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Houseplants have a number of benefits, from providing cleaner air to improving your mental health. Unfortunately, however, they’re not always easy to keep alive, especially if you don’t have the time or know-how to help them thrive. Fake plants, on the other hand, look great without any water, sunlight, or fertilization, making them an excellent low-maintenance solution for many.  

With so many fake plants on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. We’ll break down what to look for when shopping for the best artificial plants for your home and discuss the key features to keep in mind as you consider your purchase. Keep reading for tips on choosing the best fake plants, and explore our picks for the best options on the market.

How We Picked These Products


While it’s easy to assume that all artificial plants are similar, a number of factors affect their appearance and functionality. These recommendations for the best fake plants cover a variety of sizes and styles to best suit your needs. 

Our curated selection was developed based on several years of experience testing and reviewing home products as well as extensive product research. After considering more than 30 potential options of varying styles and sizes, we narrowed down our choices to five top products. We weighed a number of practical considerations when making our recommendations: 

Material: For many years artificial plants were made with silk, and while you’d think that this natural material would result in a realistic-looking effect, the opposite was true. Today, innovations in technology have allowed manufacturers to craft artificial plants from plastics that are textured for added realism. Some are even made with molds created with real plants. Because of this, we largely focused on research on plastic faux plants. 

Adjustability: While the leaves and stems of some artificial plants are fixed in place, others are malleable and can be bent into a variety of positions. While this feature isn’t necessary in some styles of plants, it can make all the difference in larger faux plants to make them look as natural as possible. 

Base: Some faux plants come with an ultra-basic base that’s intended to be placed in a decorative planter while others are designed to be aesthetically pleasing on their own. For larger plants, a weighted base is essential to ensure they don’t topple over. 

The Best Fake Plants: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Fopamtri Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Best Overall

This faux Monstera will bring the tropics into your home without any of the upkeep.

Why It Made The Cut: With malleable branches, realistic leaves, and three size options, this faux Monstera makes it to the top of our list. 


  • Type: Monstera Deliciosa
  • Size: 25 x 28 x 43 inches
  • Material: Polyester


  • Malleable branches
  • Multiple size options
  • Made with fade-resistant material


  • Lacks decorative base

Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is easily recognizable because of the holes in its large leaves. Since they’re native to a tropical habitat, however, they can be pretty tricky to keep alive in a house or apartment. Luckily, Fopamtri’s Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant looks just like the real thing but without any of the complex water or light requirements. 

The adjustable stems allow you to arrange the plant to look as natural as possible depending on its position in your home. The plant is in a simple black base that can be put inside a decorative planter for a more aesthetically pleasing effect. The base is made from solid cement, ensuring the plant won’t topple over despite its height.

While this version is 43 inches tall, there’s also a smaller option with a height of 31 inches and a larger model that’s 55 inches tall.

Best Value: Sophia’s Garden Store Set of 5 Artificial Succulent Plant

Best Value

With detailing on each leaf and five faux plants included with each purchase, this set of succulents is an excellent value.

Why It Made The Cut: This set of five faux succulents is realistic-looking and affordable and comes in decorative pots. 


  • Type: Assorted succulents
  • Size: 3 x 3 x 3 inches (approximate)
  • Material: Plastic and papier mache


  • Leaves are textured for added realism
  • Each succulent comes in a decorative pot
  • They can be arranged together or separately


  • Papier mache base

Succulents are all the rage, but considering they thrive in a high-humidity environment, many people have a hard time keeping them alive in their homes. There are a lot of artificial succulents out there, and they’re not all convincing. Each leaf in this set of five faux succulents from Sophia’s Garden Store is detailed in order to appear as realistic as possible. They can be arranged together or scattered around your house to add a bit of greenery to every room.

The pots have a concrete look and are best suited for modern and industrial-style homes. For a simpler aesthetic, this set is also available with plain white pots. It’s important to note that the bases are made from papier mache and are therefore not waterproof. 

Each pot is 2.5 inches wide, and the succulents range in height from 2.75 to 5.75 inches. 

Best Hanging: CEWOR 2pcs Artificial Hanging Plants

Best Hanging

CEWOR’s two-pack of artificial ivy adds a dynamic look to any space.

Why It Made The Cut: This two-pack of faux hanging ivy looks realistic and can be layered for a more lush effect. 


  • Type: Ivy
  • Size: 43.2 inches long
  • Material: Plastic and iron


  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Realistic leaves
  • Waterproof


  • Doesn’t include baskets

Hanging plants add texture and visual interest to any room, but it can take a while for your humble houseplants to grow long beautiful tendrils. Faux hanging plants, like these picks from CEWOR, provide the same effect but with instantaneous results. Place this faux ivy on a bookshelf, on top of your kitchen cabinets, or hanging in front of a window to bring life into your space.

