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A folding chair is a versatile and practical seat to keep on standby in your home. These chairs fold down flat or to a smaller size, making them easy to store. Folding chairs can be brought out to give guests a place to sit when permanent furniture, such as a table chair or sofa, is occupied or unavailable.

Many folding chair designs can be stacked for easy storage. Most of these chairs hinge at the seat level to fold down, but there are a variety of folding chair designs, including some which have legs that fold in under the seat. In general, these chairs are built to be lightweight, making them more portable and easy to set up.

Consumers use folding chairs in plenty of scenarios. Typically designed for indoor and outdoor use, this temporary seating comes in handy for dinner guests, parties, sporting events, or meetings.

We’ve assembled a roster of the best folding chairs currently on the market. Read on to see our picks and why we chose them.

How We Picked These Products


Though folding chairs may seem similar, the little details need to be looked at in order to make sure the chair is worth the money. 

As a long-time writer and researcher, I focus on the product details to ensure I’m selecting items that are built to last. To make my recommendations, I evaluated several criteria.

  • Safety: Safety is always a prime consideration in a purchase decision. Whoever is sitting on these chairs needs to feel supported without being concerned about a wobbly or unstable seat. All of my picks include a weight capacity, so consumers select a seat that will support them properly.
  • Value: Typically, folding chairs aren’t for everyday use, but you still want a quality seat to offer guests. I looked for economical choices that consumers would get the most use out of while still providing comfort and stability.
  • Folding and storage: Many folding chairs feature a similar and straightforward folding style. For chairs that folded a little bit differently, I made sure to note how they fold, but limited my picks to chairs that were easy to set up and take down. When folding chairs aren’t in use, they need to be a convenient size to store in a closet, under the bed, or elsewhere in the home. Most of my picks are for styles that fold down tightly and easily stack together.
  • Construction: Often, a folding chair is used infrequently, which means they should last many years. I considered the construction of the chairs and how they would hold up to use and wear over time. The folding chairs I selected should be an investment that can be used long term.

The Best Folding Chairs: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: CoscoProducts Fabric Folding Chair

CoscoProducts has been in business for over 75 years, offering smart and proven design to their furniture products. CoscoProducts

Why It Made The Cut: This folding chair offers excellent value, durability, affordability, and a practical style for everyday use. 


  • Measures 19.88 by 18.3 by 30.11 inches when open
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Made with a durable steel frame with powder-coated durable finish


  • Non-marking legs
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Cross braces for added stability
  • Padded seat


  • Fabric isn’t as easy to clean as vinyl

The CoscoProducts folding chair provides traditional style and use without being as basic as some simpler chairs. We liked this chair because it suits the needs of most users, offering straightforward folding, easy storage, and more. The chair comes in antique linen or black, colors that blend in with most events. 

Made with a tube-in-tube reinforced alloy steel frame with cross braces for additional support, the construction of this chair is sturdy. The small detail of plastic tips on the legs prevent scuffs and scratches, keeping your floors protected.

In addition, this folding chair comes with a contoured padded seat covered in fabric or vinyl. If easy cleaning is an important feature for you, you should opt for the vinyl version. The padding makes these chairs comfortable enough for guests to use for a prolonged period of time without discomfort. 

Created to be easy to fold and store, the chairs are lightweight enough for kids to help set them up, carry them around, and take them down. These folding chairs can be used indoors and outdoors, however, users should mind the weather if they purchase the fabric chairs.

Best Value: Amazon Basics Folding Plastic Chair

Best Value

These lightweight chairs are easy to transport and store. Amazon Basics

Why It Made The Cut: This six-pack of folding chairs is one of the most affordable options, with features that are comparable with more expensive folding chairs.


  • Measures 22.3 by 19.6 by 36 inches when open
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Made from reinforced steel tube-in-tube frame with a corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish 


  • Plastic tipped chair legs
  • Built-in handle
  • Molded plastic seat
  • High weight capacity in a simple design


  • Slight recline on the backrest

It’s rare that you need just one folding chair, which is why we appreciate that this set of folding chairs from Amazon Basics comes in a pack of six. Though simple in appearance, these folding chairs hold up to excessive use.

