There are plenty of floor cleaning gadgets out there, but one of the most effective and affordable is the trusty mop and bucket. With just a bit of soap and water, this duo can tackle any hard flooring in your home. Mop buckets come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different mop types and cleaning jobs. There are options with or without wringers, wheels, and carrying handles to make mopping easier. 

Regardless of the bucket type, the best mop buckets are easy to use and reliable. The top picks ahead include a variety of options to carry your cleaning solution, wring your mop to a suitable dampness, or roll around your home without squeaking. Read on for the best mop buckets to add to your cleaning arsenal. 

How We Picked the Products


High-tech floor cleaners and steam mops have their benefits, but the classic mop and bucket is a go-to for many households. When it comes to mops, there are several types available. To cover the most common types, we chose a variety of bucket types to pair with your trusty floor scrubber. We also included a highly rated bucket and mop duo for those looking for a whole new set. 

Through our user experience, product research, and reviews, we narrowed down this list from over ten mop buckets. To ensure a durable and well-made product, we stuck with products from recognized brands. Across all bucket types, we chose products that were simple to use, easy to clean, and mess-free.

  • Simple to use: A mop bucket is best kept utilitarian—there’s no real need for bells and whistles. When choosing the best mop buckets, we looked for an intuitive design that is straightforward to use.
  • Prevents splashes and spills: It’s best for a mop bucket to be as mess-free as possible. Stray splashes aren’t just annoying; they can damage sensitive flooring or become a slipping hazard. We looked for features like deep sides and splash guards to keep the water inside the bucket well-contained.
  • Easy to clean: For sparkling clean floors, it’s important to clean the mop bucket after each use to prevent dirt and bacteria from being redistributed onto your floor. We chose buckets that were easy to clean; the buckets on this list don’t have any hidden nooks and crannies, and most options come apart for easier scrubbing. 

The Best Mop Buckets: Reviews and Recommendations

Best overall: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket 

This budget-friendly mop-and-bucket set includes a microfiber spin mop and a mop bucket with a convenient hands-free wringer. O-Cedar

Why It Made The Cut: Beyond its affordability and convenience, this mop and bucket set features an easy-to-use, hands-free wringer that makes drying the mop a breeze. 


  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Mop type: Spin mops
  • Wringer type: Spin mop wringer


  • Includes a microfiber mop
  • Foot pedal wringer is very easy to use
  • Wringer guard keeps splashes inside the bucket 


  • Can be used only with appropriate spin mops

At the top of the list is this affordable set from O-Cedar, which includes a mop and a bucket, all for a price that’s hard to beat. The spin mop features absorbent microfiber strands and a machine-washable, triangular mop head, perfectly shaped for scrubbing into corners and tight spaces. With the convenient bucket, this set makes scrubbing floors a fuss-free task. 

The 2.5-gallon bucket’s standout feature is the built-in, hands-free wringer. Unlike many mop wringers, which require twisting and turning, this ringer is activated with a foot pedal. It’s effortlessly easy to use: just place the mop in the wringer and step on the pedal, which will spin the mop to remove any excess water. To prevent any sprays and splashes, the wringer also includes a splash guard. 

The spinning mechanism moves very rapidly to leave you with a lightly damp mop that is suitable even for sensitive flooring. This mop set is safe to use on all hard floor types, including finished hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Since it’s cost-friendly, compact, and requires very little effort to use, it’s a particularly well-suited pick for students, seniors, and renters—but is also a great addition to any home. 

Best value: O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket

A reliable built-in wringer, molded pouring spout, and comfortable plastic handle make this cost-friendly mop bucket pleasant to use. O-Cedar

Why It Made The Cut: This mop bucket is one of the most affordable choices out there, without sacrificing size or convenient features.