They come in a two-pack, and while each plant can be hung separately, they look great when layered together for a more full, lush look. Each plant features 160 leaves for a total of 320 if they’re used together. They don’t come with baskets, so you can place them in the vessel of your choosing. The plants are completely waterproof, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Best Floor: Realead 6ft Artificial Plant Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This faux fiddle leaf fig tree will make a big impact in any room due to its six-foot height.

Why It Made The Cut: With 128 realistic leaves on adjustable branches and a striking six-foot height, the artificial fiddle leaf is one of the most realistic on the market. 


  • Type: Ficus lyrata
  • Size: 72 x 31 inches
  • Material: Polyester and metal


  • Features 128 realistic leaves
  • Striking 6-foot height
  • Adjustable branches


  • Lacks decorative base
  • Material may fade in direct sunlight

Fiddle leaf fig trees, known scientifically as Ficus lyrata, have exploded in popularity recently but are notoriously difficult to care for. Since they’re nearly impossible to keep alive without the ideal growing conditions, there are lots of fakes on the market, but some are much better than others. At six feet tall, this imitation from Realead will be a striking show-stopper in any room. 

It’s made with 128 realistic leaves that are textured to look as life-like as possible. The branches are designed with internal metal wires, making them adjustable, so you can arrange the tree to your liking. One downside is that the base is quite small, so this model will look much more natural if placed in a larger decorative planter or basket. The base is, however, filled with cement for added stability.

While it can be placed either indoors or outdoors, the manufacturer recommends keeping it out of direct sunlight outside to prevent the material from fading.

Best Tabletop: JC nateva 16″ Small Fake Plants

Best Tabletop

This faux taro plant is 16 inches tall, making it perfect for your desk or bookcase.

Why It Made The Cut: With 12 realistic leaves, adjustable stems, and a decorative pot, this artificial taro plant makes a great addition to your home office. 


  • Type: Colocasia esculenta
  • Size: 16.85 x 4.8 x 4.45 inches
  • Material: Plastic and paper pulp


  • 12 realistic leaves
  • Adjustable stems
  • Faux stone filling


  • Can only be used indoors

Taro plants (Colocasia esculenta)​​ are used to growing in the tropics and require a lot of sunlight. If your space doesn’t get much natural light, however, consider an artificial version like this one from JC nateva

At 16 inches tall, it’s a perfect addition to your desk, bookshelf, side table, or nightstand. The plant’s 12 large leaves are realistically textured and their stems can be bent and adjusted to your liking. 

The pot is made from paper pulp, so it’s not waterproof, but it has a decorative concrete look so it doesn’t need to be placed in another planter. This does, however, mean that it can only be used indoors. The pot is filled with faux stones which look more realistic than the faux soil found in many other artificial plants. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Fake Plants

Choosing an artificial plant might seem like a simple decision, but there are actually a number of considerations to weigh before you make a purchase. 


There are artificial versions of just about every plant imaginable, but some are more convincing than others. There are certain types of greenery that lend themselves well to being used as fake plants. Succulents have thick, almost plasticky leaves so they can easily be recreated in a realistic way. Popular houseplants like fiddle leaf fig trees, snake plants, monsteras, and philodendrons are all easily replicated because of the style of their leaves. Hanging plants like ivy and pothos also work well because they’re placed above the eye line so they won’t be inspected closely by visitors. 


Fake plants vary widely in size, from 2-inch potted succulents to 12-foot—or taller!—artificial trees. Before you start shopping, consider the available space you have and where you intend to place your faux plants. When shopping for an artificial plant for your desk, nightstand, or bookshelf, consider models that are between 12 and 16 inches in height. When shopping for a floor plant, look for models that are at least 4 feet tall. Shorter models can work as floor plants if placed on a plant stand to give them additional height. 


Q: Should you decorate with fake plants?

While many interior decorators may have a strong stance against using artificial plants, they offer a number of advantages. They’re a great solution for those with limited natural sunlight and those who travel frequently or are otherwise unable to properly care for real plants.

Q: Are fake plants bad for mental health?

Live plants offer a number of advantages, including providing cleaner air and increased oxygen to a space, but even artificial plants can have tangible benefits. A study reported by the American Psychological Association said that simply looking at images of greenery offered psychological benefits, and the same is thought to apply to fake plants.

Q: How do I choose fake plants for my home?

When shopping for fake plants, look for plastic varieties that suit the size of your space. For the simplest solution, choose a model that includes a decorative pot so you don’t have to purchase a planter separately.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reviewing our guide you’ll feel well-informed when shopping for fake plants for your home. We recommend Fopamtri Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant as our top pick because of its realistic design, adjustable branches, and included weighted base. We think those on a budget will appreciate the Sophia’s Garden Store Set of 5 Artificial Succulent Plant because of their life-like look and the variety they provide