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A three-chamber shower dispenser traditionally holds shampoo, conditioner, and body wash—the three things you need to get squeaky clean. Bottles can clutter up the shelves in your shower, or even worse, sit on the floor, where they can actually become a hazard if they fall over and roll under your feet. You might put those bottles in a shower caddy, but then we’re back to the clutter issue. A shower dispenser keeps the products right where you need them, available at the push of a button or the pull of a lever, and provides a sleek, clean look for your bathroom.

When choosing the best three-chamber shower dispenser, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide where you want to place the dispenser. While some are designed for either corner mount or flush wall-mount, some require an entirely flat surface. Then choose your size. Large capacity is great for holding a huge amount of products, but it can also require drilling holes into the wall; smaller capacity can be held up with double-sided tape or silicone adhesive. Keep dimensions in mind as well, as your ideal choice for a typical bathroom might be different from your choice for a small RV shower.

We explored the wide variety of three-chamber shower dispensers on the market, looking at a variety of options including size, weight, capacity, and materials. The results are here in our top picks for the best three-chamber shower dispensers for 2021.

How We Picked the Products


I’ve spent many years in home improvement, whether as a writer or as an avid real estate investor who enjoys fixing up old houses. As a result, I enjoy exploring products that can make life around the house easier and more rewarding. When evaluating the three-chamber shower dispensers on the market today, we looked at a variety of criteria, starting with ease of use. I looked at a dozen of the top shower dispensers on the market and narrowed them down based on the following criteria: 

Construction: How well did the shower dispenser hold up over time.

Functionality: How easy was it to dispense anything from shampoo to lotion to even hand sanitizers? 

Aesthetics: Then we looked at the design. How does it look, overall, and how well does it fit into a wide variety of shower and bathroom décor? If it works as kitchen décor as well, that’s a bonus!

Ease of installation: We evaluated the ease of installation, as this is a vitally important point – in the humid atmosphere of the shower, that tape, silicone adhesive or even screw-mounts have to hold up well. We also mean this very literally, as the last thing anyone wants is a catastrophic failure that destroys the dispenser, might lead to injury, and certainly leads to the loss of expensive bath products.

Value: Finally, we looked at things like the material the dispenser is made of, how well that is expected to last for coming years of use, and how easy it might be to get replacement parts. This also played into the price factor, as it’s easy to replace a very affordable unit, but not so easy to replace individual cylinders included in a more expensive one.

The Best Three-Chamber Shower Dispensers: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Better Living Products Aviva 3 Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser

Store 11 ounces of your favorite products in each of the three sleek dispenser bottles. Better Living

Why It Made The Cut: This attractive dispenser offers lift-off chambers for easy filling and cleaning, handy storage hooks for accessories, and the strength of ABS plastic with a satin chrome finish.


  • 1.9 pounds
  • 4 x 8 x 12 inches
  • 11 ounces x 3
  • Sophisticated satin chrome finish
  • Adhesive sometimes doesn’t work well
  • Individual chambers for easy adjustments
  • Installs on a flat surface only
  • Hooks for accessories
  • Constructed of hardy, water-resistant plastic with a satin chrome finish, this lightweight shower dispenser from the Better Living Products Aviva line features chambers that can be removed separately for ease of cleaning and filling. The mount for this dispenser offers several hooks for razors or other accessories. The labels for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are already listed on the unit, with no worry about stickers that eventually roll up in the shower humidity. At 11 ounces per cylinder, it’s a good size for ample products but small enough to be a great option for an RV or smaller shower. 

    Installation is very easy, and although the instructions are included with the unit, the installation video supplied by Better Living Products might be an even better guideline. Plan to install this dispenser on an entirely flat surface, so stay away from corners or curves in a shower surround. The dispenser comes with double-sided tape as well as waterproof silicone adhesive, but might sometimes need more support; try 3M strips for a stronger hold.

    Best Value: Better Living Products Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser

    Easy installation without needing any tools. Better Living

    Why It Made The Cut: This attractive plastic dispenser ensures no rust, leakage, or hassle when filling, and can mount in the corner or flat against the shower wall.


