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A chair may be the last thing on your mind when you’re picking out the parts and pieces for your perfect gaming setup, but a comfy throne can make or break your playing experience (and your back). Gaming chairs are specifically engineered to remain comfortable even after hours-long play sessions, drawing inspiration from luxury sports vehicles with their bucket seat designs and high backs to provide more points of support for your backside than a typical office chair. Giving those muscles a break encourages good posture, and that helps you to be able to play for longer without developing aches and pains. 

But keeping you supported and comfortable through dozens of hours of gaming is no easy feat, and can come with a hefty price tag—so how do you make the most out of your investment? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with our list of the best gaming chairs. 

How We Picked These Products


Gaming chairs come in a wide array of configurations, from rockers that rest on the floor to PC chairs that would look more at home in a racecar than at your desk. We used a combination of hands-on research along with insights aggregated from reviewers and fellow gamers across the globe to choose our top gaming chair recommendations. We took into consideration each chair’s construction, the quality of materials used for its framework and cushions, and the breathability of its upholstery. Another key criteria was comfort: Even if a chair is comfortable to sit in at first, does it stay comfortable after sitting for a few hours? What about after a few months of regular use? Does it keep its shape or start to warp and degrade? Value also factored in, and only chairs that provided a significant payoff for your investment were included. Finally, we took into account the look of each chair’s design, because no one wants their picture-perfect gaming setup ruined by an ugly chair. 

The Best Gaming Chairs: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Dowinx LS-6689 Gaming Chair

Best Overall

This study and luxe leather chair works for both gaming and the home office. Dowinx

Why It Made the Cut: The Dowinx LS-6689 ticks all the boxes players could need with style, ergonomic support, and a built-in lumbar massager. 


  • Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 55 inches
  • USB-powered lumbar massager
  • Quality craftsmanship


  • Breathable material
  • Sturdy footrest and base
  • USB-powered lumbar massager
  • Unique stitched design


  • Limited adjustability
  • Squeaky

Dowinx hit it out of the park with its LS-6689 series. The look of gaming chairs was originally inspired by seats in luxury sports cars, but it can be difficult for manufacturers to balance functional design while still invoking that feeling of luxuriousness. Dowinx succeeds in this by including a built-in lumbar massager and using quality PU leather that’s interlaced with an intricate stitching pattern that just screams “expensive.” 

Its super wide, winged back provides multiple points of support for your upper back and shoulder, which helps you keep good posture while you’re playing games for hours on end. You power the massager via USB, and while it’s not as powerful as a dedicated massage chair—and doesn’t claim to be—it is a nice bonus when you start feeling stiff from sitting too long. 

This is also one of the sturdiest gaming chairs I’ve found, as evident by its ability to recline a full 180 degrees without toppling over. Its base and wheels are similarly well-constructed, showing few signs of wear even after regular use. Its cushions, which sport six inches of high-density foam, and armrests hit that sweet spot between comfortable and supportive: firm but not too firm. 

Best for Console Gamers: Respawn RSP-900 Reclining Gaming Chair 

Best for Console Gamers

This pick does double duty as a gaming chair and a recliner. RESPAWN

Why It Made the Cut: Respawn’s gaming recliner combines the best of both worlds: the comfort of a living room recliner with the supportive and sporty design of a gaming chair. 


  • Dimensions: 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 inches
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Oversized armrests


  • Sleek design
  • Recline and footrest features are independently adjustable
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Spacious seat


  • Too bulky for most desk setups

When it comes to marketing niche video game accessories, companies tend to focus on PC gamers first and foremost. The thinking goes that if someone’s willing to drop a couple thousand dollars on a top-tier gaming rig, they probably won’t think twice about splurging on a suitable throne to go along with it. Respawn’s RSP-900 reclining gaming chair bucks that trend by melding the bucket seat and high backrest you’d find on a standard gaming chair with the kind of cozy recliner you can’t wait to collapse into at the end of a long day. That makes it a great option if your idea of gaming involves plopping down in front of the TV and powering up your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo console instead of sitting at a desk. 

