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While having a full workshop in a garage or shed to house a broad collection of tools is nice, it’s not always possible nor is it always convenient. A tool kit keeps all the hand tools one needs in a carrying case, making it easy to pull out when it’s time for a repair or project. They range from compact kits that include the bare necessities for basic home repairs and can fit in a drawer to larger kits for serious DIYers that boast 200 pieces or more. 

With so many different types and sizes of tools kits available, selecting the right one can be a challenge. Ahead, we’ll examine the factors you should consider when shopping for a tool kit while reviewing some of the best kits to serve different needs.

How We Picked These Products


As someone who has performed numerous household projects and repairs, I understand the types of tools required for completing different jobs, be they beneath a sink, in a light switch box, or under the hood of a car. I used my experience in DIY home improvement and repair to weed through dozens of tool kits to curate my list of the top sets while using the following methodology to make my choices. 

Construction: I chose only tools with quality construction. This included tools made with durable vanadium or chrome steel with well-made grips that made them comfortable to use and precision designs that wouldn’t strip screws or round-off bolts. 

Tool choice: Tool kits come in various sizes to suit different needs. Whether those needs are for general household repair or more complicated auto repair. I selected kits that come with all the necessary tools without useless extras. 

Organization: A tool kit that comes with 100 or more pieces isn’t of much use if all of those pieces quickly become separated and lost. With that in mind, I only chose kits with storage bags or molded plastic containers that would keep the entire set well organized. 

Value: While other factors trumped price, I did consider the functionality and quality the kit offered for its price. 

The Best Tool Kits: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Black+Decker 12V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit

Best Overall

This kit includes all the necessary hand tools plus a powerful cordless drill.

Why It Made The Cut: By including a 12-volt cordless drill with its kit, Black+Decker sets itself apart from the field. 


  • Number of pieces: 60
  • Product weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Carry case: Soft bag


  • Includes a cordless drill
  • Affordably priced
  • Broad collection of bits


  • Doesn’t include driver bit for drill

Given how often it’s used in home projects, it’s surprising that most tool kits don’t include what is perhaps the most essential tool in any workshop’s arsenal–the cordless drill. Yet, the fact remains that this kit from Black+Decker is one of a handful of home toolkits we could find that includes one. And though it may not rival some of the more powerful drills on the market, its 12-volt battery provides ample power for small jobs such as drilling holes to mount wall anchors for a coat hook or towel bar. 

In addition to the necessities you’d expect to find in a home tool kit, Black+Decker also includes thoughtful extras that support the most common repairs and projects, such as a level for picture hanging and ratcheting screwdriver with bits for tightening pull hinges and drawer pulls. A convenient carrying case holds everything together, making this a great option for apartment dwellers who may only have a small cabinet or closet corner to hold their tools. 

One gripe is that the kit does not come with a screwdriver bit that fits the drill, which means you’ll need to purchase one separately to use the drill as a power driver.

Best Household Tool Kit: Eastvolt 218-Piece Household Tool Kit

Best Household Tool Kit

With more than 200 pieces, this kit is well-suited for taking on most projects and repairs in the home

Why It Made The Cut: The sheer volume of tools available makes it the most versatile toolkit we found.  


  • Number of pieces: 218
  • Product weight: 13 pounds
  • Carry case: Hard case


  • Versatile set suits a diverse range of applications
  • Affordably priced for what it includes
  • Carrying case keeps every piece neatly organized


  • Doesn’t include Imperial sizes

For a kit that has 218 pieces, you’d expect it to have just about everything you need to complete a broad range of repairs, and this one does. In addition to all the essentials—assorted screwdrivers, wrenches, a hammer, pair of pliers—this set from Eastvolt also includes quite a few useful add-ons you won’t find in most tool kits, such as a hacksaw, wire strippers, level, and tiny precision screwdrivers. 

Couple those core tools with its extensive collection of sockets, screwdriver bits, and wrenches and you have a versatile kit that has everything you need to change the spark plugs on a lawnmower, hang pictures, wire a new light switch, repair a leaky sink drain, tighten a loose screw on a pair of glasses, or any other number of home improvement projects and repair jobs.

Such a large kit could easily lose pieces. Fortunately, Eastvolt keeps all of this kit’s pieces organized thanks to a hard molded carrying case that has a dedicated spot for each tool.