    • 2.8 pounds
    • 3.75 x 7 x 8.75 inches
    • Holds 14.7 ounces x 3 
  • Three integrated chambers for ease of filling
  • Can easily break if it falls from the wall
  • Tool-free installation
  • Priming the pumps can be confusing
  • Long-lasting ABS plastic is rust resistant
  • The integrated three-chamber design of this Better Living Products shower dispenser allows for easy filling without fumbling with multiple lids. It has a good capacity of 14.7 ounces per chamber yet has a profile small enough to work for an RV or similar smaller shower size. Numerous stickers are included with the unit and they stick firmly, so no worries about the lettering lifting up after a few months in the humid bathroom atmosphere. The ABS plastic construction means no worries about rust or discoloration, and the unit is quite easy to clean.

    Though some users might find it confusing to have to prime the pumps, the instructions are now included right inside the lid of the dispenser, thus taking any guesswork out of the operation.

    The included caulk and adhesive strips do the job well, but the unit can suffer catastrophic breaks if it falls. To prevent this, consider using additional adhesive strips for better security.

    Best Features: Better Living Products ULTI-MATE 3 Chamber Wall Mount Shower Dispenser

    Best Features

    Lots of features and a fog-free mirror. Better Living

    Why It Made The Cut: This amped-up three-chamber shower dispenser has two shelves, several hooks, and a fog-free mirror, making it a true “all in one” spot for bathroom needs.


    • 2.75 pounds
    • 4 x 12 x 13 inches
    • Holds 14.5 ounces x 3
  • Two integrated shelves and several hooks
  • May have trouble dispensing thicker liquids
  • Anti-fog mirror
  • Might need more adhesive for support
  • Individual chambers inside the unit
  • This unique shower dispenser unit from Better Living Products covers all the bases for a shower, including two shelves and several hooks to hold supplies, as well as an anti fog mirror. Hang this unit at the right height and that mirror becomes perfect for shaving and other facial care tasks. The unit opens up to reveal individual chambers, making refilling a breeze. Getting into the unit to remove the chambers does require lifting the front, which means emptying those shelves. That could be a minor issue considering the nice 14.5 ounce capacity means only occasional refilling.

    Made of strong ABS plastic, this dispenser is designed for years of use. Though ABS plastic is very light, the additional options on this dispenser make it heavier than others in the same category, so consider using stronger adhesive to hold it in place on the shower wall. Take care when opening the door to refill the bottles, as they might fall out if not properly seated.

    Best Large Capacity: Cabina Home Soap Dispenser Shampoo Gel Dispenser Conditioner Liquid Pump

    Best Large Capacity

    Big enough for the largest families. Cabina Home

    Why It Made The Cut: This large- capacity set helps ensure you never run out of shampoo, conditioner, or soap in the shower, but it can also work well for lotion and hand sanitizer.


    • 2 pounds
    • 12.4 x 10 x 4.2 inches
    • Holds 50.7 ounces x 3 
  • Very large capacity is good for big families
  • Must be screwed into the wall
  • Sturdy containers that last
  • Not a good idea for smaller spaces
  • At-a-glance window helps keep up with capacity
  • This unique shower dispenser from Cabina Home offers an ultra-large capacity of 50.7 ounces for each of three dispensers, thus making it ideal for big families. Take it beyond the shower to the kitchen or even a communal dining room, where it can handle hand sanitizer or lotion for a crowd.

    The at-a-glance window in this stainless steel and ABS plastic unit shows how much product is left in each container. The ergonomic lever makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of product into the palm of your hand with no mess or drips. The look is modern enough to be at home in today’s more sophisticated kitchens or bathrooms, and it also works well in a business setting.

    Since this is a rather large unit, it’s not good for smaller spaces and needs a solid mount that is screwed into the wall to be stable; adhesives simply aren’t strong enough to hold this one up when fully loaded with product.

    Best Design: HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System

    Best Design

    Looks great in any shower. HotelSpaWave

    Why It Made The Cut: Independent modular sections allow for a variety of installation options, and the chrome-plated design showcases style while offering a clear look at the capacity.  


