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Updated Oct 13, 2021 11:03 AM

If you’re looking for an instant bathroom style upgrade, one of the easiest things you can do is change up your shower curtain. Besides enhancing the overall vibe you’re after from spa-like to modern farmhouse, shower curtains are super practical as they prevent water from leaking onto the floor. 

The best shower curtains use quality materials like polyester, cotton, or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Choosing which material is a matter of preference, although overall, fabric curtains are more pleasant and environmentally friendly while plastic curtains are easier to clean. For our selections of the best shower curtains, read on.

How We Selected the Products


In order to select the top five shower curtains, we considered ten brands and twelve products among them. Besides design, color, and print, most shower curtains look the same, so what sets the good ones apart? After looking into this question, we discovered that material, size and special features were where we wanted to focus our attention. 

For the most part, shower curtains are either fabric or plastic. The benefits of a fabric curtain overall are that they are more pleasant, odorless, and better for the environment. They should be washed every six months or so and typically can be thrown in the wash. If you’re in the market for a plastic shower curtain, consider ones made from EVA as it is an odorless, nontoxic, BPA-free,  and environmentally friendly material. Plastic curtains are easier to clean but ultimately the choice is yours. Most shower curtains are 72 inches by 72 inches as that size fits standard bathtubs. But since bathroom sizes vary, we gave brands an extra point when they were available in multiple sizes. Special features such as rust-proof grommets and included hooks and liners were all extra bonuses. Design and print were also important, so we wanted to offer a range of styles.

The Best Shower Curtains: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain

Best Overall

With the waffle weave classic design, this shower curtain will add elegance to your bathroom. AmazerBath

Why It Made The Cut: Made with high-quality polyester, the AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain is about 1.1 pounds heavier than most shower curtains so you won’t have to worry about it blowing around. 


  • Material: Polyester 
  • Sizes: 72 x 72 inches, 72 x 78 inches, 72 x 84 inches, 36 x 72 inches
  • Colors: White, Black, Cream, Grey, Khaki, Matte White


  • Easy to clean 
  • Rust-resistant metal grommets 
  • Heavy-duty fabric 


  • Hooks are not included 

The AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain brings the spa vibes to your bathroom with its classic waffle weave design and high-quality fabric. This polyester curtain weighs in at about 1.1 pounds heavier than your average shower curtain, so you won’t have to worry about it blowing as you shower. Some reviewers said it arrived wrinkled but after a few showers, the wrinkles came out. The material is soft, nice to the touch and doesn’t have any smell upon arrival.  

Available in multiple colors and sizes to enhance and accommodate your shower, this shower curtain is machine washable in cold water and dries quickly (hang-dry only). Because of its heavy-duty fabric and tight hem, this curtain won’t shrink in the wash. Although this shower curtain can resist water to some extent, we recommend you  pair it with a 100-percent-waterproof shower curtain liner (not included). And each curtain has 12 rust-resistant grommets that fit most curtain hooks. 

Best Value: Amazon Basics Shower Curtain

Available in more than 35 prints, this shower curtain is lightweight and easy to care for. Amazon Basics

Why It Made The Cut: The Amazon Basics Shower Curtain is affordable, effective and stylish. This shower curtain is a great option if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom on a budget. 


  • Material: Polyester 
  • Size: 72 x 72 inches
  • Colors: More than 35 Prints 


  • Available in 35+ prints
  • Machine washable 
  • Textiles meet environmental standards 


  • Only one size offered 

The Amazon Basics Shower Curtain is available in over 35 prints like aqua raindrops, black grid, cheetah or metallic gold feather, there is a pattern to match and enhance everyone’s bathroom. A climate-pledge friendly product, this shower curtain is made in a OEKO-TEX-100 factory, where it is tested for harmful substances and manufactured in a safer workplace with fewer environmental impacts. This shower curtain is only available in one size, 72 by 72 inches, which fits most standard bathtub showers. But if you have a uniquely shaped shower, this may not be the pick for you. 

It is recommended you pair this shower curtain with a 100-percent-waterproof liner (not included). Easy to care for, you can throw this shower curtain in the wash, cold water only. If necessary, you can use non-chlorine bleach to remove any tough stains. You can even throw it into the dryer on tumble dry low. 

Best Cotton Curtain: Hall & Perry Modern Farmhouse Tassel Shower Curtain

Best Cotton Curtain

Made from cotton, this shower curtain offers quality and an instant bathroom upgrade. HALL & PERRY

Why It Made The Cut: The Hall & Perry Modern Farmhouse Tassel Shower Curtain is not only stylish, high-quality, and easy to care for, but it also offers easy installation. 


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 72 x 72 inches
  • Colors: Tan, Grey, Black


  • Machine washable 
  • Cotton
  • Easy installation 


  • Only one size offered 

If modern farmhouse classic vibes are what you’re after, why not start in your bathroom? The Hall & Perry Modern Farmhouse Tassel Shower Curtain will provide the style you’re looking for with its cotton fabric and the timeless stripe design at the bottom of the curtain. Available in three neutral colors—tan, grey, and black—this curtain also features bottom tassels for a boho twist. It comes in 72 by 72 inches, accommodating a standard-size bathtub shower. The brand recommends pairing this curtain with a 100 percent waterproof liner (not included). 

