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A hose is a great way to water the lawn and garden, but the slow, heavy flow of water coming out of the hose can damage some fragile plants. It’s also very difficult to ensure that the entire lawn and garden receive enough water if you can’t rely on a one of the best garden hose nozzles to adjust the pressure, control the direction of the spray, and set the spray pattern. 

The best garden hose nozzles typically fall into the dial nozzle category because these products allow you to change the spray pattern by simply turning the dial on the front of the nozzle. This user-friendly design has made dial nozzles the most popular option, but if you’re looking for a more durable choice you may be better off sticking to a full-metal traditional hose nozzle. To learn more about the various nozzle types and how to choose the right product for watering your garden, take a look at the list of the best garden hose nozzles below.

How We Picked the Best Garden Hose Nozzles


For the purpose of putting together this list of top garden hose nozzles, I relied on years of home landscaping experience as well as extensive research into over 30 different products. I considered the various types of garden hose nozzles, as well as the material used in the construction of each nozzle. The watering patterns, spray adjustability, and grip of the garden hose nozzles also helped to narrow down the selection to the top products.

Lawns and gardens require varying amounts of water depending on the season, current weather, and the types of plants in the yard. Flowers and other more delicate plants can be destroyed by a powerful blast from a garden hose nozzle, unless the spray pattern or pressure are adjusted. With this in mind, a wide variety of different garden hose nozzle types were chosen so that the user could select the best nozzle based on their lawn and garden.  

Best Garden Hose Nozzles Reviews & Recommendations

Best Garden Hose Nozzle Overall: FANHAO Garden Hose Nozzle

Switch between seven different watering patterns for a variety of jobs around the home. FANHAO

Why It Made the Cut: Designed with durability in mind, users won’t need to worry about this full-metal garden hose nozzle cracking or breaking.


  • Type: Dial Nozzle
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Watering Patterns: Seven


  • Highly durable, full-metal body
  • Seven different watering patterns for various uses
  • Threads directly onto a standard garden hose
  • Rubberized dial to help protect against accidental drops


  • Heavier than simple plastic nozzles

Ensure the health of your lawn and garden or switch the watering pattern to wash your car with the FANHAO Garden Hose Nozzle. It boasts up to seven different watering patterns including center, flat, cone, angle, shower, mist, and jet, making it easy for users to choose the ideal pattern for their current project. Set the nozzle on shower or mist to make sure that delicate flowers get water without damaging the petals or switch to jet to help remove stuck-on grime. 

The dial nozzle is made with a zinc alloy body and it features a rubberized dial to help prevent damage to the nozzle, trigger, or dial if the garden hose nozzle is accidentally dropped, dragged along the ground, or smacked against something hard. The nozzle threads easily onto a standard garden hose, though it does weigh more than a plastic nozzle, which could increase user hand fatigue.

Best Garden Hose Nozzle for Value: Melnor Metal Rear-Trigger Nozzle

The slip-resistant rubberized grip helps control the direction of the spray and prevent accidental drops. Melnor

Why It Made the Cut: Attach and detach the nozzle with very little effort using the quick connect system on this garden hose nozzle.


  • Type: Dial Nozzle
  • Material: Plastic and brass
  • Watering Patterns: Seven


  • Lightweight, affordable hose nozzle
  • Seven different watering patterns for various uses
  • Metal construction improves durability
  • Slip-resistant rubberized grip


  • Must be used with a quick-connect adapter 

If your goal is to find a garden hose nozzle that can be used for watering the lawn, washing the car, giving the pets a bath outside, or even gently misting the flowers in the garden, then this affordable product is a great choice. The Melnor Hose Nozzle has an internal metal construction to increase the durability of the tool and it’s also designed with a rubberized grip and nozzle head, improving the slip resistance and helping to prevent accidental drops.

The garden hose dial nozzle can be adjusted by rotating the plastic dial on the front of the nozzle. This will allow the user to quickly and effectively switch between seven different watering patterns including flat, jet, soaker, cone, shower, mist, and full. It should also be noted that this garden hose nozzle works with a quick-connect system that attaches to the garden hose. Once the quick-connect adapter is secured to the hose, the nozzle can be removed and replaced without having to unscrew the threads. However, standard garden hose accessories don’t work with the quick-connect adapter, and the nozzle can’t work without the adapter, reducing the appeal unless the user happens to already own several different quick-connect hose accessories.

Best Traditional Nozzle: Dramm Brass Hose Nozzle

Best Traditional Nozzle

Don’t worry about leaking seams and faulty plastic parts with this full-brass, traditional hose nozzle. Dramm

Why It Made the Cut: Replace cheap, ineffective products with this heavy-duty brass nozzle that can adjust the spray by simply rotating the tip.


