for touch-tone menus

With large, backlit keys and a bigger-than-usual screen on each of the three handsets on this AT&T cordless phone system, those with visual impairments or issues with finger mobility should find this unit quite easy to use. The caller ID and other information are displayed with high-contrast black text on a white background. The enlarged font helps the user see the 50-number directory and the list of blocked numbers as well. Screen the call before you choose to pick up, or let it go to voice mail, where the answering machine will record up to four minutes for listening later. The speakerphone allows you to go about the day without worrying about holding a handset. The quiet mode feature allows turning off the ringer for anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, thus ensuring a night of restful sleep without waking up to a ringing phone. Three handsets not enough? This expands to handle five handsets.

Best for Noise-Filtering AT&T BL102-3 DECT 6.0 3-Handset Cordless Phone for Home

Best for Noise-Filtering

The lighted keypad, high-contrast type, and 2-inch screen make this product user-friendly. AT&T

Why It Made The Cut: This three-handset unit is excellent for the visually impaired, but also great for those who have busy lives or work from home, with 22 minutes of answering machine time and easy call blocking.


  • 3 handsets (expandable to 5)
  • Large buttons
  • Extended answering machine time


  • Visual ringer
  • Large backlit buttons
  • Large screen


  • Instructions can be confusing

Tired of robocalls? This is the phone that gets rid of them. This three-handset unit from AT&T offers unique robocall technology that requires a caller to press the pound key; this effectively eliminates almost all computer-generated calls. The phone is great for those with visual impairments because it has a visual ringer, large backlit keys, and a two-inch screen with black text on a white background. Boost the sound with the on-set button, a boon to those in noisy households or those with hearing issues.

Caller ID saves 50 names, while the directory can hold 1,000. Quiet mode allows for time without the phone ringing (though the visual ringer will still alert you to a call coming in). The answering machine offers a full 22 minutes of recording. On-set volume control, intercom, and conference capabilities, power-saving ECO mode, and a setup menu in English, Spanish, or French round out the features of this expandable phone option.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Phone System

When you’re looking for the best cordless phone systems, consider what you really need. Sure, you can opt for a dozen bells and whistles, but does it matter if you never use them?

Start with the basics. Cordless phone systems make life easier, so make sure there are enough handsets to do the job. If you have a large household, think about three or more handsets that allow you to set the phones in different rooms for ease of answering. Speaking of answering, don’t forget a good answering machine to catch calls while you’re away. One with a larger capacity is a good idea if you might be getting multiple calls a day. 

A caller directory is always a good idea, because nobody memorizes phone numbers these days. There might be some numbers you want to block, however, and those are handled easily with robocall technology. Look for a phone that allows you to screen out robocalls or one that gives you the opportunity to block them with one touch of a key.

What’s the range of the cordless phone? It doesn’t matter how many handsets you have if they don’t work well enough to hear anyone on the other end of the line. Look for a phone that has a proven range of at least 150 feet; up to 300 feet is best if you like to step outside while talking.

Finally, consider other options that make your life easier, such as cell phone pairing or the ability to use voice assistants, such as Siri or Google, to help you answer the phone or make calls.


Q: What’s the best technology to choose for cordless phones?

There are many technologies out there that still work just fine, but the latest and greatest is the DECT 6.0.

Q: Do cordless phones need WiFi?

No. While some might offer the option to pair with cell phones or use voice assistants, basic cordless phones work with radio frequencies.

Q: Should I always leave my cordless phone on the charger?

While this is not required, it certainly won’t hurt. A cordless phone can be left on the charger with no ill effects to the battery.

Final Thoughts

A cordless phone system should offer plenty of handsets, an answering machine to handle incoming calls, and significant ease of use. Syncing with cell phones and the ability to use voice assistants makes a cordless phone system even better. We chose Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System as the best overall system because of its bells, whistles, and overall convenience. But we likewise think that the AT&T EL52313 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System is a great choice for seniors because it features large displays, extra-large backlit keys, and a speakerphone.