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Dining al fresco is one of life’s simple pleasures, and with an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy cooking outdoors as well. A good outdoor kitchen setup feels luxurious and is also functional, making it easy to grill, cook, and entertain outside. Make the experience even more enjoyable with some outdoor kitchen accessories. 

The best outdoor kitchen accessories add more function and fun to your grilling set up. Accessories can range from simple cooking tools, like grill sets and griddles, to fancier gadgets like ice makers and pizza ovens. Read on for some of the best outdoor kitchen accessories for easier cooking outdoors.

How We Picked the Best Outdoor Kitchen Accessories


These outdoor kitchen accessories fall under a  wide umbrella of items, from basic tools like grilling sets to luxury items like outdoor refrigerators. We couldn’t include every product category, so we narrowed down our picks based on general utility. 

We chose to venture beyond the basic accessories, like a grill and outdoor seating, since most outdoor kitchens already include these items. Instead, we chose products that we thought could add the most versatile value to a basic outdoor kitchen setup. To appeal to a wide range of shoppers, we focused on products that make an outdoor kitchen more functional. We selected items that nearly every outdoor kitchen can benefit from, like extra storage or a versatile cooktop. 

Through product research and consumer reviews, we chose high-quality products that add a basic but practical function to an outdoor kitchen, whether for cooking or entertaining. Plus, we looked for durable materials and a stylish look to keep the products looking attractive through several seasons of use. 

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Accessories: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table

A stainless steel build and an ample double-shelf design makes this rolling cart a great pick for adding portable counter space and storage. Royal Gourmet

Why It Made The Cut: This practical rolling cart is a portable solution for adding much-needed counter space or storage capacity to any outdoor kitchen. 


  • Product Category: Worktop/storage
  • Product Dimensions: 39.4 x 23.2 x 31.9 inches
  • Materials: Stainless steel and metal


  • Made of durable stainless steel and metal
  • Dual-shelf design doubles as a worktop and storage
  • Includes a sturdy hook to hold a 20-pound propane gas tank


  • One set of wheels makes this cart difficult to move when full
  • Included directions may be unclear to some users

Add valuable counter area and storage space with this portable worktop from Royal Gourmet. Made of sturdy steel and metal, it’s an excellent choice to add more working space to any outdoor kitchen. 

A double-shelf build makes this cart a multiuse product. The stainless steel flattop can be used to prepare food, hold a portable grill and tools, or to lay out food for guests. Three included hooks are useful for holding grilling accessories, while a specially designed tank hook can hold a 20-pound gas cylinder. The lower shelf of this cart is made to store items, keeping them off the ground and covered by the flat top. With a weight-bearing capacity of 100 pounds, this cart is a hefty pick suitable for most outdoor cooking needs. 

A plain and sleek silver and black design ensures this worktop can blend into most outdoor kitchens. For convenient portability, a set of large wheels and a steel guide handle makes this table cart easy to move. 

Best Value: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

This reversible cast iron griddle turns a regular grill into a flexible flattop, ready for searing, frying, and grilling new recipes. Lodge

Why It Made The Cut: Made of durable, pre-seasoned cast iron, this affordable griddle pairs with an existing grill to add a range of versatile cooking options. 


  • Product Category: Cooking
  • Product Dimensions: 16.75 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Materials: Cast iron


  • Made of tough cast iron 
  • Reversible design 
  • Pre-seasoned and nonstick 


  • Border lip may be too shallow for some users 
  • Cast iron is prone to rust without proper cleaning and care

Up your grilling game with this reversible griddle from Lodge. This affordable griddle measures 16.75 by 9.5 inches and can fit right onto most medium and large grills to create a whole new cooktop. The cast iron griddle features two sides: a smooth side and a ribbed side. Both sides can be used for searing, baking, broiling, frying, and grilling. 

A griddle is particularly useful for certain foods that you can’t cook on a BBQ grill, such as eggs, pancakes, and rice dishes. The flat top also allows you to cook smaller items, like diced meat and veggies, without worrying about them falling through the grill grates. This multiuse griddle can open up a whole world of grilling recipes, without needing to buy a new appliance. 

