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Published Sep 7, 2021 9:30 AM

When your phone falls behind the sofa or you drop your keys between the countertop and the stove, retrieving these items bare-handed can be a real hassle. Defy the frustrating struggle by keeping a grabber tool around. These simple yet effective devices typically consist of a rod with two jaws that simultaneously close around objects when the lever or trigger is squeezed. They can extend your reach from about 26 inches up to 40 inches. 

Grabber tools can not only snatch “oops!” objects from hard-to-access spaces, they can also help bring items down from high shelves and upper cabinets without climbing on a stepstool. They can be especially useful to help seniors and infirm folks be more independent, allowing them to retrieve a blanket without getting up and pick up small stuff, such as a dropped pill bottle. The best products may be foldable for simple storage and have a few bells and whistles like flashlights and clips that attach the tool to a cane or chair. This guide describes some of the best grabber tools in various categories so you can choose the right product for your purposes. Gotcha!

How We Selected These Products


While grabber tools may prove handy in any home, they can be of particular use to seniors and those with limited mobility. So an understanding of the needs of these folks went into our extensive research of more than 25 different grabber tools. While these aren’t complicated products, their key strengths and weaknesses were evaluated to properly assess the suitability of one model over another. Thus, each product’s length, weight, maximum weight capacity, material, design, ergonomic design aspects, and additional features were considered to ascertain functionality, versatility, and overall performance

While length, weight, and weight restrictions of a grabber tool help to determine basic capabilities, these measurements were also useful in selecting products for specific tasks, such as using a heavy-duty grabber for large cans on pantry shelves or a lightweight product when reaching for small items that have been dropped around the home. Other factors, like foldability, padded grips, non-slip jaws, and such extra features as flashlights, magnets, and rotating heads were used to differentiate between multiple products that had relatively similar basic capabilities. 

Best Grabber Tools Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Kekoy Foldable Grabber Reacher Tool

Snag your stuff with the help of a built-in flashlight, integrated magnet, and rotating head for enhanced item retrieval. Kekoy

Why It Made the Cut: The Kekoy grabber tool is an effective, lightweight, easy-to-use device that features a built-in flashlight and anti-slip rubber-coated jaws.


  • Length: 32 inches
  • Max Weight: Two pounds
  • Versatility: Foldable, built-in flashlight, magnetic tool, rotating head.
  • Durable heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction
  • Can only carry up to two pounds
  • Built-in flashlight for visibility under and behind objects
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Rotating head helps access tight spaces
  • Versatility is key in a grabber tool since it functions essentially as an extension of the user’s own arm and hand. While clumsy jaws and fixed heads make it a challenge to pick up objects, Kekoy designed its grabber with a variety of features to improve ease of use. 

    A built-in flashlight can illuminate behind furniture, under appliances, and other dark areas, while the magnetic hook that can attach to small metal objects will also hook onto soft objects, like clothing and towels. With its 32-inch length, rotating head, and 10-ounce weight this grabber tool can meet a wide variety of needs, then fold up for convenient storage. But prospective buyers should note that this Kekoy grabber can only carry two pounds maximum.

    Best Value: Dumsamker 2 Pack-Grabber Reacher Tool

    With two foldable grabbers at an affordable price, you can have a backup tool within reach. DUMSAMKER

    Why It Made the Cut: Two durable grabbers for the price of one means users may not need to share.


    • Length: 32 inches
    • Max Weight: Five pounds
    • Versatility: Foldable; rotating head.
  • Durable, heavy-duty ABS plastic jaw
  • Must be pulled apart to fold
  • Foldable for storage and easy carrying
  • Difficult to pick up paper and other very thin items
  • Rotating jaws for increased maneuverability
  • Value pack at a great price
  • Inexpensive and effective, this two-pack of 32-inch grabber tools is an excellent option for the frugal shopper. Keep one in the kitchen for items on the top shelf of the pantry, say, and the other in the garage, living room, or wherever else hard-to-reach objects may need retrieval.