  • Type: Traditional Nozzle
  • Material: Brass
  • Watering Patterns: Variable


  • Simple, leak-resistant design
  • High-durability brass construction
  • Trigger-less control over flow volume


  • Limited water pattern control 

You won’t need to worry as much about leaking with this full-metal brass garden hose nozzle that attaches directly to a hose. The Dramm Brass Hose Nozzle doesn’t have a trigger, but the flow of water, as well as the spray pattern, can be adjusted by rotating the tip of the nozzle. It’s especially resilient against accidental drops and other types of impact damage due to its basic design and highly durable construction. 

This traditional nozzle is a great option for backyard enthusiasts looking for a designated yard and garden watering nozzle. Its narrow profile allows users to wind it up and hang it with the garden hose, so users don’t need to remove it after every use. However, the spray patterns can’t be controlled with the same precision as a dial nozzle. Keep this in mind to avoid damaging more delicate flowers and plants during water flow or water pattern adjustment.  

Best Pistol Nozzle: Gilmour Pistol-Grip Nozzle

Best Pistol Nozzle

Connect cleaning tools to the threaded nozzle outlet for superior DIY cleaning potential. Gilmour

Why It Made the Cut: The water flow from this simple pistol nozzle can be controlled by squeezing the trigger, or it can be set to a specified limit with the built-in flow control dial.


  • Type: Pistol Nozzle
  • Material: Zinc and brass
  • Watering Patterns: One


  • Durable, full-metal construction
  • Simple trigger mechanism
  • Flow control dial to help customize the water flow
  • Threaded nozzle outlet for use with cleaning tools


  • Only one spray pattern

One of the main benefits of the Gilmour Pistol-Grip Nozzle is that it’s made of brass and a zinc alloy, ensuring that the nozzle is significantly protected against accidental drops, being dragged over concrete, or knocked against deck boards, garden stones, and other hard surfaces. This is a great choice for individuals who prefer to use just one spray pattern on their garden, because only the water flow can be adjusted on the pistol nozzle. Users can increase or reduce the flow through the nozzle by squeezing the trigger or by adjusting the flow control dial to limit the output. 

If you plan to use the hose for cleaning the windows, washing down the deck, or spraying dirt and grime off the fence or shed, then it’s a good idea to keep the nozzle secured to the hose and attach any cleaning tools directly to the front of the nozzle. This will improve control over the water without impacting the cleaning tools, making it easier to take care of standard household DIY cleaning tasks.

Best Water Wand: H2O WORKS Watering Wand

Best Water Wand

Take advantage of the 21-inch wand to improve maneuverability in and among the plants and flowerbeds. H2O WORKS

Why It Made the Cut: This water wand nozzle is ideal for reaching hanging plants and the roots of plants so you can grow strong, healthy tomatoes, lettuce, and other plants.


  • Type: Water Wand
  • Material: Plastic and aluminum
  • Watering Patterns: Six


  • Ideal for overhead or hanging plants
  • Lightweight aluminum design is easy to lift
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic, slip-resistant grip


  • 21-inch length can be hard to control

Optimize the growth of overhead plants and hanging plants by relying on the H2O WORKS Watering Wand to reach these pots and planters without climbing a ladder. The 21-inch length of the water wand nozzle isn’t just effective at reaching overhead, it also makes it easier to water directly at the roots of the plants without having to bend over or hunch down. Use this garden hose nozzle on new seedling beds to ensure that the flow of water hits the soil at a controlled rate.

You can switch between six different watering patterns including mist, shower, jet, soaker, flat, and cone. When the nozzle is set to mist, the user will be able to see the water coming from three different outlets in order to create a balanced spray pattern. This water wand is made of lightweight aluminum and plastic with an ergonomic grip to improve maneuverability and reduce accidental drops. That said, some users may find that the extended reach of the wand is more difficult to control than a pistol or dial nozzle.

Things to Consider Before Buying Garden Hose Nozzles

Before grabbing the first cheap plastic garden hose nozzle you see, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the product specs, so you know that you’re getting a product worth the money. Consider the material, nozzle type, and design to find the best garden hose nozzles for managing your garden.


In general, garden hose nozzles are made with plastic and metal. More specifically, they are commonly made with rust- and corrosion-resistant materials like brass or zinc alloy, ensuring that the nozzle lasts through several seasons before needing to be replaced. 