  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Mop type: String and strip mops
  • Wringer type: Funnel wringer


  • Very affordable 
  • Funnel wringer thoroughly removes excess water 
  • Wringer is detachable from bucket


  • Plastic handle less sturdy than metal options

Affordability is one of the main reasons why a mop and bucket is still the go-to choice in many households. A mop bucket shouldn’t break the bank, and this budget-friendly bucket from O-Cedar is an excellent example of why. Besides being affordable, it also packs in a range of features found in pricier buckets. 

The 2.5-gallon bucket is an ideal size for most homes. It comes with a built-in funnel wringer, which is suitable for string and strip mops. With a little bit of downward pressure, the wringer twists tightly around the mop head to drain excess water. Best of all, the wringer is detachable for easy cleaning. Without the wringer in the way, this bucket is also useful for a range of other cleaning tasks. 

To make the bucket comfortable to carry, a sturdy plastic handle offers a contoured grip. Along with the lipped rim and molded spout, this bucket is simple to empty, making it a well-rounded bucket for its economical price.

Best basic: Rubbermaid Commercial Products Double Pail Plastic Bucket

This bucket features a dual-compartment design to separate clean water from dirty water for a cleaner mop and floors. Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Why It Made the Cut: With two separate compartments, a heavy-duty plastic build, and a sturdy metal handle, this large bucket is made for deep cleaning floors.  


  • Capacity: 4.75 gallons
  • Mop type: Sponge mops
  • Wringer type: No wringer


  • Dual-compartment design 
  • Large 4.75-gallon capacity 
  • Multi Use bucket 


  • Fits only narrow mops
  • No wringer included 

This basic cleaning bucket from Rubbermaid has no wringers, wheels, or extra accessories, but it does feature a built-in separator. This simple but useful feature helps keep the mopping water extra clean: one side is for clean water or solution, and the other for dirty water. This small extra feature prevents the cleaning water from getting murky, making for cleaner floors each time you mop.   

An alternative use for this bucket is for storing cleaning supplies: the separate compartments are also useful as a storage caddy. The large 4.75-gallon capacity makes it a versatile pick for your cleaning and organizing needs. Plus, with a durable plastic build and sturdy metal handle, this bucket is comfortable to carry around even when weighed down.

Since the bucket is separated down the middle, it’s best to use with a narrow mop like a sponge mop. It also doesn’t include a wringer, so make sure to pair this bucket with a self-wringing mop. 

Best on wheels: Quickie EZ-Glide Multi-Purpose 5-Gallon Bucket on Wheels


Multi-directional non-scratch wheels and a wide bucket opening make this bucket a versatile choice for mopping and other home chores. Quickie

Why It Made The Cut: This five-gallon bucket is hassle-free to move around: four multidirectional, soft rubber wheels zoom across the floor, without causing any damage.


  • Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Mop type: Any mop with a built-in wringer 
  • Wringer type: No wringer


  • Easy to move
  • Heavy-duty and multidirectional wheels
  • Comfortable handle 
  • Large bucket opening fits various mop types


  • Can be bulky to store due to large capacity
  • No wringer included   

A full mop bucket can be deceptively heavy, but a bucket on wheels can help lighten the load. A wheeled mop bucket makes it much easier to move your cleaning bucket along with you while you’re scrubbing, whether for mopping or other cleaning tasks. This basic wheeled bucket from Quickie is a versatile and affordable choice.

Heavy-duty wheels give this mop bucket an advantage when moving around. The four wheels are on multidirectional castors and are made of soft rubber to glide across the floor without scratching.  

Beyond the smooth-rolling wheels, this bucket also has a plastic handle with a comfortable grip for lifting the bucket when needed, such as for pouring out dirty water. The molded spout makes for a mess-free pour.

To fit most mop types, this bucket has a large opening and a 5-gallon capacity—plenty for most home cleaning jobs. Half-gallon markings make it fuss-free to measure out your cleaning solution. Keep in mind that this bucket does not come with a wringer, so it is best used with self-wringing mops. 