A reinforced steel tube-in-tube frame gives this folding chair the strength to support up to 350 pounds, a weight capacity that’s higher than more expensive chairs on the market. The wide and deep molded plastic seat creates a comfortable shape for sitting while being practical enough to clean with a quick wipe. A carrying handle is molded into the plastic backrest, making it easy to carry or even hang on a hook for storage. 

The backrest has a slight recline, which may not be ideal for those who sit up straight, however, it’s an excellent choice for those who will be sitting a while and want to relax a bit. 

Additional features we like in this chair are:

  • Plastic foot tips, protecting the floor from marks or scrapes
  • Two color choices, between white or black
  • A sturdy, supportive design that makes the user feel secure while sitting

Folding the chair is simple, using the traditional style of pivoting at the seat to close. It’s easy to collapse flat and its slender profile makes it possible to store these chairs in tight spaces, even under beds.

Best for Events: Flash Furniture Hercules Folding Chair

Best for Events

These folding chairs have elegant appeal but offer tremendous weight support, making them an exceptional choice for any event. Flash Furniture

Why It Made The Cut: Flash Furniture makes these folding chairs with a timeless look that can be dressed up easily for weddings or dinner parties. 


  • Measures 17.5 by 18 by 30.75 inches when open
  • Holds up to 1000 pounds
  • Made of vinyl and aluminum material


  • Classic design helps it blend into any decor
  • Waterproof and stain resistant seats
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Resin frame is the same color throughout


  • Folds a bit differently than a standard folding chair
  • Higher price tag than other folding chairs

This Hercules folding chair is made by Flash Furniture, a company that has been making commercial-grade furniture for the home for over two decades. Opting for a commercial-grade product ensures a design that’s well executed and suitable for your event needs. A simple and elegant construction means this folding chair can easily integrate into any event or design decor. 

Though style is what attracted us to this chair, the construction and performance makes it worth the spend. Built from aluminum and commercial-grade resin, this chair is built to support up to 1,000 pounds. The resin itself is a solid color throughout the chair, so if there are any scratches or nicks, they blend in without needing to be repainted. 

The vinyl upholstery padded seat is waterproof and stain-resistant, and can be removed for easier cleaning. Another perk of the removable seat pad is that you can cover it with another material to better match the chair into event decor.

Other perks of this chair include:

  • A double-brace design for added stability (and a footrest for some)
  • Three color choices, black, white, and red mahogany
  • UV stabilized materials, making it a better choice for outdoor events

If you’re used to collapsing traditional folding chairs, these take an extra couple of seconds to set up and take down because they “lock” into place for added stability. When you open it, you’ll hear a click when it’s fully set up. To fold the chair, use the foot brace on the front, which provides the resistance it needs to unlock, and fold the chair like a regular folding chair.

Best-Looking: Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair

This chair is an ideal choice when you want your folding chair to not look like a folding chair. Linon

Why It Made The Cut: Linon’s folding chair blends in beautifully in a room because it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a temporary seat. We liked that this chair is comfortable and supportive, feeling more like a regular chair than a folding chair.


  • Measures 17 by 20 by 33 inches when open
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Made of rubberwood and faux leather material


  • More aesthetic appeal than other options
  • Easy clean material
  • Front and back supports for added stability
  • Thicker seat padding than other folding chairs


  • Bulkier than other options when folded up

The Linon Keira folding chair is an unassuming temporary seat that resembles a permanent chair. Guests may seem dubious of the stability of some folding chairs and try to avoid sitting in them. These chairs blend in seamlessly with other chairs around a table, making them a terrific addition to a dinner party.

This set of two folding chairs are sure to get a lot of use in a home. While other folding chairs may look flimsy, this one is an inviting and sturdy-looking seat. 

  • The faux leather padded seat and backrest are thick and comfortable, and the material makes it easy to wipe up any messes that occur.
  • The backrest is longer than many folding chairs, giving more support to the user.
  • The front and back have support bars on the base, offering additional stability.
  • A wood frame with an espresso finish supports the black cushions for a homey and elegant-looking seat. 

