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Updated Mar 4, 2022 9:32 PM

There’s nothing that does more for personal image than good grooming. If you’re seeking a more polished self, look no further than the best grooming tools for men. Whether you want a tool for trimming, shaving, contouring, hair clipping, or a full manscape, there’s a grooming tool available for you.

Since men’s fashion and grooming styles are constantly changing, this list includes tools for numerous different looks and approaches to men’s grooming. That’s because good grooming doesn’t always mean a clean shave with barber cropped hair (though we do include a great safety razor on this list)! These days, we believe in perfectly controlled beards, immaculate fades, and dialed sideburns, as well as crisp, perfect shaves. Whatever you’re working with, we’ve got a tool to help you control it.

How We Picked The Best Grooming Tools For Men: Reviews And Recommendations


Seeking the most impressive grooming tools for men, we considered a number of features that distinguished the very best tools from the pack.

Great Trim Function was of paramount importance on this list. In evaluating clippers, trimmers, and contourers, we looked for the tools with the best trim delivery, the sharpest blades, the best safety clips, and the furthest reach. Great batteries on cordless options distinguished those products (though we generally preferred corded options for their superior power and longevity).

Form Function is a major element of any tool. We looked for grooming tools with great agility, that facilitate rather than hinder dexterous trims. Often, this translates to sizes and designs that let you get at tricky places on the body. 

Multi-Function Design was a big plus in our book wherever we found it. Not every men’s grooming tool is one-function-fits-all. However, some tools certainly cover more bases than others. We highlighted multi-functional grooming tools wherever possible.

Sustainability is a concern for us when evaluating any product. However, it was of particular concern when looking for the best razor. Millions of disposable razors end up in landfills every year. That’s why reusable safety razors which allow you to replace and recycle the blade are much more sustainable overall than disposable razors.

The Best Grooming Tools For Men: Reviews And Recommendations

Best Men’s Grooming Tool Overall: Wahl Professional – Peanut Classic

Best Men’s Grooming Tool Overall

A mini multipurpose with huge applications. WAHL

Why It Made The Cut: This well-designed trimmer does a beautiful job on beard care, yet stays versatile enough for fades and agile enough for manscaping.


  • Weight: 4.00 ounces
  • Size: 7.75 x 7 x 3.75 inches
  • Attachment Combs / Guards: Four
  • Cord Length / Battery: Plug-in 7-foot cord


  • Versatile enough for clipping or trimming
  • Agile enough to get into hard to reach places


  • Older model had stronger motor

If you’re looking for a great barbershop classic with enough power to get a good trim or fade, then the Wahl Peanut trimmer is one of the best tools you can have in your grooming toolkit. We have to put it out there that the Peanut isn’t as powerful as the most powerful clipper sets out there. But with a small but comfy form function, good trim power, and a decent 7-foot cord, it’s a beard trimmer that you can use all over.

If you’ve ever tried trimming your beard with a large hair clipper set, you’ll appreciate the compact size of the Peanut. It’s a trimmer / clipper that’s meant for jawline tweaks and agile sideburn touch-ups. That form function is also what makes the Peanut so good at other regions that might also take finesse. That’s the reason the Peanut takes our best overall slot: It has enough versatility to make itself useful for any man’s grooming kit, without overloading on lots of different clip combs. If you’re looking for a wireless clipper set, Wahl does make a Peanut Wireless, however it may not have quite the power of the corded version.

One thing to note: If you’re looking for a clipper set for your head, the Peanut’s small size may make it impractical for whole head clips. It will work well for tricky detailing, but for full haircuts it’s probably worth looking elsewhere.

Best Budget Men’s Grooming Tool: Hatteker Mens Hair Clipper

Best Budget Men’s Grooming Tool

A panoply of grooming accessories. Hatteker

Why It Made The Cut: With a huge array of guide combs, a precision trimmer, wireless functionality, and great waterproofing, it’s hard to believe the low price tag.