  • Plastic nozzles are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to find because plastic is the most common material used to make garden hose nozzles. These products are resistant to minor fluctuations in temperature, but they are susceptible to cracking and breaking if the nozzle is accidentally dropped on a hard surface, like a deck or paving stones.
  • Metal nozzles are more expensive than plastic nozzles, but the extra cost is worth it for enhanced durability. While you shouldn’t make dropping your nozzle a habit, these nozzles are designed to withstand a drop, so they typically last longer than plastic products. Metal nozzles are also less likely to crack or leak from temperature fluctuations. 

Nozzle Type

When you begin the search for the best garden hose nozzle to maintain your lawn and garden, you should understand the differences between the four main types of hose nozzle, including pistol nozzles, dial nozzles, water wands, and traditional nozzles.

  • Pistol nozzles are named for the pistol-type grip that allows the user to control the water flow by squeezing or releasing the trigger. These nozzles typically have only a single watering pattern, but they are frequently made completely out of metal, increasing the durability of the product, despite its limited functionality. 
  • Dial nozzles are the most common type of garden hose nozzle. These products are easy to differentiate from the other nozzles because they have a dial on the front of the nozzle that can be turned to switch between various watering patterns, like mist, jet, or shower. Most dial nozzles will also have a pistol-grip trigger design.
  • Water wands may not sound like a type of hose nozzle, but they are essentially a dial nozzle attached to an extension wand. The base of the wand connects to a standard garden hose, then the water travels through a long wand to the nozzle at the top. On average, the wand is about 20 to 30 inches long, making it easier to water overhead plants and hanging plants, or to water at the base of the plants without hunching over or bending down.
  • Traditional nozzles don’t have the well-known, pistol-grip appearance. Instead, they attach in-line with the hose and are typically made of brass or another rust-resistant metal. These nozzles are high in durability and simplicity, though they may not have the same range of functions as dial nozzles or water wands. 

Ergonomics and Comfort

You should be able to relax and enjoy being outside as you water your garden, but if you invest in the wrong product then you may have to deal with sore fingers and cramping hand muscles. Look for a garden hose nozzle with a comfortable, padded grip that won’t slip out of your hand when the handle or trigger gets wet. 

A rubberized grip helps to prevent accidental drops and provides a cushioned surface for your hand to grip instead of a cold, hard, metal handle. Grooves for your hands and fingers are a great feature on a garden hose nozzle because these simple indents make it more comfortable to hold the nozzle in a natural grip. A locking trigger is another great feature that reduces hand fatigue by locking the trigger in the open position while you work.


Q: How do you store a garden hose nozzle?

Garden hoses and garden hose nozzles should be stored properly when they’re not in use to prevent damage. This is especially important when the temperature is below freezing, because any remaining water in the hose or nozzle could freeze, expand, and ultimately cause internal damage to the garden tools. Between uses, drain the hose and nozzle to remove any remaining water. Hang the hose on a hook to keep it off the ground, then detach the nozzle and place it in a safe location, like a garden box, workbench drawer, or in a storage compartment on a hose caddy, if applicable.

Q: How much do garden hose nozzles cost?

A garden hose nozzle isn’t an expensive addition to your yard tools. You can expect to pay about $10 for a common plastic dial nozzle, while a metal garden hose nozzle may cost up to $30.

Q: How do you prevent a hose nozzle from becoming clogged?

The tip of a garden hose nozzle can get clogged with dirt, mud, and other debris, especially if it wasn’t cleaned up and stored properly after its last use. You can try to clear the clog by spraying water through the nozzle, but if this doesn’t work then you may need to take the nozzle off the hose. Submerge the nozzle in water to help loosen the debris and use your fingers or a cloth to try and wipe away the debris as it loosens. In most cases, this will work, but if not you can clear the clog with a needle or another thin, hard object that will fit inside the tip of the nozzle.

Q: How do you remove a stuck hose nozzle?

Similar to the tip of the nozzle getting clogged, the threads on a garden hose nozzle can become seized in place due to dirt, mud, rust, and other debris. Use a set of pliers or channel locks to lightly grip the metal hose adapter and grip the nozzle with your free hand. Hold the hose in place with the pliers while twisting with your free hand to loosen the stuck hose nozzle. If this doesn’t work, consider using a second set of pliers to grip the hose nozzle, but keep in mind that if you put too much pressure on the hose or the nozzle they will break, bend, or otherwise become unusable.

Final Thoughts

The full-metal body of the FANHAO Garden Hose Nozzle is the best choice for anyone concerned about durability, but if you’re looking for a more affordable dial nozzle, then the Melnor Hose Nozzle is the right choice.