Best commercial-grade: Rubbermaid Commercial Products 15-Quart Mop Bucket


A large 3.75-gallon capacity, thick plastic build, and sturdy steel handle make this bucket an excellent choice for heavy-duty cleaning. Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Why It Made The Cut: As part of Rubbermaid’s Commercial Products line, this heavy-duty bucket features a durable plastic and steel build as well as an extra-large capacity for big cleaning jobs. 


  • Capacity: 3.75 gallons
  • Mop types: String and strip mops
  • Wringer type: Funnel wringer


  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Large 3.75 gallon capacity 
  • Wide pouring spout


  • Can be heavy to carry when full 

For tough cleaning jobs, reach for this commercial-grade mop bucket from Rubbermaid. Made from heavy-duty plastic with a steel handle, it has the capacity and durability to handle daily use. 

This bucket is larger than most, with a 3.75-gallon capacity and a large funnel wringer. The large capacity is intended for commercial cleaning jobs, holding plenty of water to scrub a large space like a kitchen, warehouse, or factory floor. This sturdy bucket is also a good pick for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs at home. 

A pour spout makes quick work of emptying the bucket. The wider-than-normal spout also accommodates emptying the water by foot to reduce back strain in work environments. 

For even more versatility, the wringer can detach from the bucket and each piece is separately stackable, in case you need to store more than one bucket. Without the wringer, this bucket is a large-capacity choice for other bigger cleaning tasks, like scrubbing down outdoor furniture or washing the car. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mop Bucket

A mop bucket’s main purpose is to keep your water or mopping solution within easy reach while mopping. While this sounds like a simple task, there are a few features that can help a mop bucket do a better job. Consider the bucket type, capacity, durability, and any extra convenience features when choosing a new mop bucket.

  • Bucket type: When it comes to choosing a mop bucket, the first factor to consider is whether you need a wringer or not. Mop buckets generally fall into two categories: those with a wringer and those without. Wringer buckets are suitable for string mops, strip mops, and spin mops. Make sure to choose a suitable wringer type for your mop. Buckets without a wringer are designed for those who use mops with a built-in wringer, such as a sponge mop.
  • Durability: Regardless of the bucket type or shape, a durable build is a must—it takes only one poorly placed crack or hole to render a mop bucket unusable. Shop for mop buckets from reputable brands, whom you can trust to make their buckets from high-quality plastic that won’t crack or warp over time.
  • Capacity: When choosing an appropriate bucket capacity, pay attention to floor space and mop size. If you have a lot of floor space to clean, opt for a larger bucket, which will allow you to go longer between water changes.  Also, make sure the bucket is large enough to fit the mop of your choice. The bucket should hold enough cleaning solution and give you space to soak and agitate the mop. Buckets with high sides are best; they allow for water displacement, which means water won’t end up sloshing out of the bucket.
  • Additional features: Most mop buckets have a carrying handle, which makes it easier to lug around the full bucket. Since buckets can be heavy once filled, a comfortable handle grip is a perk.  If you prefer not to carry your mop bucket, look for an option with wheels instead. These buckets are easy to wheel from room to room, without putting unnecessary strain on your back. A molded spout makes it easier to dump out dirty water when the job is done. This simple feature helps direct the stream of water.



How often should I mop?

High-traffic areas benefit from weekly mopping to keep them neat and tidy. Low-traffic areas need less TLC and can be mopped every two to four weeks.


Why is my floor sticky after mopping?

The most common cause is leftover cleaning solution, which can bind with dust and dirt on the ground to create residue. To fix sticky floors, make sure to use a clean mop, don’t overdo it on the detergent, and remember to mop twice: once with the soapy water, then once with clean, soap-free water to make sure no cleaner residue is left behind.


How do you clean and store a mop bucket?

Clean any leftover residue with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Disinfect the mop with your disinfectant of choice. Rinse out the disinfectant and allow the bucket to fully dry before storing.

Final Thoughts

A hands-free wringing mechanism makes the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket the most convenient pick for hassle-free cleaning. It comes with a microfiber mop, so you can wring the mop head and scrub floors with minimal effort.