Sporting the same all-leather look as other gaming chairs, its segmented padding is designed to provide support while allowing enough airflow to keep your backside from getting swampy during long play sessions. It can recline up to 135 degrees and has a sturdy extendable footrest that’s wide enough to fully support your feet and calves. Both these features can be operated independently, and since the chair’s back and footrest are all part of one continuous surface, you don’t have to worry about wires accidentally getting caught and yanked out when you collapse the footrest.  

While too bulky to fit under most office desks, Respawn uses that extra surface area to its advantage by including a seat wide enough to comfortably sit cross-legged in as well as oversized armrests with generous padding (the left one is large enough to fit a built-in cup holder). It also features a removable side pouch for game controllers or remotes.

Best for Audiophiles: X Rocker Pro Series H3

Best for Audiophiles

Relax into an immersive surround-sound experience with spinal support in this gaming chair. X Rocker

Why It Made the Cut: This gaming rocker uses synced audio and vibrations to make playing your favorite video games a truly immersive experience, making it our top choice for audiophiles. 


  • Dimensions: 29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches
  • Built-in wireless audio system
  • Rumble motors


  • Four built-in speakers
  • Ported power subwoofer
  • Folds down for convenient storage
  • Dedicated control panel for sound and vibrations


  • No vents, so cushion material can get hot
  • Not for larger frames

Gaming chairs can be expensive, and it’s understandable if some folks are looking to get the most out of their investment. That’s where X Rocker’s Pro Series H3 comes in: a versatile option that uses built-in speakers and vibration motors to create an immersive experience out of whatever media you consume, whether that be movies, music, or games. 

To deliver surround sound, it uses four forward-facing speakers built into the headrest and seat as well as a ported-power subwoofer to hit you with powerful bass. You can sync these bass tones with the chair’s rumble motors, both of which you can customize via a control panel on the right side, to create a full-body sensation while you play. It also features a headphone jack. For an immersive multiplayer experience, you can connect multiple X Rocker chairs together to sync up vibrations and audio. 

Its ergonomic back is designed to follow the natural curve of your spine and support good posture, which, in combination with its squishy, pressure-relieving base, keeps you from cramping up or developing aches during those long play sessions. And when you’re done, it can be folded in half for convenient storage. 

One thing to note is the X Rocker lacks the customizability of other gaming chairs. Its armrests aren’t adjustable, and that combined with its relative small size could make it uncomfortable for taller players. 

Best for Larger Frames: AndaSeat Kaiser 2

Best for Larger Frames

This sturdy chair is designed to recline and with memory foam for extra comfort. anda seat

Why It Made the Cut: AndaSeat’s Kaiser 2 is built like a tank with its thick, steel frame and oversized design, which is why it’s our top choice for big and tall gamers. 


  • Dimensions: 111 x 111 x 111 inches
  • Very adjustable
  • Steel framework  


  • Tall back
  • Sturdy frame
  • Memory foam cushion and headrest
  • Higher than average weight capacity


  • Bulky 
  • Headrest lacks adjustability

AndaSeat’s Kaiser 2 is a lot of chair—maybe too much for some folks, but the perfect size for those in the over-6-feet-tall club. Even at 5 feet, 11 inches, I still find myself balking at how tiny some of these gaming chairs can be. The Kaiser 2, with its five-point base and 100 percent steel frame, is designed to comfortably support gamers of up to roughly 400 pounds and 7 feet tall. 

Unlike other gaming chairs, which mostly use PU leather, the Kaiser 2 is covered in PVC leather, a tightly bonded material that’s more durable and better at resisting tears and stains. AndaSeat also takes customizability one step further than other gaming chairs with the Kaiser 2: Its armrests are adjustable across four axes, its back can recline up to 160 degrees, and it features a fully adjustable tilt mechanism. And because it’s built like a tank, its seating area is positively massive, large enough for all but the tallest gamers to comfortably sit cross-legged in. 

The memory foam in its removable lumbar cushion is very squishy and comfortable, though for some reason there’s no buckle or other means of attaching it to the chair, and having to adjust the pillow every time you sit down can be frustrating. Also, while the rest of the Kaiser 2 may be adjustable, the positioning of its headrest is not, which is unfortunately another frustrating oversight. 

