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Babies can have their diapers changed more than 2000 times in their first year alone. Without accounting for toddler years, this number illustrates how often parents can expect to change their little one. When you need to check or change a diaper every couple of hours, you need to have the best diaper supplies on hand.

Regular changing is important, as urine and bacteria in baby poop can irritate the skin and lead to diaper rash. Keeping your little ones clean makes them more comfortable and less likely to cry out from irritation.

When changing a baby, having all the necessary supplies on hand makes a diaper change easier and more hygienic. Not sure which supplies you need? We’ve rounded up our favorites and outlined what makes them so great in the list below.

How We Picked the Best Diaper Supplies


I’ve done many product reviews and a lot of research in my time as a writer. As a parent myself, I know how important it is to pick the right products for your baby. When it comes to diaper supplies, though they are practical, I always look for items that I think are necessary and make life as a parent easier. 

When deciding which diaper supplies to include in this list, I thought about the items I find most useful and determined which ones were best based on a few different criteria:

  • Value: As a parent, especially if you’re on parental leave, you want every dollar to be well spent on items that provide quality and that are worth the money. With all the items parents buy for their babies, I selected diaper supplies that are both affordable and will be well-used.
  • Durability/Longevity: Babies grow quickly, but they can be in diapers for a few years until they’re potty trained. It was important to me to select items that hold up to use and would last a long time, whether that was due to a well-built product or saving money and time by buying in bulk.
  • Safety: Every product I selected is safe for use on or around your baby. I purposefully selected items that are not only effective, but incorporate safety features and do not use harmful chemicals.
  • Reusability: While this particular criteria does not extend to all the recommended products (such as wipes), being able to reuse certain products confidently is a key indicator of quality. This applies to items that can last from the newborn phase through the toddler phase and last long enough for families that have multiple children.

The Best Diaper Supplies: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Diaper Bag: Ruvalino Multifunction Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Diaper Bag

A multifunctional diaper bag with purposeful pockets, a diaper organizer, and a unisex design that suits any parent or child. RUVALINO

Why It Made The Cut: Ruvalino’s diaper bag backpack offers casual everyday style without being flashy, with ample space for storage and organization and a standard backpack size that’s easy to carry or cart around in a stroller. 


  • Two zippered storage compartments and 16 pockets
  • Insulated bottle pockets holds most bottles, from 5 to 11 ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.8 x 16.5 inches


  • Waterproof
  • Easy-open zippers
  • Better weight distribution for carrying
  • Lots of pockets


  • Insulated space for only two bottles

Ruvalino’s all-season diaper bag is made for parents on the go. It’s easy to clean and holds up to wear over the long haul. Made of lightweight, durable, and waterproof polyester, this bag has a modern neutral style that works for everyday use. Even for short outings, babies need a lot of stuff—diapers, wipes, cream, change of clothes, toys, food, milk, bottles… It’s a long list! This bag has enough storage to handle it all. There’s a place for everything, including:

  • A main compartment with six interior pockets (including a padded laptop pocket)
  • An easily accessible diaper/towel organizer compartment
  • A parent pocket to store your keys and other valuables
  • An anti-theft back pocket for quick access to keys and phone
  • Side pockets for a bottle and  sanitizing wipes
  • Two insulated bottle pockets

The design allows parents to easily pack all necessary items, unlike some traditional diaper bags. The adjustable and padded backpack straps make for a much more pleasant carrying experience, and parents get the ergonomic benefits of balancing the weight across both shoulders. However, parents of multiples may want to bring along another insulated tote with additional milk.

This bag can be converted into a backpack or handbag or can be attached to a stroller. It also comes with a waterproof changing pad, making it one less thing parents have to buy.

Best Wipes: Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Best Wipes

This bulk order comes with Pampers Sensitive Pop-Top Packs and refill packs with wipes that are gentle on little faces and bottoms. Pampers

Why They Made The Cut: Pampers has been in the industry for about 60 years, and it is one of the most trusted diaper brands. These wipes are safe enough for hands, faces, and bottoms and are the number one choice of US hospitals. 


  • Includes bulk order of eight Pampers Sensitive Pop-Top Packs (72 wipes/pack) and four Pampers Sensitive Refill Packs (72 wipes/pack)
  • Poptop design for ease of use
  • Water-based and free of alcohol, perfume, parabens, phenoxyethanol, and dyes


  • Hypoallergenic and unscented
  • Large amount for an economical price
  • Free of many chemicals


  • May be an issue storing so many wipes

Babies naturally have more sensitive skin than older kids and adults, which means they need products that won’t cause irritation. Pampers Sensitive baby wipes are water-based wipes that are unscented and free from parabens, latex, chlorine, and alcohol. This removes a number of irritants that can cause your baby to develop a reaction, making these wipes suitable for a majority of skin types.

These are gentle enough for use on your baby’s hands and face, as well as for cleaning during a diaper change. While gentle, these wipes have a thick construction; they won’t break and tear while you are cleaning up a mess.

These wipes are as plain and simple as you can get, which is what many parents value in their baby’s wipes. The pop-top makes it easy for parents to grab a single wipe without additional wipes coming along for the ride. This is a sanitary feature, as parents aren’t touching clean wipes with their potentially germy hands. 