Since it’s made of pre-seasoned cast iron, this griddle is ready to use right out of the box. Cast iron is extremely durable, so this griddle is scratch-resistant and built to last for decades with proper care. As a bonus, this griddle is the ideal size to fit over two stovetop burners—so it’s a versatile and budget-friendly choice to use indoors as well.

Best for Storage: Keter Kentwood 90 Gallon Resin Deck Box

Best for Storage

A roomy 90-gallon capacity and 573-pound weight capacity makes this storage box a multi-use choice for storing and seating. Keter

Why It Made The Cut: Designed as both a storage box and an outdoor bench, this deck box adds stylish extra storage and seating to any outdoor space. 


  • Product Category: Storage/seating
  • Product Dimensions: 50.4 x 21.2 x 23.2 inches
  • Materials: Polypropylene resin


  • Ample 90-gallon storage capacity
  • Made of weather-, rust-, and fade-resistant polypropylene 
  • Doubles as an outdoor bench
  • Lockable lid


  • Does not include a backrest for sitting

Multifunctional accessories can add a lot of utility to any outdoor kitchen. For those looking for more storage and seating, consider this multipurpose deck box from Keter

The large deck box features a 90-gallon capacity, ideal for storing outdoor kitchen items like grilling utensils, small appliances, and seating cushions. Beyond storing your outdoor dining essentials, this storage box also doubles as extra seating. The bench can comfortably fit two and has a weight capacity of 573 pounds. 

To withstand outdoor conditions and for easy cleaning, this storage box is made of polypropylene resin. The smooth resin is weather-, rust-, and fade-resistant to brave the great outdoors, rain or shine. 

A dark finish helps to maintain a clean and attractive look, mimicking the look of wood without the need for any maintenance. The attractive color and faux-wood look means this deck box won’t be an eyesore in an outdoor kitchen or dining area. To keep stored items secure and safe from moisture, this deck box also features a lockable lid. 

Best for Entertaining: ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best for Entertaining

This restaurant-grade pizza oven adds more cooking options to your outdoor kitchen setup with its easy-to-use design and fast cook time. ROCCBOX

Why It Made The Cut: Impress and feed guests all at once with this portable pizza oven, which can cook a pizza in only 60 seconds. 


  • Product Category: Cooking
  • Product Dimensions: 23.75 x 22.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Materials: Stainless steel


  • Portable and compact design 
  • Gas-powered or wood-fired
  • Cooks in just 60 seconds


  • Only cooks one pizza at a time

It’s easy to get fired up over an outdoor pizza oven—especially since it means delicious, freshly made pizza is on the menu. This fun and practical outdoor pizza oven from ROCCBOX is an excellent kitchen addition for family pizza nights or entertaining friends. 

With a portable design, this pizza oven is easy to set up on an outdoor countertop or table. It’s fueled by gas for maximum convenience (or wood, for that genuine wood-fired taste) and comes with a pizza peel and built-in thermometer, so you can connect it to a fuel source and start cooking right away. 

The compact pizza oven features a metal build with a stone-floored oven and a rolling flame, which can reach over 900°F. This design bakes pizzas in only 60 seconds to keep pies cooking and guests fed. 

To make sure the oven is family-safe, a safe-touch silicone jacket covers the outer hub to prevent burns. Whether for pizza parties or personal use, this oven is the perfect kitchen accessory for restaurant-quality pizza, right from the comfort of your backyard.

Best Canopy: MasterCanopy Grill Gazebo

This grill gazebo is ideal for outdoor cooking, with a waterproof and UV-resistant vented canopy and storage shelves for grilling tools. MASTERCANOPY

Why It Made The Cut: With two storage shelves, hanging hooks, and a vented roof, this canopy is designed to protect you while grilling. 