    Thanks to a non-slip coating, the jaws can grip potentially slippery objects, such as cans and bottles, as well as bulky garbage, like crumpled newspapers. Single sheets of paper, however, are a challenge for this tool. And while the grabbers fold for easy storage, to do so, the two halves must be pulled apart, which may be troublesome for some users.

    Best Lightweight: RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher

    Best lightweight

    Users needn’t struggle with a weighty tool that can make it difficult to grip or maneuver objects. RMS

    Why It Made the Cut: This lightweight, not-too-long grabber provides a secure grip, good object control, and excellent maneuverability.


    • Length: 26 inches
    • Max Weight: Two pounds
    • Versatility: Magnetic; metal post; clip fastener.
  • Durable heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction
  • Can only carry up to two pounds
  • Built-in metal post for hooking objects
  • Soft, foam anti-slip grip
  • Clip fastens to canes, walkers, and wheelchairs
  • Sometimes the best grabber-reacher is a lightweight model that’s on the shorter side, so as not to be unwieldy. At just nine ounces, 26 inches in length, and ergonomic in design, the RMS Featherweight is just the ticket for excellent maneuverability, great control, and a secure grip. Unlike tools with two moving jaws that close simultaneously, this unique model has a moving bottom jaw that comes up to close against the fixed upper jaw for easy grabbing.

    Soft foam on the jaws let the tool hold objects firmly, while a metal hook on top can be used to latch onto clothing, blankets, and other soft materials. Magnets integrated into the tip of the jaws allow for easy access to small metal objects such as keys. A clip fastener can secure the grabber tool to a mobility device, like a cane, walker, or wheelchair. While the Featherweight cannot lift objects that are more than two pounds, it makes a handy helpmate for all kinds of small, light, hard-to-reach items around the house. 

    Best Foldable: EZPIK 40″ Foldable Long Reach Grabber Tool

    The 40-inch long grabber tool extends the user’s reach, then folds in half for easy, convenient storage. EZPIK

    Why It Made the Cut: The 360-degree rotating head, 40-inch reach, and foldable design enhance the functionality of this convenient grabber tool. 


    • Length: 40 inches
    • Max Weight: Five pounds
    • Versatility: Foldable; embedded magnet; rotating head.
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Plastic latch a weak point along the aluminum shaft
  • Contoured grip holds a variety of objects
  • Rotating head helps access tight spaces
  • Long, 40-inch reach
  • Ideally, a grabber tool will have excellent reach when you need it yet store compactly when you don’t. The EZPIK meets both these requisites admirably. It measures a mighty 40 inches in length and folds easily to be tucked away. Despite its length and ability to hold items up to five pounds, the tool itself is just under 10 ounces. The lightweight allows users to manipulate the jaws with ease, even when the tool is fully extended.

    The head rotates 360 degrees for adjusting the angle/position of the jaws—especially helpful when accessing narrow spaces. A non-slip, contoured coating helps the jaws grip smooth objects, while an embedded magnet is great for retrieving small metal items. 

    The EZPIK’s flaw, however, is the plastic latch that holds the two sides of the shaft in place: It’s vulnerable to bending, cracking, and warping, and should that latch break, the grabber tool can no longer be locked in the extended or folded position.

    Best Suction-Cup Grabber: Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

    Best suction-cup

    Secure suction action prevents cups, bottles, and jars from slipping through the jaws of this grabber tool. Vive

    Why It Made the Cut: Coffee mugs, soda bottles, lightbulbs, and other smooth objects are no problem for the suction cup grip of this Vive grabber tool.


    • Length: 32 inches
    • Max Weight: Five pounds
    • Versatility: Suction cup tips; hook for hanging storage
  • Suction cup tips for handling smooth objects
  • The head and shaft are fixed
  • Light 8.8-ounce weight
  • Harder to grab soft objects
  • Sturdy shaft holds up to five pounds
  • Smooth objects like jars, bottles, holiday ornaments, and lightbulbs may slide through the grip of a standard grabber tool, even one equipped with anti-slip padding on the jaws. For extra security, the Vive grabber tool boasts suction cup tips that close gently and form a seal on slippery, fragile objects that weigh up to five pounds.