Parents of infants go through wipes quickly, so it’s a good idea to buy these in bulk. This package comes with eight pop-top packs and four refill packs. The one drawback of buying in bulk is having the space for the additional packs. You may need to move things around to make some space in a closet or other storage area.

According to Pampers, based on hospital sales data, these wipes are the number-one choice of US hospitals, which is a valuable endorsement for the quality of these wipes. 

Best Diaper Cream Applicator: Bumco Baby Bum Brush

Best Diaper Cream Applicator

A BPA-free, soft silicon brush for applying diaper cream without having to use your fingers. Baby Bum Brush

Why It Made The Cut: The Bumco Baby Bum Brush makes applying diaper cream much more sanitary and efficient while being gentle enough for a baby’s skin. It comes with a high-performance suction cup base to keep it away from touching dirty surfaces before use and from dirtying surfaces after use.


  • Made of BPA- and toxin-free silicone
  • Suction cup base keeps it upright
  • Approximately 6.25 inches tall


  • Easy-to-clean silicone
  • Flexible and BPA-free material
  • Suction cup base
  • Convenient size


  • May seem unnecessary to some parents

The Bumco Baby Bum Brush helps parents avoid unnecessary mess. The spatula-shaped applicator is designed to spread diaper cream (even thick brands) wherever it’s needed. Made from gentle, flexible, and BPA-free silicone, it’s flexible enough for comfort but not flimsy, like other brands.

To use the brush, simply put the cream on the soft applicator head, spread on the baby’s skin, and clean the head with a baby wipe or wash in the sink so it’s ready for the next diaper change.

Parents who have never used a diaper cream applicator may find it unnecessary; however, this little invention is a favorite tool for many parents. Traditionally, parents just use their hands to apply diaper cream, but this presents a few potential issues:

  • If hands aren’t clean, they could add germs to the area.
  • Fingernails can accidentally scratch the baby
  • Cream can get under fingernails during application
  • More cream may be wasted when it gets on your hands and ends up being washed down the sink

And when babies have diaper rash, they may try to roll or crawl away. If you’ve already applied cream to the brush, use the suction base to keep the applicator from touching an unclean surface while you secure your baby—which is much easier to do without cream on your fingers.

This applicator brush is just over 6 inches long, and it’s a compact and portable item for your diaper bag or for use at home.

Best Diaper Cream: Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

Why It Made The Cut: We appreciate the versatility of Aquaphor’s paraben-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free ointment. Unlike most diaper creams, this is not just for diaper rash and can be used for treating a variety of issues in both kids and adults. 


  • Semisolid petroleum-based ointment
  • Preservative and fragrance free
  • 14-ounce jar


  • Multipurpose ointment for all family members
  • Can be used preventatively for diaper rash
  • Treats diaper rash, drool rash, chafing, and minor scratches and scrapes
  • Helps resolve issues for babies with sensitive, dry, or irritated skin


  • Some parents may require a product that targets a specific need

A trusted diaper cream is an essential for keeping your baby comfortable. Aquaphor was developed around 1920, giving this brand about 100 years of experience and time to perfect their formula. The company’s compounding formula was originally used to make medications for treating skin conditions, and over time it became available to consumers. With its unique formulation and clinical testing, this brand is highly recommended by both pediatricians and dermatologists.

Made with 41 percent petrolatum, the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment creates a healing barrier that allows for oxygen flow, letting skin breathe to promote a better healing environment. This ointment is paraben-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free, keeping irritants out and baby’s sensitive skin safe.

The semisolid texture is great for spreadability and stays where it’s needed. In addition, this multipurpose cream treats a variety of issues, including chafed skin, drool rash, diaper rash, and minor cuts and scrapes. For specific skin issues or conditions, see a pediatrician and get their advice on which diaper cream product is best for your child.

The large 14-ounce jar lasts a long time. This economical size is especially helpful if other members of the family are going to use it. 

Best Reusable Diaper Inserts: Naturally Nature Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 layer

Why They Made The Cut: Naturally Nature Cloth Diaper Inserts are designed with black charcoal that helps hide mess and minimize smell. They fit all reusable diaper types, last for years, and are affordable. 


  • Made of bamboo rayon viscose
  • Five layers for better absorbency
  • 13 x 5 inches


  • An environmentally friendly option
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Gussets for a snug fit


  • Need to purchase diaper cover separately
  • Dark color may make it difficult to see differences in your baby’s output

With more parents looking for products that are better for the planet, these Naturally Nature Cloth Diaper Inserts provide good value in a more environmentally-friendly product. Reusable products like this keep trash out of landfills.

Unlike diapers themselves, you don’t need different size inserts as your little one grows; they can use the same inserts from when they’re weeks old through the potty training years. With gussets sewn in, the fit is always snug, which helps prevent leaks.

They’re made to pair with any cloth diaper on the market, so you don’t need to buy a particular brand or cover. Unlike some other reusable diaper inserts out there, you don’t need to fold these to fit into the diaper; they’re constructed to be the right size. 