  • Weight: 1.37 pounds
  • Size: 9.96 x 6.65 x 3.66 inches
  • Attachment Combs / Guards: 13
  • Cord Length / Battery: Battery charges with USB and delivers 60 minutes of charge


  • Truly multifunctional
  • Waterproof
  • Good battery


  • Lacks the precision of others

Bang for your buck — it’s something we all want, and the Hatteker Men’s Hair Clipper delivers it in spades. With 13 attachable plastic guard combs, alternate trimmers, and pieces, this is a highly versatile tool. It’s ready for haircuts, beard trims, body hair trims, and even nose and ear hair. It’s also completely waterproof and submersible. That would be an impressive repertoire of skills in a trimmer twice its price, but the Hatteker is also remarkably cheap, making it a true budget jack of all trades.

The low price point does come with a downside: the Hatteker is not the most precise trimmer out there. If you want truly sculpted fades, and mustaches that fade out to near shaves, then you may be better off with a more precise trimmer. That said, as a powerful and versatile multi-tool, Hatteker delivers one of the absolute best grooming tools on the market, especially considering the low price.

Best Razor: Bambaw Double-Edge Safety Razor

A safety razor that’s as sustainable as it is easy to shave with. Bambaw

Why It Made The Cut: With its bamboo handle, easy replacements with any double-edged blade, and plastic-free packaging, this is as effective as it is good looking as it is sustainable—and that’s a combination we like.


  • Weight: 115 grams
  • Size: 6 x 3 x 1.5 inches 
  • Material: Bamboo, metal
  • Razor Type: Safety razor


  • Eliminates the need to buy single use razors; just replace blade
  • Uses any brand standard size safety razor blade
  • Highly sustainable compared to single use razors
  • No plastic
  • Bamboo handle looks nice and feels good in hand


  • Bamboo handle isn’t sealed and will benefit from oiling for long-term use
  • Not everyone loves the blade angle

If you shave with a disposable razor, one of the best things you can do for the environment is switch to a safety razor such as the Bambaw Double-Edge Safety Razor. Single-use razors are almost impossible to recycle and end up in landfills or on the bottom of the ocean. Safety razors give you an opportunity for change, with a razor that allows you to sub out the blades with any standard sized, double-edged blade, and continue using it for… life. That means that not only is the Bambaw Safety Razor a great sustainable shaving option, but it’s also one of the most frugal ways to shave. 

However, Bambaw isn’t just sustainable and frugal, it also feels and looks great. Featuring an unsealed bamboo handle that won’t slip out of your grasp (even in the sudsiest of situations), it provides a close shave. Blades are easily changed out by unscrewing the top and fitting another blade into place.

Some people don’t love the Bambaw’s blade angle, which offers less of a tilt than some others. However, it certainly gets the job done. Another issue to note is that the handle may need occasional oiling for good longevity, as years of water exposure can crack bamboo. But a little olive or coconut oil now and again should ensure your bamboo handle feels great for years.

Best Ear, Nose, and Contour Trimmer: ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Best Ear, Nose, and Contour Trimmer

A solid ear and nose trimmer that doubles as a contourer. Conair

Why It Made The Cut: This excellent detailer works just as well for the little touches on a beard or mustache trim as it does taking care of pesky nose or ear hair.


  • Weight: .24 pounds
  • Size: 2 x 3.63 x 8.5 inches
  • Attachment Combs / Guards: One
  • Cord Length / Battery: One AA battery


  • Bevel ear and nose trimmer works great
  • Great for detailing fade and trim lines


  • Not rechargeable / requires batteries

If you’re looking for that detailer that takes care of nose and ear hair, and can help pull your beard trim together, the ConairMAN Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is a startlingly efficient and versatile solution to your grooming needs. Using revolving bevels that will take care of unwanted hair without pinching skin, the ear and nose hair trimmer removes any unwanted cavity hair. Its detail trimmer clip-on addition makes for a precise tool to perfect the lines of a fresh beard crop.

Because it’s battery powered, this device will require an investment in AA batteries, and we would like to see a USB battery system version. However, that’s not too big of a quibble. We think the wireless design shines here, especially as this likely won’t be running for a very long time. Trimming ear and nose hair doesn’t take too much time, and this device’s detail trimming is a useful supplement when paired with a main trimmer. Know that because of its small size this trimmer won’t cover enough space to take care of all your shaving needs (unless patience is a particular virtue of yours).

All in all the ConairMAN is a great detail piece to finish out your personal grooming needs, and we think it’s an excellent addition to any man’s grooming tool kit.

Best Clippers: OSTER Pivot Motor Clipper

Best Clippers

These powerful clippers are great for home buzzes. Oster

Why It Made The Cut: Consistently effective and quiet, OSTER delivers a reliable home hair cut that keeps on.