    The ample 32-inch length and light 8.8-ounce weight make it easy for most users to maneuver and manipulate this grabber tool. It has a rubberized grip for superior control and a loop on the end of the handle so the tool can be hung up for storage. Though the suction cups are great for gently handling smooth and delicate goods, they don’t work too well grabbing soft stuff, like articles of clothing. 

    Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Grabber Tools

    There are several factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best grabber tool for your purposes. Consider how the grabber tool will be used, as well as its design, length, weight, ergonomic features, and versatility in order to find the model suited to your needs.


    Grabber tools, which essentially extend the reach of the user, can be employed for a variety of tasks. Small children can use a grabber tool to reach snacks on an otherwise inaccessible pantry shelf. Adults will find a grabber tool beneficial when essential items like car keys or a smartphone fall into hard-to-reach areas behind the couch or between the fridge and the wall. Seniors and those with mobility issues may rely on a grabber tool for everything from dressing to retrieving dropped items without having to get up or bend over. 


    Typically, a grabber tool is made of lightweight aluminum to resist corrosion while providing enough strength to pick up a variety of objects. Grabber tools may also have various additional features to improve functionality, such as foldability for storage in a drawer or carrying in a purse.  Loops and/or clips on the shaft or handle can secure the grabber tool to a walker or wheelchair when not in use. 


    Grabber tools come in a range of sizes, usually between 26 inches and 40 inches in length. Shorter grabber tools are easier to manipulate and maneuver because the jaws and the items held in them are closer to the user’s hand. Longer grabber tools are great for their extended reach, when trying to access items from ceiling-height cabinets, for instance.

    These tools usually weigh between eight and 15 ounces. More important than the weight of the tool itself is its strength—i.e., how much the grabber can carry. Typically, a grabber tool can hold between two and eight pounds.


    Many grabber tools are designed with a padded grip for comfort. These tools may also have a rotating set of jaws, allowing the user to twist the jaws of the tool instead of twisting their wrist or bending their arm. A product with suction cup fittings on the jaws is ideal for retrieving glass, ceramic, or other potentially slippery items like cans, bottles, or cookware.


    Q: What is a grabber tool used for?

    The purpose of a grabber tool is to give the user the flexibility and range to grab items that are out of reach. This can include situations like retrieving food from the top shelf, picking up keys that have fallen behind the bed, or searching for errant items between or behind appliances. 

    Q: How do you use a grabber tool?

    Grabber tools typically have a lever on the handle that, when squeezed, closes its jaws around items. The jaws will lift and hold any items that don’t exceed the tool’s weight capacity. Some grabber tools have specialized jaws equipped with suction cups to help hold smooth objects, like bottles and jars.

    Q: What can you pick up with a grabber tool?

    Though this will depend on the specific product, grabber tools can pick up a range of items, from small, lightweight stuff, such as crumpled tissues, to objects as heavy as a brick. Typically, however, the average grabber tool has a weight limit between two and eight pounds.

    Q: Are grabber tools heavy?

    These tools are usually made with lightweight aluminum and usually weigh between eight and 15 ounces. Lightweight design is especially important for use by seniors or the infirm who may not have the strength to manipulate a heavier tool.

    Final Thoughts

    A grabber tool is a helpful device to keep around the house, to extend your reach for a host of tasks. Whether you’re a parent of young children who tend to drop small toys into hard-to-reach areas or someone with limited storage options at home who often stores items on high closet or pantry shelves, a grabber tool is likely to come in handy.  These simple-to-use tools are often more essential to the elderly or those with limited strength or mobility—folks who rely on a grabber-reacher to assist with everyday actions like dressing, preparing meals, and enjoying leisure activities like reading and watching TV.