The two layers of moisture-wicking charcoal bamboo fleece material offer soft comfort for your baby. These layers are sewn together with three layers of ultra-absorbent microfiber. They can hold up to 10 ounces of liquid. The charcoal allows the inserts absorb smell better than other materials and not show stains like lighter-colored inserts do.

This pack of machine-washable inserts gives you enough for 12 diaper changes. With how often little ones need to be changed, it may be advisable to get two packs (or more) in case you don’t have time to do laundry. 

One note about the dark color: These inserts may not be ideal for newborns, as parents need to carefully monitor the color of their baby’s poop for the first few weeks. A lighter insert shows a more accurate color during this time period.

Best Diaper Pail: Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail

Why It Made The Cut: Ubbi’s award-winning Steel Diaper Pail stands out for its modern design, ability to lock in odor, and because it doesn’t require special bags.


  • Dimensions: 12.5 by 8.75 by 21.6 inches
  • Childproof lock
  • Made from steel


  • Minimal smell
  • Fits kitchen garbage bags
  • Variety of colors
  • Holds up to 55 diapers


  • No foot pedal to open the lid

A diaper pail may not top your list when you’re first having a baby, but it’s an essential. The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail has won awards from parenting organizations and magazines. Designed in 2011, this was the first diaper pail on the market made from steel, which is a great material for keeping smells in check, and it works wonderfully for both disposable and cloth diapers. Traditional plastic diaper pails can absorb odors and may be more prone to cracking or breaking over time. 

We like that the design incorporates a childproof lock to keep curious little ones from getting into dirty diapers. It’s an easy twist lock, so parents can lock and unlock the product using one hand. The modern design fits the style of most nurseries or bathrooms, especially since the pail comes in about a dozen color options.

Most other diaper pails require consumers to purchase special liner bags to get the best use out of the product. Ubbi’s Steel Diaper Pail works with any bags you have around your home, but note that plastic grocery bags will fill up faster than larger kitchen garbage bags. Users save money without needing to purchase particular bags, and they don’t need to worry about running out, either. At capacity, this diaper pail holds up to 20 large size diapers or 55 newborn diapers. 

Other diaper pails have a foot pedal to open the lid; however, unless it’s a lockable design, a food pedal is easy for a toddler to figure out. We prefer the small handle at the top of this one, which is more difficult for little ones to use but still easy enough for parents to open.

Things to Consider Before Buying Diaper Supplies

Preparing for your little one and packing up a diaper bag with supplies can be overwhelming. You don’t want to forget anything, but you also don’t want to have more things than you need. Here are some things to ponder before adding diaper supplies to your cart. 

The Baby’s Needs

New parents especially are guilty of overbuying for their little ones. Be mindful and purchase only what your baby needs, as some items may not be necessary. For example, if you make your own diaper ointment, you may not need to buy a tube or jar of it. Or if you’re using disposable diapers, you don’t need reusable diaper inserts.


There are certain diaper supplies that parents go through quickly. Wipes, diaper inserts, and even diaper cream get used up fast. In these cases, it may be better to buy in bulk. Diaper inserts are a terrific example, as they tend to only come in packs of six or twelve. That’s really only enough for a day or two of diaper changes, which means unless you have more on hand, you’ll be doing laundry quite often.

Environmental Impact

The diaper supplies you select have an impact on the planet. Are you planning on selecting only environmentally-friendly reusable products or are you opting for the convenience of disposable diaper supplies? There are pros and cons to both, so do your research to figure out which diaper supplies will work best for you.


An item is worth buying if you get sufficient use from it. If you are buying an item either as a gift for a baby shower or you’re a new parent stocking up, be thoughtful with your spending. For instance, some parents use an existing backpack as a diaper bag. While this does work, there are certain benefits to a proper diaper bag (for instance, insulated pockets for bottles). Select items based on your budget and how practical they are for you or others.


Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, which makes it more difficult to determine which diaper supplies you need. We’ve assembled some commonly asked questions and answers about diaper supplies to help you get the lay of the land.


What items do I need for my baby’s changing station?

Helpful items for a changing station include a sturdy changing table, diapers, wipes, a changing pad (and cover), diaper cream, a diaper pail, and a nearby laundry bin.


What should I remember when changing a baby’s diaper?

When changing a diaper, try to do so on a clean, soft, and safe surface. Unfasten the  diaper and thoroughly clean your baby with wipes. Roll up and throw out soiled disposable diapers or put reusable liners in the laundry (you may or may not need to change the diaper cover every time). Put on a clean diaper and apply cream, if needed, before dressing the baby and washing your hands.


What is the most common issue for babies wearing diapers?

The most common skin issue is diaper rash. When skin becomes irritated, usually from wearing a soiled diaper too long, a red patchwork rash appears on areas covered by the diaper. To avoid diaper rash, change your baby often and keep his or her skin clean.

Final Thoughts

Many supplies come in handy when changing diapers, and you need a place to put them all. Most diaper products, with the exception of the diaper pail, fit perfectly in an organized space in the Ruvalino multifunction diaper bag backpack. It’s a great tool for the parent on the go.