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Updated Sep 27, 2021 5:49 PM

We want our dogs to live long, happy, and healthy lives. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure we’re on top of administering all the necessary doggy medications and supplements prescribed by our vet. Whether your pup is dealing with a health issue or you just want to provide them with some daily supplements to boost their overall wellbeing, it’s no secret that it can be difficult to get your dog to swallow the pill.

That’s where dog pill pockets come in. These are specially-designed dog treats that conceal medication. Pill pockets can come in the form of a small treat with a hole to hide the medicine,  two treats that you mold together around a tablet or capsule, or a malleable paste that envelops medication. 

Check out the following best dog pill pockets available today, and turn pill time into treat time!

How We Picked the Best Dog Pill Pockets


As a dog mom myself, it’s vital to look for certain elements before handing over a new treat. Some of the things I looked for when evaluating the best dog pill pockets on the market today are the following: 

  • Brand: You get peace of mind when you invest in a product by a brand you trust. These brands have been making pet treats for ages, and have proven themselves to be reputable and trustworthy. 
  • Vet Recommendation: Where possible, I chose products that were stamped with a vet approval. Of course, the best action you can take is to consult with your vet about which product is best to give your dog medication, but anything vet-formulated should be safe to give out. 
  • Design: I wanted these pill products to be as easy as possible to use. I liked how the majority of these pill pockets require only a quick pinch or a squeeze to conceal the medication. 
  • Flavors: Whether your pup is a picky eater or not, the flavors are important. I chose products that had a wide range of flavors so you can choose your pet’s favorite.

The Best Dog Pill Pockets: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Greenies Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats

These are made to hide medications in a delicious treat that pinches at the top and masks any smell. Greenies

Why It Made The Cut: We love how Greenies Pill Pockets are vet recommended, made with natural ingredients, mask the scent of the medication you’re trying to hide, and are mess-free.


  • Calories: 22 kcal/treat
  • Quantity: 60 treats per pack
  • Flavors: Peanut Butter, Chicken, Cheese, Hickory Smoke


  • Vet-recommended brand
  • Low-fat and made with natural ingredients
  • Perfect size for capsule medication
  • Easy to use with a simple pinch 


  • May not fit non-capsule medication like tablets or liquids

Greenies has been helping dogs and their owners for over 15 years. The Pill Pockets have been designed to hide medicine from your dog in an incredibly simple way: just place the capsule inside the pocket, pinch the top to hide the medicine, and give it to your dog as if it was a regular treat. 

The Greenies Pill Pocket masks the scent and flavor of the medicine with its own delicious flavor options and natural ingredients. Give one treat to your dog for every 15 pounds of weight. There are only 22 kcal in every treat.  

Note that if you need to give your dog a smaller or larger tablet or a liquid medicine, it may not fit as well as a capsule in this dog pill pocket. 

Best Value: VetIQ Supplements for Dogs

This item fits any tablet or capsule at a fraction of the price. VetIQ

Why It Made The Cut: At a much lower price than comparable products, this vet-recommended pill treat can be used with both capsules and tablets. 


  • Calories: 19 kcal/treat 
  • Quantity: 30 treats per pack
  • Flavors: Chicken


  • Wheat-free
  • Vet-recommended
  • Improved formula ensures no clumps


  • You have to pinch both sides as opposed to only one in other products

The VetIQ Supplements for Dogs pill treats are a great option if you’re looking for a veterinarian-recommended way to turn pill time into treat time. These treats are  tube-shaped, and you can place any size tablet or capsule inside. Then you pinch both ends, and, ta da! Your pup will be thanking you in no time.

The chicken flavor helps to mask the smell of the medicine inside. That said, you can even use these supplements as training treats without placing any medicine inside,  because the flavor will keep your dog coming back for more. 

The pill pockets are made in the USA, are completely wheat-free, and are reasonably priced. 

Best All-Natural: Pill Buddy Naturals

Best All-Natural

Offers no corn, no soy, no wheat, and no fake flavors in their easy-to-use treats. Presidio

Why It Made The Cut: We appreciate that these Canadian-made treats are crafted in small batches to ensure high-quality and all-natural ingredients in every bite. 


  • Calories: 14 kcal/treat
  • Quantity: 30 treats per pack
  • Flavors: Grilled Duck, Grilled Chicken, Peanut Butter & Apple, Peanut Butter & Honey, Peanut Butter & Banana, Hickory Smoked Beef


  • Six great flavor options
  • Accommodates most pill tablets and capsules
  • Veterinarian-formulated recipes


  • Formula may become dry, making it more difficult to squeeze around medicine

Pill Buddy Naturals are completely free of corn, soy, wheat, and anything artificial, so you can rest easy knowing your pooch is getting high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Made in Canada, the treats are produced in small batches and packaged in pairs to maintain maximum moisture and freshness. 

