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Published Sep 27, 2021 6:31 AM

There are so many germs and bacteria that accumulate on people’s hands daily, especially when they are using the bathroom. So, picking up a roll of toilet paper and placing your fingers in the roll to extract tissue is not a very sanitary option. This is why it is ideal to have toilet paper holders in your bathroom to minimize cross contamination from multiple users within the bathroom.

Since you must have a toilet paper holder for hygienic purposes, you may as well have one that looks good with the overall decor of your bathroom. Toilet paper holders tend to be a subtle addition to your space. However, if you do want to show off a bit, this review includes some toilet paper holders that can double as statement pieces in your bathroom.

How We Picked the Best Toilet Paper Holders


As a home improvement writer, I regularly research high quality websites and data. When vetting products for this review, I decided to include both wall-mounted and free-standing options. I began with reviewing good qualities about toilet paper holders and why it is important to have them. Accessibility and preventing contamination are two of the most critical reasons to have a toilet paper holder. Other reasons may include design and how the holder fits into the overall decor. I kept these things in mind as I researched toilet paper holders and narrowed down my final selections to two wall mounted and three freestanding options. 

The products I chose for this guide have the following in common: a reasonable price, good reviews, high scores, easy to use, quality design, and easy installation/assembly. 

The Best Toilet Paper Holders: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: KES Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

Best Overall

The high-end holder that comes in several colors and makes tissue reloading simple and easy.

Why It Made The Cut: This toilet paper holder has a luxury design that can accommodate regular sized or jumbo rolls and can be mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically. 


  • Weight: 7.37 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 inches long
  • Stainless Steel


  • Accommodates jumbo rolls
  • Easy installation
  • Can mount horizontally or vertically


  • May not stay straight

For 20 years, KES has been providing customers with products that exhibit high quality craftsmanship. The KES Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder is part of its collection of upscale products. It is perfect for those who want to stick to traditional wall-mounted holders but prefer an upgraded style. This stainless-steel holder comes in four colors: matte brushed brass, brushed grey, matte black, and polished silver. 

Unlike traditional wall-mounted holders that have a spring in the roller that fits between two mounts, this holder is mounted to the wall only on one side and the toilet paper slides onto the open side. The tissue remains in place by a steel knob on the unmounted end of the bar. The holder can be presented horizontally or vertically. 

The KES Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder is easy to install and is perfect for moisture-rich areas because it won’t rust or corrode. Upon installation, there is enough room for one to place a traditional toilet paper roll on it or a jumbo roll. That said, While this product is innovative and beautiful, it is sometimes difficult for the holder to remain firmly in place on the wall. They have included a unique slot screw tightening on the bracket to prevent movement, however. 

Best 2-in-1 Storage and Holder: mDesign Decorative Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Best 2-in-1 Storage and Holder

A minimalist design that allows one to store many tissue rolls of varying sizes on the holder.

Why It Made The Cut: This thoughtfully crafted, rust-resistant design makes it easy to store tissue in small spaces and works well in homes, apartments, campers, and RVs.


  • 1.08 pounds
  • 5-inch diameter x 16.25 inches high
  • Alloy Steel


  • Easy to store multiple rolls
  • Raised base that keeps tissue off the floor
  • Easy to conceal


  • May wobble even on flat surface

mDesign’s motto is “an organized home is a happy home.” Therefore, it’s no surprise that they have designed a toilet paper holder that can double as a storage area for tissue. Their toilet paper holder by mDesign is a very simple design with a round base and a pole that sticks up from the center. The user can simply put up to three rolls of toilet paper of varying sizes on it. This product can be used as a freestanding toilet paper dispenser or as backup storage to a wall mounted holder.

This simple holder is 16.25 inches high, making it easy to conceal in the bathroom. It is perfect for those who have small bathrooms and half baths. Customers can get the holder in a brushed alloy steel or choose from various other colors to match their bathroom’s décor. They also don’t have to worry about the product turning colors because it is rust free. While it is a simple design and is reasonably priced, it may have some stability and quality issues. Despite this potential drawback, it is a great place to keep toilet paper especially for those with very little space.

Most Versatile: TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand Tissue Paper Roll Dispenser with Shelf for Bathroom Storage

Most Versatile

Get a dispenser, reserve area for additional rolls, and an additional storage area for wipes with this multi-purpose toilet paper holder.

Why It Made The Cut: This toilet paper holder is specially designed with the modern bathroom user in mind. It includes compartments for tissue storage and other items such as cell phones, sanitary napkins, flushable wipes, small books, and more. 


  • Weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.5-inch diameter x 24-inch height
  • Material: Metal


  • Rust-proof
  • Great for storage
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the most sturdy

TreeLen has really outdone themselves with this nifty toilet paper holder. Not only did they design this product to be a dispenser and a storage area for extra rolls of tissue, but they have gone a step further to include another compartment perfect for just about anything. The top section of this toilet paper holder by TreeLen can store other personal hygiene products but can also be used to store cell phones, books, or other things that people want to use while in the bathroom.

