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If you’ve been wearing ratty old boxers that are more rag than undergarment, it’s time for an upgrade. The best boxers must accomplish two main jobs: Feel good and look good. New high-quality fabrics prevent bunching and sliding without restricting your swimsuit area. And the sophisticated and fun styles of today’s boxers skyrocket past the immature look of the Minions-themed pair that wind up in every 20-something’s underwear drawer. 

Whether you wear them for sleeping, working, or lounging, never underestimate the simple joy of slipping on a new pair of boxers. Treat yourself to a soft pair of men’s boxers and feel like you’re wearing a cloud and look like you didn’t buy them at a souvenir gift shop. The best men’s boxers are the right fit, the right price, and the right style.

How We Picked the Best Men’s Boxers


To find the best men’s boxers we first looked at the top-selling brands. Household names like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes are popular for a reason: They’re good-quality boxers at a great price point. But to find the most comfortable boxers, we had to dig a little deeper and try new brands and styles. 

To evaluate the boxers, we made note of how they felt when we first put them on, how they felt during the day, and how they felt after a few washes. Washing the boxers always makes them softer and helps ensure the fabric is getting a fair review. Brand new boxers will almost always feel too stiff. 

Price is another thing to take into account. For any brand to demand more than $50 for underwear, there’d better be a good reason. And usually there isn’t. That’s why our picks are all under the $50 price point. 

And lastly, we looked at the color and patterns. If the boxers looked too childish, they didn’t make the cut. And if they looked too boring, they’d better feel great.

Best Overall Men’s Boxer: Calvin Klein Cotton Classic Multipack

Best Overall Men’s Boxer

You can’t go wrong with the king of stylish cotton underwear. Calvin Klein


  • 100 percent cotton
  • Three-pack
  • Colors: Black, gray, white, or three shades of blue.

Why It Made The Cut: The comfortable Calvin Klein knit boxer shorts have a great fit, a classic look, and one of the best elastic waistbands.

  • Strong, comfortable waistband
  • Somewhat boring color options
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Leg holes may be too tight for thicker thighs.
  • Quality stitching will last
  • The waistband can make or break a pair of men’s boxer shorts, which is why the Calvin Klein classics are some of the best you can get. The elastic is strong enough to stay put even after a year’s worth of regular use and weekly washes. There’s no rollover or flipped waistband issues. Calvin Klein is known for its quality underwear and the boxers are no exception. Plus, for a three-pack of comfy boxers, the price is perfect. 

    The biggest downside is style. Traditionalists will love the basic blacks, grays, and blues. Those looking for bright colors and complex patterns will find these classic knit boxers boring. But there’s something to be said for the iconic style of no-nonsense boxers. 

    The 100 percent cotton boxers are breathable and even with the relaxed fit, the fabric doesn’t bunch up by the crotch when you sit or lunge. The single button fly does its job and stays securely shut when on guard duty. The Calvin Klein men’s boxers are the best for anyone looking for classic style and all-around great fit. 

    Softest Men’s Boxers: Chill Boys Soft Bamboo Boxers

    Softest Men’s Boxers

    These won’t pinch your skin.These comfy shorts are made from the softest bamboo. Chill Boys

    Why It Made The Cut: The Chill Boys bamboo boxers are as soft as you can get and come in a variety of bold colors options. They also hold up well and don’t bunch and stick on a hot summer day. 


    • 90 percent bamboo fiber, 10 percent spandex
    • True to size fit
    • Tag-free waistband
  • Super-soft bamboo fiber
  • Might be too tight for some
  • Snug fit, even for a boxer
  • Bamboo costs more than cotton
  • More odor-resistant than cotton
  • Fantastic colors stay vivid even after washing
  • If you’ve never felt bamboo boxers, you’re in for a treat. The Chill Boys bamboo boxers are softer than a T-shirt or bedsheet and are downright luxurious on your bare skin. For comfort seekers, you can’t go wrong with this pair of underpants. And because bamboo is naturally odor-resistant, these are a must for anyone working long days. (Also great for sleeping all day.)

    The main drawback to bamboo is price. Bamboo boxers cost more than most cotton shorts. But bamboo is a sustainable, earth-friendly material, so consider it an investment in saving the entire planet. 

    These boxers are on the snug side, making them a half-step between baggy boxers and form-fitting boxer briefs. This means they don’t bunch up during the day, but if you like to keep things loose, you should try a more standard cut of boxer shorts. 