This shower curtain is machine washable and can either be dried in a dryer or hung to dry. To get out any additional creases, feel free to use a steamer or light iron. And the curtain can be easily installed by simply attaching the 12 grommets to the shower rod. Should you want to use hooks (not included), the grommets will fit those as well.

Best Curtain-and-Liner Combo: River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

Best Curtain-and-Liner Combo

This shower curtain includes a snap-on liner so you can easily remove it and clean when necessary. River Dream

Why It Made The Cut: Not only is it high-quality and made from polyester, the River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain is the only curtain on our list that includes a curtain liner.  


  • Material: Polyester
  • Sizes: 54 x 80 inches, 71 x 74 inches, 71 x 86 inches
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Candy Pink, Cream, Grey, Green, Linen, Navy, Mauve, Red, Purple, Teal


  • Split rings for easy installation
  • Snap-on curtain liner
  • Heavyweight 


  • No standard size 

The River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain features the waffle weave classic design in various colors ranging from white to candy pink to green, bringing your bathroom spa-like vibes day in and day out. Made from high-quality polyester, this shower curtain is 200 grams per square meter, so it doesn’t blow around as you shower. For all-around ease, this shower curtain includes a snap-on waterproof liner, so you don’t have to shop around for one and you can easily remove it when it needs cleaning as opposed to taking down the entire curtain. Both the curtain and liner are machine washable and can be dried on low tumble, just be sure to separate the two before throwing them into the wash.

This shower curtain also features split rings so you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting hooks. Plus, with the flexible design of the rings, you can just pop them right onto the shower rod without removing it.

Best Plastic Curtain: Bostofy Waterproof Shower Curtain

Best Plastic Curtain

This heavy-duty plastic shower curtain is made with the eco- friendly material, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Bostofy

Why It Made The Cut: The Bostofy Waterproof Shower Curtain is made with a high-quality and eco-friendly material. Additionally, it’s non-toxic, odorless, and contains no chlorine.  


  • Material: EVA
  • Sizes: 72 x 72 inches, 72 x 78 inches
  • Colors: Blue Cube, Blue Stone, Clear Geometric, Clear Checkered, CLear Circle, Clear Cube, Clear Grid, Clear Wave, Clear Stone 


  • Three magnets on the bottom keep it in place
  • Rust-proof metal grommets
  • Includes twelve shower rings


  • No liner included 

The Bostofy Waterproof Shower Curtain is a great option if you’re looking for a plastic shower curtain. Made from the high-quality and eco-friendly material, EVA, this shower curtain is stain-resistant and waterproof, so while it doesn’t include a liner, you may not even need one. It is also BPA- and PVC-free as well as nontoxic and odorless. At 0.2 millimeters thick, this shower curtain is sturdy, durable, and tear-proof. Plus, the rust-proof metal grommets add an extra layer of protection. This curtain includes a set of twelve hooks as well so you can easily hang it upon arrival. 

With multiple prints, offered in either soothing blue or clear, and two sizes to choose from, this shower curtain appeals to everyone’s bathroom vibes. The curtain doesn’t blow around or stick to you while showering, because there are three magnets on the bottom of the curtain to keep it in place inside of your bathtub. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shower Curtain

Fabric or Plastic

When shopping for a new shower curtain, there are two types to choose from: plastic or fabric. While plastic curtains can be made from many different kinds, we suggest considering a nontoxic, mildew-resistant, odorless, BPA-free and eco-friendly material such as EVA. Plastic curtains are waterproof so they can be cleaned as needed. For the most part, fabric curtains are made of polyester, which dries quickly, is mold-resistant, and can be cleaned easily. Other eco-friendly fabrics used are cotton and linen. In order to be cleaned, they can be put in the wash; however, they need to be dried carefully as they can shrink. Ultimately, your choice is a matter of preference and style.


If you’ve sorted out the fabric you’d like to go with, the next choice to make is style. Luckily, there is no shortage of options. Whether you want a more classic waffle weave to give you spa vibes every time you emerge from the shower, a tropical design to transport you to an island resort, or modern farmhouse design for a clean, chic feel, there is a shower curtain out there for you. A good idea is to start with the shower curtain, since it will be the  focal point of your bathroom, and then select bathroom accessories—like towels and bath mats—accordingly.


Q: Can you just use a fabric shower curtain?

You can, but it is not recommended. Fabric curtains can retain a lot of water, so it’s best to pair them with a plastic liner for protection, longevity, and additional privacy.

Q: When should I replace shower curtains?

Shower curtains don’t need to be replaced as often as other common bathroom items. With plastic curtains, it’s easier to see mold or mildew, so you can choose to either clean it with a diluted bleach solution or replace it. With machine-washable fabric shower curtains, you typically won’t have to replace them until you redecorate your bathroom.

Q: How often should you wash shower curtain?

As soon as you see mold or mildew accumulating on your plastic shower curtain, you can certainly clean it then. For fabric curtains, aim to wash them every six months.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best shower curtain will be a matter of preference and style. Once you decide if you’d like to go fabric or plastic, you can select your ideal color, print or design. Be sure to read the fine print so you know whether you’ll need additional pieces such as hooks or a liner since once your curtain arrives, you’ll want to put it up ASAP. Ultimately, we chose the AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain for its heavy-duty fabric and spa-like feel. If you’re sold on a plastic shower curtain, you need to look no further than the Bostofy Waterproof Shower Curtain.