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Updated Mar 10, 2022 4:27 PM

There’s perhaps no place better to spend a wistful summer afternoon than a backyard hammock. But today’s hammocks aren’t only for lazy days by the tidewaters. The best hammocks include mobile, lightweight camping hammocks that hook onto trees, swinging hammock chairs, and the classic woven loungers your grandparents read novels in while lounging by the pool. 

Backpacking hammocks often use lightweight but high-strength nylon and other contemporary fabrics, coupled with bug nets and rain flies. These tent replacements and similar mobile hammocks are meant for relaxing in, and both types have wide straps that keep you from harming tree bark while allowing you to set up anywhere that trees can be found. Traditional rope hammocks often use cotton or synthetic fiber ropes, which are spread apart by a wood beam. These are often set up with dedicated suspension posts and connected with eye bolts.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile hammock for afternoons in the park, a lightweight camping hammock that protects you from weather (and bugs), or a permanent rope fixture for your backyard, we’ve got the tea on the best hammocks. 

How We Picked the Best Hammocks of 2022


With so many different styles of hammock available, there are a few diverse factors that make a hammock truly great. Largely, factors like high-denier fabric with good strength make good hammocks across the board. Weight is highly important with mobile hammocks, but less so for ones that will remain mounted in your backyard. We evaluated a wide array of hammocks falling into a few different categories to find hammocks that are truly best in class. 

Suspension and tree health is an extremely important factor in hammock quality. Portable outdoor hammocks should use wide straps that disperse the weight of the hammock across the bark of a tree. Tying on a hammock with a thin cord can strangle or break the bark of the suspension trees, seriously damaging or killing the tree. Atlas Straps do a good job at distributing weight across the bark so your hammock doesn’t create abrasions. 

For permanent hammock installation, hammocks should be attached to posts or stands rather than trees. Some sources recommend I beams drilled into trees for permanent installation. Though I beams do expose a tree to infection, they break the bark only in a small place, which the tree will usually seal closed with sap around the opening. It’s also important to select a large enough tree for your hammock. If you use hammock straps for long-term installation, be sure to adjust the positioning of the strap on the tree to avoid strangling it.

Fabric strength and weight are two very important factors to look for in an excellent hammock. Higher-denier fabrics use heavy-gauge threads that are tightly woven to make for tear-resistant hammocks that will hold you (and maybe a loved one). Camping hammocks often use nylon, while traditional rope hammocks might use cotton, woven polyester, or other synthetics. We looked for hammocks with great strength in all our categories. However, some hikers looking for ultralight camping hammocks may prefer super-lightweight fabrics that put the priority on weight over strength. 

Comfort is an all-important factor. Whether you’re buying a lounge hammock for permanent installation on the terrace or a backpacking hammock for your through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, comfort is often the mark of quality. We looked for camping hammocks you can sleep in night after night, and lounge hammocks that will see you through the entirety of your favorite novel.

The Best Hammocks of 2022: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest

Best Overall

Relax wherever the trees take you. ENO

Why It Made The Cut: Weighing barely over a pound, this highly portable hammock can support up to 400 pounds and folds up to a size you can clip to your belt.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Weight: 1.18 pounds
  • Size: 9.3 x 6.16 feet
  • Materials: 70D high-tenacity nylon taffeta


  • Great capacity
  • Highly portable
  • Comfortable nylon hammock fits to form


  • Straps sold separately

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, ENO Hammocks has been selling and designing high-quality hammocks like the ENO DoubleNest since their company’s inception in 1999. As one of the early retailers of outdoor, mobility-focused hammocks, ENO patented a knotless suspension system, which is what their contemporary Atlas Straps are based on. 

The DoubleNest capitalizes on strength and portability. With a packed size of just 5 x 5 inches and a weight of barely over a pound, it unfurls to an impressive 9-foot length with a 400-pound capacity. Using carabiners, the nylon hammock easily hooks onto eye-hook hardware or straps.

Unfortunately, this hammock doesn’t come with straps included, so be sure to buy a set of Atlas Straps with your order if you don’t have any. Besides the required added purchase, it’s an excellent hammock that’s ready to be set up in the field for a nice lounge.

