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Rollerblading is in. People have become much more comfortable socializing and exercising in outdoor environments and skating has become a huge hit among many different age groups. 

Inline skating is one such type of skating that has gained enormous popularity over the past few years. Inline skates, unlike roller skates, are made up of one singular line of wheels which are ideal for accelerating quickly and with intention. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at inline skating or the last time you put on a pair was at an 80s disco skate party, a new pair of inline skates is certainly worth the investment. Check out some of our favorite inline skates, which you can take out for a spin around your city, bring to the park to meet some like-minded skater friends, or use on your next work commute! 

How We Chose These Products


As someone who tends to be quite skittish when it comes to potentially dangerous sports, I need to be assured that sports-related gear is well-designed and as safe as possible. That’s why safety features were one of the most important things I looked into when reviewing the best inline skates. Some key features I took note of included:

Bearings: Bearings allow wheels to spin, and do so smoothly. Generally, the higher the ABEC rating, the smoother—and safer—the ride.

Ankle Support: All of the inline skates on this list have been designed to provide superior support to your ankle and foot. The more padding and comfort around the ankle area, the better. 

Brand: When it comes to niche sports, the reputation of the brand matters. 

Durability: If you’re fully on wheels, it’s completely normal to fall (and get up again!). That said, I went with choices that can take a hit or two. If you fall in any of these inline skates, your feet will be securely fastened and the infrastructure of the skate will stay intact. 

The Best Inline Skates: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Rollerblade’s Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate offers everything you need in a new pair of inline skates: comfort, style, support, grip, and durability.

Why It Made The Cut: We appreciate that these inline skates, which come from perhaps the most reputable brand, Rollerblade, offer high-quality structure and design, a convenient closure system, and still ring in at an accessible price point. 


  • Sizing: Women’s 6 to 10
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Bearings: SG5


  • Easy to use closure system with buckle, lace, and strap
  • Cushioned liner provides ample padding for a comfortable experience
  • Low-balance structure allows for improved balance and control


  • Some riders prefer a hard shell to a soft boot

If you’re looking for a pair of inline skates that will keep you safe and last for more than just one season, the Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate is a great choice. 

These skates are ideal for novice and intermediate skaters and feature a triple closure system that gives you a highly secure fit. High-performance 80mm wheels with SG5 bearings allow skaters to accelerate safely. You can maintain the perfect amount of spin as well as grip, helpful for nailing those tricks you’ve been wanting to try out without fear of falling. 

The monocoque frame has a low center of gravity which keeps you close to the ground and allows for enhanced stability and control. These skates are also extremely comfortable, with a high cuff and padded liner to improve the entire experience.

Best Value: PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults

These inline skates come in unisex sizing that fits small kids to adults, offer the safety and durability features needed in a pair of quality inline skates, and are affordably priced.

Why It Made The Cut: These skates won’t break the bank while offering outstanding durability and safety for a joyful ride for the whole family. 


  • Sizing: Small (Little Kid), Medium (Big Kid), Large (Youth & Adult), X-Large (Adult)
  • Wheel Size: 64mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7


  • Lower center of gravity allows for more control 
  • Thickened liner and cushioning provide ample comfort
  • ABEC 7 bearings made from premium carbon steel for a smoother ride


  • Light-up wheels mainly enjoyable for younger skaters
  • Sizing a bit generic

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults are a great option if you’re looking to match with the family, or simply want a quality pair of inline skates for less. While they come in four unisex sizes, the boot is adjustable: simply push a button to increase or decrease the length (perfect for growing kids’ feet!). 

The frame is made from reinforced aluminum alloy designed to keep you stable, and the high rebounded 82A polyurethane wheels are wear-resistant. Plus, ABEC 7 bearings allow you to skate smoothly, quickly, and quietly. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that while illuminating wheels that light up automatically may be a plus for young boys and girls, it may be less attractive to some adult skaters.

Best Training Set for Kids: Chicago Skates Training Set

Best Training Set for Kids

The Chicago Skates Training Set is a trustworthy and affordable product for your young one that includes two skates, a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, and a backpack.

Why It Made The Cut: We love how this training set converts from trainers for completely new young riders to actual inline skates, making it the perfect option that’ll grow along with the skater wearing it.


  • Sizing: 10 Toddler to 13 Little Kid
  • Wheel Size: 64mm
  • Color: Black/Blue


  • Secure closure with laces, ankle strap, and buckle
  • Inner boot cushions leg
  • Comes with protective gear so new skaters can safely fall and try again 


  • Only colors are blue/black and pink/white

Created by one of the leading brands in the skating industry, Chicago Skates, this training set is ideal for young ones to learn and grow along with their first pair of skates. First the skates can be set up as trainers (stage 1), and when they feel comfortable, they can graduate to inline skates (stage 2).

The skates are extremely safe, with laces, an ankle belt, and easy-to-adjust micro ratchet buckles, ensuring that your tots’ toes are nice and secured. The 64mm wheels and 608z bearings allow skaters to feel grounded and stable. And on the inside, the inner boot provides enough cushion to make the whole learning experience fun and full of comfort. 

The icing on the cake is that for a great price, you’ll not only get the skates, but also get protective gear including knee pads, a helmet, and wrist guards that can be nicely carried in the set’s transparent backpack.

Best for Advanced Skaters: LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates

Best for Advanced Skaters

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates are unisex and feature a removable lining, durable shell, and a safe and secure closure.