These pill pockets aren’t exactly pockets. Instead, they envelop the medicine after being squeezed around it. The process is simple, but keep in mind that if you’re handling the Pill Buddy for too long, it may become dry. In that case, you can simply re-work it between your fingers until natural oils are released and provide the stick necessary to conceal the pill. 

At only 14 kcal per treat, you can feel free to reward your dog with any of their six flavors at any time of the day—no medication needed! 

Best 5-Pack: Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats to Conceal Medication

Best 5-Pack

These are cube-shaped, perfect for molding around pills of multiple sizes while also concealing medical tastes and flavors. Milk-Bone

Why It Made The Cut: These well-designed and well-formulated pill pouches offer a great value. 


  • Calories: 19 kcal/treat
  • Quantity: 25 treats per pack
  • Flavors: Hickory Smoked Bacon, Chicken


  • Soft treats are easy to mold
  • Cubes can be cut in half for smaller pills’
  • No by-products or artificial flavors


  • Picky dogs may not enjoy the flavor or smell

The Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats are easy to mold around practically any dog pill, tablet, or capsule. The treats have been formulated without any by-products or artificial flavors, and the brand is a proven success with pet owners. Your dog will be begging for more thanks to the two available flavors: chicken and hickory smoked bacon. 

The treats are soft and flexible, making it easy to conceal medication. They also retain their own flavor enough to hide the smell and taste of medication. If you’re dealing with very small pills, you can even cut the cube in half and just use what you need to cover the pill. This means the pack will last longer and be even more wallet-friendly. 

Best Paste: TOMLYN Pill-Masker Original Bacon-Flavored Paste for Dogs & Cats

This vet-formulated, moldable item can be wrapped around multiple medication forms, including tablets, powders, and even liquids. TOMLYN

Why It Made The Cut: While some pastes tend to be quite messy, this one is malleable and won’t crumble or dry-out, making it super easy to grab a glob, pinch around the medication, and feed it to your pooch.


  • Calories: 6.2 kcal/treat
  • Quantity: 56 servings in container
  • Flavors: Bacon


  • Fits any size pill or capsule
  • For cats and dogs
  • No mess


  • A bit more expensive
  • Not all-natural 

The TOMLYN Pill-Masker paste comes in a plastic jar containing approximately 56 servings; you can use as much or as little of it as you need depending on the size of the medication you’re giving your dog. The formula has been created by veterinarians, and won’t crumble or dry-out on you. Keep in mind that this option is a tad more pricey than most pill pockets, ringing in at $2.50 per ounce. Also, the ingredients list isn’t all-natural.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Pill Pocket

As with any new treat or food product you give your dog, you’ll want to make sure it’s suitable for his diet. First off, consult with your veterinarian before giving anything that may hurt his stomach, particularly if he has a sensitive one. Then, keep in mind that any treats, even dog pill pockets, should only be given as 10 percent of your dog’s daily diet. That is to say that you shouldn’t replace your dog’s mealtime with treats—they should simply be a small supplement to his normal daily food intake. 

Think about the flavor options and whether you prefer to give your pup all-natural options, Think about how you’d prefer to handle the treats and the medication. If you prefer a pre-made pocket that you can place the medication into and mold the treat around, go for one of those. If, however, you prefer a paste to fit unique pill shapes, there’s an option for that.


Q: Are there different size pill pockets for dogs?

Some companies do offer different sizes for tablets or capsules, while other pill pockets are made to accommodate any size. Greenies, for example, make a pill pocket for tablets and a pill pocket for capsules. 

Q: Are pill pockets good for dogs?

While pill pockets are still a treat and not part of a healthy diet like your pet’s regular food, they are a really great option to help safely give your pup the medication he or she needs. Thanks to their delicious flavor and smell, the pockets are designed to encourage your pet to swallow their pills.

Q: Can I hide my dog’s pill in food instead?

While the typical option is to hide your dog’s pill into something laying around the house, say peanut butter or a piece of ham, doing this on a regular basis is not so good for your dog’s diet. Pill pockets solve this problem by being yummy and designed to conceal the flavor and smell of the medication you need to administer.

Final Thoughts

If you need to give your pet medication but he refuses to swallow, hiding them with a pill pocket is the way to go. Our favorite overall is the vet-recommended Greenies Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats, but if you’re looking to buy in bulk, go for the Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats. If you prefer to not be limited by the sizes of a pill pocket, the TOMLYN Pill-Masker Original Bacon-Flavored Paste for Dogs & Cats paste will do the trick, too.