    • 1.2 pounds
    • 12 x 4 x 8 inches
    • Holds 12 ounces x 3
  • Modular sections each have their own installation brackets
  • Chrome-plated finish can rust after a few years
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Included adhesive strips might fail
  • Easy to remove and refill
  • Smaller size is great for RVs and tiny showers
  • At only 1.2 pounds, this shower dispenser from Hotel Spa features a 12-ounce capacity, making it a small yet mighty option for even smaller showers.

    The modular sections have their own installation mounts, so it’s possible to place them at various points in the shower instead of grouping them together, allowing for more placement options. The unique wave design offers an easy way to see the product and judge when it’s time to refill it. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, these dispensers also have a chrome finish, meaning they look great in a variety of settings, but especially in a modern bathroom.

    This product is designed for even thicker products, like lotions or hand sanitizers, so it could make a great addition to a kitchen as well. Installation is made easy with adhesive strips, but the unit comes with screws and appropriate mounts for even more fall protection.

    Best Ergonomic: simplehuman Triple Wall Mount Shower PumpShampoo and Soap Dispensers

    Stainless steel makes these dispensers shine. simplehuman

    Why It Made The Cut: The ergonomic design ensures getting just the right amount of product while the stainless steel construction ensures many years of solid use.


    • 2.4 pounds
    • 3.7 x 12.6 x 9.6 inches
    • 15 fluid ounces x 3
  • Die-cast T-bar lever for proper dispensing
  • Heavy enough to need possible screw installation
  • Clear containers for at-a-glance status
  • May not work in all bathroom styles
  • Convenient hook for accessories
  • The triple wall-mount shower dispenser from simplehuman has a sleek ergonomic design including a die-cast T-bar lever for easier dispensing; no more losing any product down the drain, as this dispenser deposits the shampoo, conditioner, or body wash right in the palm of the user’s hand. The clean containers allow for easy at-a-glance status, while the stainless steel mount and base impart an air of sophistication. Even the subtle labels embedded in the top of each plastic container keep things looking sleek. A single hook on the side holds a washcloth or loofah.

    This unit might get too heavy for the adhesive, which is why screw installation is also possible. It does have that modern look, so might not fit in with a more traditional bathroom style. The embedded labels make it a bit awkward for potential installation in a kitchen and could limit options in the shower itself; for instance, something such as lotion in the container marked “conditioner” could be confusing to guests or family members.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Three-Chamber Shower Dispenser


    Consider your installation skills. You’ll need to thoroughly clean the wall of the shower and place either adhesive strips or adhesive caulk to the back of the dispenser, then make sure it seats properly. This might mean holding it for a while to let the adhesive set up. Or you might choose to screw the dispenser to the wall, especially if it has a larger capacity and thus, a heavier weight. Do you have the tools and ability?


    Some dispensers are designed for either wall-mount or corner-mount options, while others are designed for just one. Where will you put the dispenser? Answering that question will help you narrow down your options.


    When choosing the best three-chamber shower dispenser, keep in mind that it will need to be refilled frequently and cleaned from time to time. To that end, are the chambers easy to remove from the mounting bracket? Is the cleaning as straightforward as the filling is? If the units can’t be removed, are the tops broad enough to get in there with a brush and clean when necessary?


    Finally, consider who will be using the dispenser. Children and those with limited mobility in their hands might prefer a lever-style with a T-bar, which makes dispensing very easy. 


    Q: Are shower dispensers just for bathrooms?

    Shower dispensers can be used in other parts of the house, wherever you need a product at the ready. For instance, some people will invest in a shower dispenser that they place in another part of the home to use with lotion or hand sanitizer.

    Q: Is it easy to get a replacement container if one of the three breaks?

    That depends. Before your purchase, look into the offerings from the same manufacturer to determine if they have replacement parts. Or consider a more affordable option that would allow easy replacement of the whole unit if necessary.

    Q: The dispenser isn’t working. What’s wrong?

    Did you prime the pump? Each dispenser needs priming in order to provide the proper flow of the product. Look at the manual, or find the manufacturer online, to determine the best way to prime your pump for easy use.

    Final Thoughts

    Ultimately, a three-chamber shower dispenser should do exactly what the name implies: Correctly dispense the proper shower product right into your hand. No mess, no fuss. That was the bottom line when it came to choosing our round-up of the best dispensers for the shower.