    The color options are a huge plus, as Chill Boys boxers come in vivid blue or red. (Also available in black and gray.) More color variety would have been appreciated, but the simple bold look is mature yet still fun.

    Roomiest Men’s Boxers: MORNIUNDER Bamboo Men’s Boxers

    Roomiest Men’s Boxers

    These boxers provide extra room in front without looking sloppy. MORNIUNDER

    Why It Made The Cut: For those who want a little extra room in the front panel, MORNIUNDER boxer shorts offer spacious underwear that feel relaxed, but not baggy and saggy. 


    • 95 percent bamboo, 5 percent spandex
    • Colors: Black, blue, gray, red 
    • Button fly
  • Soft bamboo fabric
  • Takes longer to dry
  • Extra room in the crotch
  • Shrinks when washed in hot water
  • Loose leg holes
  • The big difference between boxers and all other types of undergarments for men is roominess. Boxers are made to feel free and loose. And if you want a nice, roomy pair of boxer shorts, the MORNIUNDER brand is the best bet. 

    These are extra soft, thanks to the bamboo/spandex blend, which only adds to the feeling of spacious breezy briefs. The waistband is comfortable and keeps the shorts up and in place throughout the day. But the biggest benefit is the roomy front. Whether you like more room for freedom of movement, or need a pair of bigger shorts to accommodate larger body types, these boxers provide a comfy, relaxed fit. 

    The bamboo does wick away sweat from the skin, but because bamboo absorbs water, they won’t dry as quickly as cotton boxers. They also shrink when washed in hot water so pay close attention to the washing instructions. But these are small nitpicks since you’re getting one of the most comfortable boxer shorts available at a pretty good price. 

    The colors are not as bold and bright as the Chill Boy boxers, which, depending on your tastes, could be a good thing. More muted colors provide a more mature look.

    Best Style Mens Boxer: Badger Smith Men’s Boxer Shorts

    Best Style Mens Boxer

    You won’t want to cover these sleek boxers with pants. Badger Smith

    Why It Made The Cut: Badger Smith has fun with their boxer short design. These are whimsical without feeling like you’re wearing kid’s stuff. The waistband is sturdy and has simple branding you won’t mind displaying. 


    • 100 percent cotton
    • Button fly
    • True size fit
  • Lots of style options
  • Feels a little stiff at first
  • Good leg room
  • Not all the patterns are winners
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • There is more to the world of grown-up boxers than black and white. Badger Smith makes a line of great boxers in assorted styles that are unique and sophisticated. The patterns and colors are perfect for guys of any age, especially if you’re making the leap from college grad to real-world adult. 

    The fit is good, with enough room in the crotch to feel loose but not baggy. We particularly liked the waistband which not only feels good, it looks presentable if you happen to accidentally expose the top of your underpants. 

    The 100-percent cotton material could be a little softer. Until you wash it, it will feel papery and stiff. That’s not a deal-breaker, just don’t jump into these boxers expecting silky softness right out of the bag. Texture aside, the fabric does breathe well. And it is easy to wash and dry. 
    For fans of art, the Badger Smith boxers are some of the very best men’s boxers you can get. Toss out the cartoony Rick and Morty underwear and update your whole look.

    Best Value: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Tag Free Boxer 6-Pack

    This 6-pack from an industry leader provides both quality and value. Fruit of the Loom

    Why It Made The Cut: The multipack of boxers from Fruit of the Loom is the best way to get nearly a week’s worth of underwear for a low price. And the boxers are good quality and feel great.  


    • 55 percent cotton, 45 percent polyester
    • Non-button fly
    • Six-pack
  • Great price for a multipack
  • Fabric blend can feel a little stiff and cheap
  • Styles and colors look good
  • No button fly, so be careful out there, fellas
  • Feel roomy
  • Fruit of the Loom is the industry leader in budget-priced men’s underwear going toe-to-toe, or crotch-to-crotch with Hanes. The big difference here, and why Fruit of the Loom boxers beat out Hanes boxers, comes down to price. Both brands offer budget-friendly multipacks of boxers. And both brands make their inexpensive boxers with a cotton/polyester blend. But Fruit of the Loom gives you six pairs, compared to Hanes’ five-pair pack. 