With this folding chair, you trade storage space for aesthetic appeal and comfort, as this chair doesn’t fold down as compactly as other options. This chair folds a little differently than standard folding chairs. Instead of pressing the front of the seat and backrest together, users need to lift from the back of the seat to collapse the chair. 

Best Wood: Robin 4-PC Folding Chair Set

Winsome’s solid wood folding chairs offer a simple style and sturdy seat. Winsome

Why It Made The Cut: While aesthetically charming, these chairs are also made from real wood, unlike other folding chairs that use materials that only resemble wood.


  • Measures 20 by 17.6 by 32 inches when open
  • Made from solid wood
  • Holds up to 170 pounds


  • More elegant than traditional folding chairs
  • Users can change the chair’s appearance
  • Contoured backrest for comfort


  • Not padded
  • Only holds up to 175 pounds

Winsome’s folding chair set is a charming temporary addition to a home. Many folding chairs on the market are made of hard plastic, metal, or vinyl, which don’t always match the style of a room or outdoor space. These chairs stand apart from others because of the solid wood material and simple, yet elegant, appearance.

This minimal design features:

  • A contoured backrest that hugs the back of the user for added comfort
  • Stackable chairs that fit together very well for storage
  • A slatted seat, offering a more traditional style
  • Braces on the front and back legs for sturdier construction
  • Color choices in natural wood, walnut, or white

One drawback of this folding chair is the weight limit. It only holds up to 175 pounds, which is the trade off for this simple, lightweight style made out of wood. 

A giant perk of the solid wood material is the ability for DIY enthusiasts to customize the folding chairs. The seat doesn’t come padded, but you can add a cushion for extra comfort or style, and can swap these out as often as your decor preference changes. For a more unique look, you can sand and stain the wood in your desired color.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Folding Chair

Buying a folding chair thoughtfully ensures you select a seat that will provide value to your guests for years to come. Here are some considerations to ponder before purchasing a folding chair.


The folding chair’s material goes beyond just how it looks. Consumers need to consider whether the chair will be used indoors or outdoors, as some materials may fade in the sunlight or get ruined in the rain. If you’re unsure of your future needs, selecting a chair made for both indoor and outdoor use is always a safe bet. Material also dictates how a chair should be cleaned. If you anticipate messy or accident-prone guests, like children, a vinyl material is easily wiped off.

Weight Capacity

Folding chairs generally have a lower weight limit than a regular chair. This is not something you want to take a gamble with, as going over the weight restriction on a chair can lead to injury and damage. When purchasing folding chairs, consider who may use them, and select an appropriate weight limit that will provide sufficient support.

Folding Size

If you have a lot of storage space available, folding size is less of an issue. However, for those in apartments or homes where space is limited, folding chairs designed to fold down compactly make finding room for the chairs much easier.


Basic folding chairs do not come with padding, which may become uncomfortable for guests over time. If you’re expecting people to stay seated for a while, it may be worth the money to upgrade to a padded chair or invest in cushions that you can place on top of a firmer seat.


There is a lot to think about when deciding if your home or office needs a supply of folding chairs. We’ve rounded up the most popular questions and answers to help you make the best decision on which folding chair is right for you.

Q: How do you make a folding chair look good?

Some folding chairs are designed with style in mind. These chairs may be a bit pricier, but worth the money if aesthetics are important to you. Otherwise, covering the folding chairs is the easiest option, and you can rent, buy, or make chair covers or cushions that match your decor.

Q: What are folding chairs used for?

Folding chairs are used for many events and gatherings. They allow you to change seating arrangements and accommodate groups of large sizes without having to store a bunch of extra regular chairs.

Q: How do you set up a folding chair?

There are a few different ways folding chairs can be set up. The most common style is where a chair pivots to fold either under the seat or at the seat. These can be opened and closed by pushing or pulling on the backrest and seat simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Many people may not realize they need extra chairs until they have an event that requires more seats, making folding chairs a convenient item to have on hand. Though there are some beautiful folding chairs on the market, many would prefer to spend their money on a folding chair that prioritizes value, stability, and comfort over aesthetics. That’s why we like the CoscoProducts Fabric Folding Chair, because it’s reliable for most events indoors and outdoors without being too fancy.