Why It Made The Cut: We love how the shells of these inline skates are not only sleek, but incredibly durable for the toughest of speed skaters. 


  • Sizing: Men 6 to 10.5;  Women 7 to 11.5
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Sole Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 


  • Ventilated and removable inner lining
  • Triple protection closure
  • Soles include shock absorbers


  • Not the best pick for beginner skaters

Like to skate fast? Check out LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates, which are a great choice for both men and women. With wheels that have been designed to accelerate quickly, they’re perfect for intermediate or advanced skaters.

These inline skates feature a breathable, ventilated inner liner that can be removed for simple cleaning and drying. The durable shoe shell can handle up to 500 pounds, and also features ventilated holes for breathability. The shell is integrated with the frame for a low balance structure, which improves overall stability and control. 

Plus, the soles feature shock absorbers for a smooth and easy skating session. And you’ll feel comfortable and secure with its triple protection closure: a safety buckle, strap, and laces will keep you comfortably locked in. 

Best for Beginners: K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Pro Inline Skate / K2 Skate Women’s Kinetic 80 Pro Inline Skate

Best for Beginners

These skates provide everything an adult beginner needs with speed laces, a stable design, and comfortable materials.

Why It Made The Cut: These inline skates from trusted brand K2 Skates come in both men’s and women’s sizing and are at an accessible price point while still offering a high-quality product. 


  • Sizing: Men’s 5 to 12; Women’s 6 to 11
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 5


  • Speed laces easy to put-on/take-off
  • Interlocked frame and base improves stability
  • High-performance wheels help reach a safe speed


  • Only comes in a black-blue color scheme

If you’re looking for a pair of inline skates that will keep you safe and last for more than just one season, the K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Pro Inline Skates are a good option. Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, these skates feature speed lacing that secures your fit with just one pull. High-performance 80mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings allow skaters to accelerate safely while also maintaining a perfect amount of spin, helpful for nailing those tricks you’ve been wanting to try out. 

The frame is durable and vibration-absorbing so you have a smooth ride that’s low to the ground. These skates are also extremely comfortable, with soft yet strong ankle support that you’ll want to put on again and again!

Best Retro Design: Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate

Best Retro Design

These retro-inspired inline skates feature an optional heel break, are PETA-approved and vegan, and come in a plethora of adorable designs and colors.

Why It Made The Cut: We’re obsessed with the design of these inline skates, which will have people turning their heads when you skate on by! 


  • Sizing: 5 to 11
  • Wheel Size: 70mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7


  • No wearing-in required
  • Wheels can be adjusted
  • Boot liner is padded for extra comfort
  • 100 percent vegan product


  • Many buyers who like retro style prefer roller skates to inline skates

The Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate is a must if you are looking to ramp up your skating style. Available in designs like mint flower power, white, fairy floss, pink/yellow, and flames, these skates will be the talk of the town—or roller derby. 

The skates utilize 70mm 84A durometer wheels (they also fit 72mm wheels) and ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth and stable ride. It’s up to you to decide how you want to stop moving, as there is an optional heel brake and two Allen wrenches included (don’t worry, the User Guide will explain how to handle this). Plus, the wheels come with a straight alignment but can be adjusted to swing based on your preference. 

The plastic outer boot is fully waterproof, and the padded collar and tongue provide just the right amount of cushion for a comfortable and supported skating session. The product is also completely vegan.

Things to Consider Before Buying Inline Skates

One of the most important considerations before buying inline skates is safety. If you’re planning on partaking in this enjoyable sport or hobby, make sure to do the following:

Size Correctly

Make sure that you feel fully comfortable, secure, and strapped into your new pair of inline skates. If you buy a pair that is too small, you’ll end up with blisters. And if you get a pair that is too large, you risk hurting your ankle or worse. 

Get Protective Gear

Make sure that you’re covered head to toe with the necessary protective gear that will keep your mind and body safe. This includes but is not limited to helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards.

Buddy Up

Never skate alone because you may need a friend to provide help should an injury occur. Whenever and wherever you plan to skate, always find a partner. Particularly for beginners, it’s helpful to go skating with someone who knows what they are doing. 

Watch for Traffic

If you plan to skate outside, try to find parks, trails, or bike lanes—places where there will be limited car and bus traffic. 


Q: Are inline skates and rollerblades the same thing?

Yes. While the two names are used interchangeably, the term “rollerblades” refers to an official brand, while “inline skates” is the term used to describe this type of product.

Q: Can you lose weight by roller skating?

Of course! Roller skating is a form of cardio exercise, meaning it can raise your heart rate which in turn can lead to weight loss. That said, if you are looking to lose weight, consult your physician to find out which form or forms of exercise are best for you.

Q: Do inline skates have a weight limit?

Most inline skates are designed to handle the average weights of men and women. Some are able to handle upwards of 500 pounds, while others stick around the 200-250 mark. Check the brand of inline skates you plan to buy to ensure you fit the bill, but generally, you shouldn’t have a problem with inline skates carrying your weight.

 Final Thoughts

Inline skates provide an awesome way to build up a fun new exercise habit and get outdoors with friends. If you’re looking for a high-quality skate with all the necessary features, look no further than the Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate. If you want to help teach your kiddo how to skate, we absolutely adore the Chicago Skates Training Set.