Best Budget: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

A budget-priced hammock that comes with everything you need. Wise Owl Outfitters

Why It Made The Cut: With an included suspension strap system built with tree-loving intentions, this is an excellent lounge hammock that comes with everything you’ll need.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Size: 9 x 4.5 feet
  • Materials: Parachute nylon


  • Everything you need comes in the package
  • Machine washable with carabiners removed
  • Comfortable


  • Material isn’t as breathable as more premium hammocks, so it tends to get hot, especially in sweaty areas
  • Tree straps are thin, heavy, and not easy to use while also being prone to fraying
  • Short fabric width makes it hard to use as a chair

At a great budget price, the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock is a good alternative to ENO’s hammock classics. Wise Owl fits everything you need into one bag — albeit tightly. The hammock comes with tree straps that, at one inch, are just wide enough to not damage most bark. However, these tend to fray with continued use and are both somewhat heavier and less easy to use than Atlas Straps.

The material itself holds 400 pounds and spreads to 9 feet long and 4 feet wide. The size is slim enough that it’s a bit difficult to use as a seat compared with some other hammocks. The material isn’t as breathable as it could be and can get somewhat uncomfortable in hot, sticky environments, while the single-stitch edges aren’t as strong as they could be. 

The Wise Owl has some quality issues compared with some of the competition, but still, at a very affordable price, it’s a great hammock for nice days. If you’re looking for a hammock to use for occasional days in the park, the Wise Owl will do the trick. 

Best Rope Hammock: Hatteras Hammocks

Best Rope Hammock

Beach relaxation, wherever it’s installed. Hatteras Hammocks

Why It Made The Cut: This classic twined hammock uses superdense spreader bars, a synthetic blend for salt-air resistance, and zinc-plated hardware for an all-around rugged outdoor hammock.


  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Size: Overall length: 13 feet, bed length: 6.8 feet
  • Materials: DuraCord rope and cumaru bar


  • Classic hammock comfort
  • Rugged build meant for long-term outdoor installation


  • Pricey

Named for the North Carolina island, Hatteras Hammocks is a family-owned business and one of the industry leaders in US hammock manufacturing. Hatteras Hammocks use a tight DuraCord weave-locked into place with a superdense Brazilian cumaru wood bar, drilled with intention to leave no rope-fraying sharp edges. The weave ensures that no knots are involved in your lounge surface.

Hatteras delivers a hammock that’s perfectly tuned for comfort, and also has the durability for long-term installation outdoors. DuraCord and the Brazilian cumaru both deliver excellent resistance to ocean air and humid environments, which can promote mold development. The zinc-coated hardware completes the picture, ensuring that even the metal components are ready for the out of doors. Hatteras is a hammock investment you can trust for the long term.

Best Hammock Set: Vivere Double Hammock

Best Hammock Set

A luxurious cotton-cloth hammock with included stand. Vivere

Why It Made The Cut: Shipping with an included stand that’s made to last, this all-cotton-cloth hammock enfolds you in fabric for a truly relaxing experience.


  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Size: Stand: 9 feet
  • Materials: Cotton, steel suspension bars


  • Stand eliminates the need to hook onto trees or install onto wall studs
  • Comfortable, enveloping cotton


  • Cotton material isn’t weatherproof and should be brought inside for long-term use

If you’re looking for a classic hammock and you don’t have the trees or wall studs for installation, the Vivere Double Hammock, with its included steel stand, can be set up anywhere and offers enough space for two. Cotton hammocks might not have the weather resistance of DuraCord or nylon, but they certainly deliver comfort. This hammock is one that enfolds you.

Vivere is a great hammock for permanent installation on a covered porch or even inside. The stand itself is rugged enough to be left outside. However, if you live in a humid or rainy environment, you’ll need to bring your hammock indoors to keep it from molding. If this sounds like a chore, Vivere offers a Sunbrella synthetic fabric alternative that’s far more weather resistant.

With its included steel stand, Vivere is a great all-in-one cotton hammock that’s just what most people need for a sunny-day lounger. 

Best Camping Hammock

This backpackers’ hammock delivers everything you need from a tent and weighs only 4 pounds. ENO

Why It Made the Cut: Designed with defenses against bugs and rain, the ENO OneLink Shelter System is the perfect hammock for camping. 