  • Weight: One pound
  • Size: 6 x 3 x 10.5 inches
  • Attachment Combs / Guards: Four 
  • Cord Length / Battery: Plug in 8-foot cord


  • Reliable strong cut
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Doesn’t pull, even on thick hair


  • Gets hot
  • Needs occasional re-oiling between uses

If you’re looking for clippers that can bring the barbershop home, the OSTER Master Pivot Clipper is a powerhouse. With four comb guards, this isn’t the most feature-rich clipper system out there, but it will do a solid job. The Oster features an 8-foot power cord that will ensure you can buzz from the shower even if your power supply is across the room.

Ready for whatever texture hair you throw at it, the OSTER is a versatile clipper that will do just as well on chest or belly hair as it will on the top of your head. While it will work for beards, its comb guards are more appropriate for buzz cuts and fades. But that’s okay because this clipper system is good enough at its basic job that it will mean you can skip the barbershop entirely. 

OSTER is one of those brands that recalls grandma buzzing our heads in the back garden, and that’s because they’ve been delivering quality clippers for years.

Things To Consider Before Buying Grooming Tools For Men

When you’re shopping for men’s grooming tools, there are a few factors to take into account before you commit.

Personal Effect

When you’re looking for grooming tools it’s important to consider your personal style or style intentions. If you’re committed to a well-trimmed beard, then you may only need one solid beard trimmer that does a good job. If you shave religiously, then a capable safety razor will save you money and serve you well in the long run.


If you buzz your own hair, there are clippers available that will work well specifically for that purpose, as well as clippers with enough versatility to serve double duty on your beard or chest hair. However, clippers designed for hair are often designed a little larger and thus might not have the same agility that a dedicated beard trimmer could. 

Multi-Tool or Specialized Trimming?

There are many trimmer package sets that come with enough blade protectors and sub-out heads to meet most of your needs. However, if you’re looking for a more specific function, like a nose or ear trimmer, dedicated devices usually do a better job.


Q: What are some tips for beginners who want to groom their beard?

Trimmers make it easy to keep a neat beard. A  trimmer allows you to touch up and shape your beard once or twice a week instead of having to shave every day. Most beard trimmers use snap-on plastic combs that protect the blades. Simply snap on the comb that meets your desired beard length and run the trimmer along your jaw. Think of this action as similar to mowing a lawn. If your trimmer comes with lots of size combs, generally start with one that’s the maximum length you want your beard to be, then use a shorter version to cut in further and detail your trim. If you have a detailer, you can use this device to touch up the lines of your beard and clean up the edges. 

Q: What tools do I need to trim my beard?

A good beard trimmer is the single best tool for anyone looking to cultivate a beard. These devices make it very easy to shape and control a beard. Gone are the days of combing and scissoring beards into shape. Detailers can help to further hone in on a beard’s shape, while razors complete the picture if you wear your beard with a shaved neck, or if you’ve decided to try out some mutton chops.

Q: Are beard kits worth it?

Beard kits are absolutely worth it. Over the life span of your trimmer you’ll save hundreds of hours working on your beard. Rather than maintaining a beard with slow scissor snips you’ll simply bulldoze through the extra growth, for a beard that looks well managed. 

Q: How much should I spend on a beard kit?

Beard kits cost anywhere from under $30 to well over $100. You don’t have to spend a hundred for a good trim. However, some cheaper trimmers are known to yank on beard hairs, or leave split ends. Generally look for a trimmer that has the feature set you want.

Q: Which are better,safety razors or normal razors?

Safety razors have the benefit of replaceable blades. This means these razors can be used hundreds of times. Since the replaceable blades often individually cost a fraction of a dollar, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your safety razor, while also eliminating the plastic waste produced by disposable razors.

Final Thoughts

Beard grooming tools come in a plethora of designs and makes. If you’re looking for a great tool to add to your grooming war chest, consider a trimmer like the Wahl Peanut, which yields an excellent trim and feels agile in the hand. If you shave every day and you want to upgrade, the Bambaw Double-Edge Safety Razor is an excellent safety razor that will save you hundreds of dollars, as well as reduce your plastic consumption. However you style yourself, get the tools for better grooming and the world will notice.