This freestanding toilet paper holder is easy to assemble and can hold three more rolls of tissue in addition to the one on the dispenser. Even though TreeLen has developed a great multi-functional toilet paper holder, it may not be as sturdy if something heavy  is added to the top compartment. But on a brighter note, they have certainly taken toilet paper holders to another level of innovation.

Best Simple Design: SunnyPoint Bathroom Free Standing Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Stand with Reserve Function

Best Simple Design

This toilet paper holder is bringing chic and simple together in one easy-to-use design.

Why It Made The Cut: This holder has a very simple design that adds elegance to a bathroom but is also easy to conceal.


  • Weight: 3.04 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.21 x 6.69 x 5.71 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel


  • Classic finish
  • Great for storing multiple sizes of tissue
  • Easy-to-use dispenser


  • May bend or tip over

SunnyPoint has developed a no-fuss, free-standing toilet paper holder with a classic chrome finish that is simply elegant. You can use it as a toilet paper dispenser, plus you can also use the stand to store up to three additional toilet paper rolls. To store additional rolls, simply pull off the arm and load the toilet paper. There is a magnet that holds the arm in place.

The design of this holder by Sunnypoint is minimalist and matches well with other chrome fixtures in the bathroom. While this product is very beautiful and functional, it can become top heavy and tip over. Aside from this, larger rolls of tissue may not unroll as easily as smaller rolls. Despite these potential minor drawbacks, most may find this product very exquisite considering its low price. 

Best Value: Moen P5050 Contemporary Toilet Paper Holder

Best Value

The toilet paper holder for those who love the simple, traditional holder.

Why It Made The Cut: This reasonably priced toilet paper holder resembles traditional holders but has a luxurious finish that elevates the decor without breaking the budget. 


  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 7.5 x 3 inches
  • Material: Zinc with Chrome Finish


  • Works with any decorating style
  • Easy installation
  • Great price


  • Roller does not accommodate larger rolls

For 80 years, Moen has delivered innovative bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This toilet paper holder by Moen may be last on the list but certainly isn’t the least, unless you are considering its low price. It is the most cost-effective of all the ones included in this review, but it is still a nice quality. If there are several bathrooms that need toilet paper dispensers, this will provide the most bang for the buck if several are required.   

Although this product is a simple, traditional design, it doesn’t have the high-quality finish that Moen is known for. Also, if the roll is large, this product won’t accommodate it. Despite this product not being on par with Moens other top-notch products, this toilet paper holder looks good and gets the job done at a value price. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders are often taken for granted, so here are a few things to keep in mind if you do need to purchase one.

Ease of Use

This is most important when choosing a toilet paper holder. It should be easy to pull toilet paper off the roll without touching the roll and risking potential contamination.


Whether you have a small holder or a freestanding one, you should make sure that you have the space to support it. For instance, if you decide to have a freestanding one, can you tuck it away in an area that keeps it from being a distraction? Also, when choosing a holder, keep in mind the size of the tissue rolls you typically purchase. If they are the larger rolls, you may want to choose a freestanding holder over one that attaches to the wall.


Although you may like the look of freestanding toilet paper holders, if your bathroom has one installed on the wall, will the free standing holder with a dispenser look awkward in your space? This is something you should consider if you don’t have plans to remove the wall-mounted one. Having a dispenser on the wall and a freestanding dispenser may make it seem like there are too many tissue rolls in the bathroom.


If you decide not to go with the typical wall-mounted designs that use plastic dispensers, you have to choose a design that can withstand the moisture levels in the bathroom. Some metal designs may corrode or get dirty quite often. Therefore, you should seek a model that doesn’t corrode and doesn’t attract lint and dirt on the fixture easily. 


Another important thing to consider is how safe the fixture is, particularly if you have small children in the home. It’s a good idea to choose a holder that won’t hurt their fingers, snag their clothing, or fall down and potentially cause injury.  


Q: If my bathroom doesn’t have a toilet paper holder, is it really necessary?

Most bathrooms typically have a wall mounted toilet paper holder. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes those that do have a wall-mounted holder may have it located in an inconvenient place that feels uncomfortable for use and could cause contamination. While not necessary, it is a good idea to have a toilet paper holder to prevent contamination of the toilet roll from your hands. If the wall-mounted type is not your favorite, there are plenty to choose from that are freestanding.

Q: Which way should toilet paper face on a horizontal dispenser?

This continues to be the source of debate and is probably a hotly debated topic within your household. The best answer for this is based on the user’s preference. However, if you want to practice good hygiene, it is a good idea to allow toilet paper to hang over rather than under.

Q: How far should a toilet paper holder be away from the toilet?

To minimize contamination from the toilet flushing, a wall-mounted toilet paper holder should be no more than 12 inches away from the front of the toilet. There are no rules for freestanding toilet paper holders but it is a good idea to keep it just as far as a wall-mounted one so that it is in reach but isn’t getting contaminated either.

 Final Thoughts

Times have evolved since the simple wall-mounted toilet paper holder was en vogue. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to choose from and many materials for toilet paper holders. When it comes to choosing the best toilet paper holders for your space, it really boils down to your design preferences. Do you want something that is subtle and unseen or something bold and outstanding? This review gives you both ends of the spectrum and some in between.