  • Product Category: Covering
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 8.3 feet
  • Materials: Steel frame and polyester canopy


  • Waterproof and UV-resistant 
  • Includes built-in shelving and storage hooks 
  • Vented roof allows smoke to escape


  • May not be stable in windy conditions 

Rainy skies or excessive heat can both put a damper on cooking in an uncovered outdoor kitchen. Protection from rain or shine with this grilling canopy from Master Canopy. With a rust-resistant steel frame and waterproof, UV-resistant canopy, this grill gazebo provides protection from the elements so you can grill comfortably. 

This canopy is specially designed to work over a grill, measuring 8- by 5-feet wide and 8.3-feet tall. The smaller width keeps its two storage shelves and various storage hooks within easy reach while grilling. To prevent smoke from accumulating, a vented roof allows for adequate airflow and better wind resistance, while still protecting from rain and direct sunlight. 

After grilling, this canopy can be used to cover a small patio table or seating area. To continue the party into the evening, this gazebo includes two LED lights, which can clip into the gazebo frame for nighttime lighting. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

When it comes to outfitting an outdoor kitchen, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Outdoor kitchen accessories cover a broad range of products, from cooking tools to large appliances, so it’s best to choose individual accessories according to your needs. Most outdoor kitchens start with a grill and a seating area—then the rest is up to you. 

To narrow down the best outdoor kitchen accessories for your needs, consider how frequently you use your outdoor kitchen and the tools that will make it a more functional spot for cooking, grilling, or entertaining. Take into account your available space and budget to narrow down the best outdoor kitchen accessories for your space. 

After choosing the types of accessories that pique your interest, there’s a few qualities to look for in your new outdoor addition. High-quality outdoor kitchen accessories are durable, reliable, and easy to keep clean, so they can maintain their functionality and attractive look for several years. In short, keep the following features in mind when buying new outdoor kitchen accessories: 

Intended Use

For some, an outdoor kitchen is mainly used for grilling for family dinners, while others use their outdoor kitchen as a luxe entertaining space. The best outdoor kitchen accessories for your needs will depend on how you use the kitchen. Outfit your kitchen with accessories that you will use often, whether that’s a grill set for flipping burgers or a full outdoor bar for hosting evening soirées.  


Durability is an important feature when it comes to outdoor accessories. Make sure each item is designed for outdoor use, especially if electronics are involved. Look for durable materials made to withstand weather from frigid, wet days or direct sunlight.

Easy to Clean

Whether it’s a dining set, storage bin, or an outdoor appliance, look for a product that is easy to clean, especially if it is exposed to the elements. Outdoor appliances and accessories can take quite the beating, and most will need seasonal cleaning to keep dirt, mildew, and dust at bay. Easy-to-clean accessories will be simpler to maintain and will stay attractive for longer, keeping your outdoor kitchen looking fresh and clean. 


Q: What does every outdoor kitchen need? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all list for every outdoor kitchen, but a good outdoor kitchen has a few key components. An appliance to cook on (usually an outdoor grill) and a seating area is the cornerstone of an outdoor kitchen. From there, you can add a range of appliances and accessories to customize the kitchen to your needs.

Q: What appliances can you put in an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens can be outfitted similar to an indoor kitchen. You can add appliances like grills, side burners, smokers, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, and even pizza ovens to cook almost anything outdoors. 

Q: How do I bring water to my outdoor kitchen?

To plumb an outdoor kitchen you’ll need to install a water supply line to your outdoor kitchen faucet or sink. In cold climates, make sure to install a shutoff valve, so the plumbing can be drained in the fall. 

Q: How do I protect my outdoor kitchen in the winter? 

Winterizing your outdoor kitchen will keep it in good shape for longer. Start with a clean outdoor kitchen, including emptying any perishables from shelves or refrigerators. In freezing climates, shut off and drain any water lines to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Put away any accessories or furniture that can be stored away, and cover permanent appliances with an appropriate cover, if needed.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table is a versatile addition to an outdoor kitchen, doubling as extra counter space as well as a storage cart. It’s made of sleek stainless steel and features a wheeled design and extra hanging hooks to bring even more utility to your kitchen setup.