Best Value: Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

Best Value

This customizable option has limited features but provides solid value. Homall

Why It Made the Cut: The S-Racer is a comfortable option that packs in plenty of extra features like an adjustable footrest and lumbar pillow for a price that doesn’t break the bank. 


  • Dimensions: ‎33.5 x 20.6 x 44.8 inches
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Ergonomic design


  • Comes in several colors
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Retractable footrest
  • Easy to assemble


  • Stationary armrests
  • Cushion material isn’t breathable
  • Squeaky

It’s not hard to find a gaming chair for less than $100, but finding one that you won’t have to replace after a year or so is another story. Homall’s S-Racer is an affordable and—more importantly—durable option that comes with several of the features you’d find in more expensive gaming chairs. 

It can recline up to 160 degrees and features an adjustable length footrest so you can kick back to play games from a more horizontal position. Its sturdy, ergonomic design provides multi-point support for your neck, shoulders, and lower back to encourage good posture. And, as with other gaming chairs, the S-Racer offers several customization options to help you find your most comfortable sitting position. 

In some ways, though, you do get what you pay for: Its armrests aren’t adjustable; its upholstery isn’t the most breathable material, so it can start to heat up after a few hours of sitting; and you won’t be able to move around without hearing a loud squeak or two. All that being said, you still get a solid value for the price.   

Things to Consider before Buying a Gaming Chair

When selecting the best gaming chair for your setup, you’ll want to keep in mind your body type, how often you plan to use it, and where it will be located in your home. 

The Perfect Fit

Gaming chairs come in a wide array of styles designed to support players of different heights and weights. You’ll want to be on the lookout for the recommended weight and height capacity of any chair you consider, especially if you have a large frame. Rockers in particular tend to run on the smaller size and thus are better suited for smaller frames. 

Your Gaming Routine

Also keep in mind what your typical gaming session looks like. Do you play games for hours on end every day? If so, it’ll be worth your money to invest in a gaming chair covered in a breathable material or something sturdy like PVC leather that won’t start to show wear and tear after a few months of heavy use. If your play sessions are only an hour or two sporadically, that kind of investment may not be worth it for you. 

A Good Home

Lastly, you’ll want to think about the physical space you plan to put your gaming chair. Will it need to be able to fit under your existing office desk? Are you setting it up in front of a TV? Is there enough space around it to recline the back or extend a footrest? Do you need to store it out of the way when it’s not in use? Whatever chair you pick, take the time beforehand to measure your space and make sure you have enough room to actually use it to its full potential. 


Q: What’s different about a gaming chair? 

There are a few key differences between gaming chairs and office chairs. While traditional desk chairs, with their simple and clean designs, are meant to be low-profile and seamlessly blend into an office setting, gaming chairs are designed to capture the same bold and flashy look of a race car. Gaming chairs also have higher and wider backs than traditional office chairs, providing more points of support for your neck, shoulders, and upper back to give those muscles a break and encourage good posture, which helps you sit more comfortably for longer periods. Some gaming chairs also incorporate audio or vibration mechanisms to immerse you in the game you’re playing.  

Q: How long do gaming chairs last? 

How long your gaming chair lasts can vary depending on how often you use it. If you’re training to become the next esports star and spending eight or more hours sitting in it every day, it’s going to degrade faster than if you’re only in it for an hour or two to unwind with some playtime after work. On average, though, the cheaper options last between two to three years and the more expensive options can last for five years or more. 

Q: Are gaming chairs worth it? 

In a word: Yes. Gaming chairs are one of the few products that are actually worth the hype because they’re specifically engineered to combat the potential negative health effects of prolonged sitting by providing sufficient lumbar support and cradling your neck and shoulders to help keep your posture straight. While it’s true that some gaming chairs prioritize form over function, in general, they can be a solid investment in your health and comfort. 

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to recommend any single gaming chair for everyone’s needs, body type, and gaming setup, but the Dowinx LS-6689 Gaming Chair comes the closest to ticking all the boxes a player could want. If you’ve already shelled out a pretty penny for a next-generation console or top-tier gaming rig, cutting corners when it comes to comfort is just doing yourself a disservice. Choose a seat you’ll actually want to sit in for hours on end, instead of something you have to.