    Beside the value, there’s little difference between the two. The Fruit of the Loom boxers have a comfortable waistband and plenty of room in the leg. The fabric doesn’t breathe as well as 100 percent cotton, but feels cool enough for a typical workday in an office. 

    The styles are also a little better and flashier than those of other affordable boxer packs. You may not get to pick and choose which styles you wind up with, but all the patterns and colors in the pack are mature without feeling old-fashioned. 

    If you need to quickly add more underwear to your weekly rotation, the Fruit of the Loom pack is a no-brainer for basic, comfortable boxer shorts.

    Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Men’s Boxers

    Don’t grab any old pack of underpants. Take a few minutes to learn the difference between today’s boxer shorts. Style, fabric, and fit should all come into play when picking the best boxers.

    Boxers v. Boxer Briefs

    Until the mid-90s, men’s underwear came in two styles: Briefs and boxers. Briefs, or tighty-whities, leave little to the imagination but fit snugly against the body. Boxers offered more room but were prone to bunching and scrunching. Boxer briefs bridged the gap with a pair of underwear that was form-fitting but also covered the upper thigh. 

    Boxer briefs are a popular choice these days, but if you want more room with looser leg holes, the old-school boxers are still the best. Today’s boxers are also more stylish and fun, with colors and designs you rarely find on boxer briefs. 

    Which type is best of the three: Briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs? It’s all a matter of taste and body type. There’s no wrong answer.

    Cotton vs. Bamboo

    When shopping for boxers, you’ll run across two main fabric types. Boxers made of 100 percent cotton are comfortable and breathable, but not that effective at wicking away moisture. Bamboo is much softer and can wick water away from the skin, but can take a while to dry completely. Most so-called bamboo boxers are made of a blend of spandex and bamboo. The spandex helps the boxer shorts maintain the right shape. Bamboo fabric on its own can easily be stretched out. Bamboo will probably cost more, so watch the price tag. 

    Cheaper boxer shorts will be made of a cotton/polyester blend. These won’t feel as soft as 100 percent cotton and not nearly as soft as bamboo, but after a few rounds in the washing machine they will feel very comfortable. Because of the polyester, these are less likely to shrink in the wash, and the price of poly-blends will be lower.


    The waistband of modern boxer shorts will either blend in with the pattern and color of the rest of the shorts, or it will be a visible band of elastic, usually black with bold brand names and logos displayed proudly. The big, bold elastic waistbands are better at staying in place and holding their shape over time. If you don’t mind the look of a visible elastic waistband, these hold up better. The more subtle waistbands can feel softer against the skin, but tend to slip easier.


    Q: What is the best brand of boxers?

    Calvin Klein is one of the best boxer brands. For all-around comfort and style, they check all the boxer boxes. But not all boxers are perfect for all body types. If you like a little more room, MORNIUNDER Bamboo Mens Boxers have a nice relaxed fit. But if you want a tighter fit that’s almost a boxer brief, the Chill Boys Soft Bamboo Boxers are a good option.

    Q: Why are boxer briefs the best?

    Boxer briefs may not be the best. While that style of men’s underwear is popular, some guys will still prefer the spacious feel of cool, comfortable boxers. Boxer briefs are tighter, so if you want more room or larger, less restrictive leg holes, stick with the boxer style. Some people think boxers are too baggy and tend to ride up into the land of discomfort, but modern boxers are designed to stay in place on your body. Unless you’re riding a bull or working out, you shouldn’t have any trouble with bunching boxers. And there’s a real feeling of freedom you can only get with boxers.

    Q: How much do boxers cost?

    Standard boxers can cost anywhere from $5 to $40 a pair. You could spend $800 for a pair of Gucci boxers, but if you’re paying close to a grand on underpants, they’d better come with an iPhone and a year of free HBO Max. The cheaper boxers will most likely be made of a cotton/polyester blend. These feel a bit rougher than more expensive boxers, but you may not notice, or even care about the difference. Boxers made from bamboo will cost more, but feel extra soft.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re a fan of the loose, relaxed fit of boxer shorts, you probably already know that Calvin Klein makes some of the best. But Chill Boys boxers offer some of the softest materials for those who demand comfort. (And who doesn’t?) If you need basic boxers, the Fruit of the Loom pack is a great value. Think about what material you like: Cotton, bamboo, poly-blend. And then hone in on the style and pattern that speaks to you. The best men’s boxers should be comfortable first, stylish second, and if they make you feel like a rockstar…well, that’s an added bonus.