  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Size: Packed: 10 x 4.5 x 11 inches, set up: 9.3 feet
  • Materials: Nylon


  • Comes complete with bug net, rain fly, straps
  • Good waterproofing


  • Needs trees that are correctly spaced

This is the second ENO hammock on this list, but while these hammocks share some qualities, they certainly won’t get confused. The ENO OneLink Shelter System is a camping hammock with enough space for two. With an included bug net and rain fly (as well as Atlas straps), this system is ready for most warm weather conditions. As is an issue with many camping hammocks, windy nights come with heat loss, so camping at colder times of the year will require a mat. A hammock underquilt will reduce this issue. 

This is a modular system, so the included bug net and rain fly can be removed before a hike and left at home if you’re looking to shed a little weight. This means the hammock easily fits a dual purpose as a lounge hammock for day outings.

The nylon taffeta is a highly durable weather-resistant fabric, and with solid build components across the whole package, the OneLink is rugged enough to yield years of use. ENO is one of the best of the best camping hammock makers, and OneLink lives up to its brand reputation as a versatile and capable camping system that should allow you to leave your tent behind.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hammock

Tree Health and Suspension

In an ever more crowded world, leave-no-trace principles are more important than ever. Hammocks offer a great way to experience relaxation in nature, but it’s important to make sure you don’t do harm in the process. When suspending your hammock, be sure not to rip the bark off the tree you’re suspending from. Use straps that are 1 inch or wider, to distribute pressure across the bark. Thin cords can seriously damage bark and cause tree damage. 

If installing a hammock permanently, eye hooks are better than wire or permanent tight cords, as permanent cords can choke trees. While eye hooks do run the risk of opening a pathway beneath tree bark for bugs or infection, they simultaneously plug this hole, and trees will usually fill in around an eye hook with sap. Better yet, suspend your hammock to posts or wall studs to avoid the risk of tree damage completely. When interacting with the natural world, be conscious that you don’t destroy as you enjoy.

Permanence or Mobility

While there are great hammocks out there that can function perfectly as long-term installations or mobile hiking hammocks, most hammocks are optimized for one use or the other. When shopping for a hammock, it’s important to consider whether you’ll be looking for one that offers great mobility or one that’s meant as a permanent yard piece. 


Whether you’re looking for a permanent hammock installation for your backyard or a camping hammock, climate is an important factor. Ocean air can quickly corrode hardware, while muggy, humid environments grow mold on surfaces. On the other hand, cold Vermont nights will most likely justify more than a nylon sheet under your sleeping bag. Climate brings its own set of requirements for what hammock you’re looking for. For permanent installation in salty or muggy environments, look for hammocks made out of weather-resistant fibers, zinc-coated hardware, and dense quality wood. Camping in cold conditions may require extra accessories, such as a quilted hammock base.


Q: How much does a hammock cost?

Hammocks can cost anywhere from under $50 for a budget synthetic hammock to hundreds of dollars for a permanent fixture or high-grade stealth camping hammock. 

Q: Are hammocks good to sleep in?

Hammocks can be great for sleeping. While most do have some sort of banana-like bottom arch that can be uncomfortable for some sleepers, certain camping hammocks, like the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, use systems like built-in arch poles to keep a flatter back. 

Q: What are hammocks made of?

Manufacturers use lots of different materials in hammock construction, both synthetic and natural. Nylon taffeta is a common material in camping hammocks because of its waterproof toughness. Cotton is a traditional natural material used in hammocks. Other materials include synthetics like DuraCord and Sunbrella.

Final Thoughts

The domain of backpackers setting off into the San Juan Mountains and beach-house loungers alike, the best hammocks come in many different makes and styles. What makes a great hammock is the feature set that works for your lifestyle; that may be a weather-resistant rope weave for permanent installation on the back deck, or a highly portable rainproof hammock and bug net for camping wherever the road takes you. For the best overall hammock that works as a permanent fixture on your back porch, or a mobile relaxation couch you can take with you into the mountains, consider ENO’s DoubleNest with a set of Atlas Straps