Best Mechanics’ Tool Kit: Dewalt Mechanics’ Tool Kit and Socket Set

Best Mechanics’ Tool Kit

A broad collection of well-built sockets and ratchets make this kit ideal for the home mechanic.

Why It Made The Cut: Like its power tools, Dewalt’s hand tools are drool-worthy, thanks to polished chrome finishes, knurled handles, stamped markings, and well-designed sockets with non-slip technology. 


  • Number of pieces: 142
  • Product Weight: 17 pounds
  • Carry case: Hard case


  • High-quality construction
  • Comprehensive collection of socket sizes
  • Numerous adapters and extenders


  • More expensive than similarly sized kits

Few names in the tool world garner respect like Dewalt. The company is known for the high quality of its tools and this mechanics’ tool kit is no exception. The two pear-shaped ratchets are an excellent example of the quality you get with this set. 

They feature knurled handles for grip, a high tooth count that allows for better mobility in tight places, and directional levers that allow the ratchets to be operated with one hand. Hand-stamped markings make it easy to identify socket sizes, while Dewalt’s proprietary DirectTorque technology improves socket grip, preventing them from rounding off nuts and bolts. 

This set has a broad collection to go with that quality. It comes with both metric and Imperial sizes for sockets as well as deep-well sockets for handling recessed bolts and a variety of extensions, joints, and adapters. The entire set is organized in a hard case with a separate small case for screwdriver bits.

Best Pro Level Tool Kit: Workpro 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Kit

Best Pro Level Tool Kit

With its 322 pieces, this kit can handle virtually any home repair you can throw at it.

Why It Made The Cut: This tool kit does an excellent job of grouping and organizing its tools, making what might have been an overwhelming number of pieces surprisingly efficient to use.


  • Number of pieces: 322
  • Product weight: 24 pounds
  • Carry case: Soft tool bag


  • Smart organizational design
  • Broad enough collection to handle most home repairs
  • Oversized rubber grips are easy on the hands
  • Well-designed tool bag


  • One of the more expensive tool kits on the market

It isn’t just the raw amount of tools this kit from Workpro offers that makes it such a great choice for the serious DIYer. It’s also the way Workpro organizes the tools so they’re easy to use. The broad range of sockets it offers is neatly organized onto a series of trays that are color-coded for metric and imperial sizes. The trays keep the sockets secure and organized while also allowing you to take a range of sizes to the job site, whether it’s in the backyard or under the hood of a car, without having to drag the whole 22-pound bag along.

Similarly, its collection of hex wrenches are grouped into two pocket-knife-like multi-tools, making them convenient to use while keeping them organized. With 322 pieces, it’s safe to say this kit can handle virtually any home repair a homeowner feels qualified to take on themselves. 

Best Pro goes with a soft tool bag over a hard case. With its numerous pockets,  durable feel, and ample handle, the tool bag is a more functional choice.

Best Value Tool Kit: Apollo Tools 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

Best Value Tool Kit

This kit’s 39 pieces include the essential tools for completing some of the most common home repairs at a price that doesn’t break the budget.

Why It Made The Cut: Lightweight and compact with only the bare essentials, this case is ideal for those looking for a set to make general repairs around the house. 


  • Number of pieces: 39
  • Product Weight: 4 pounds
  • Carry case: Hard case


  • Durable chrome steel construction
  • Rubberized grips make them comfortable and easy to use
  • Compact case can be stored in a drawer


  • A smaller number of tools limits the applications of this tool kit

If you’re looking for a quality bare-bones set to make general household repairs then look further than this tool kit from Apollo Tools. This 39-piece set only comes with the bare necessities, including a hammer, set of pliers, utility scissors, utility knife, measuring tape, precision screwdrivers, hex wrenches, and a screwdriver with 20 bits of varying shape and size. 

That’s good enough to complete tasks ranging from picture hanging to opening packages to tightening loose screws on a cabinet door. All of the pieces fit neatly and conveniently into a hard case that weighs just a few pounds. At 8 inches wide, 13 inches long, and 4 inches thick, the kit is small enough to fit in the utility drawer of a kitchen. Each tool consists of durable chrome steel. And, with its nine color options, you can even coordinate it with your kitchen decor.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tool Kit

Before you click buy on the first or even the third, tool kit you check out online, there are a few factors you need to consider first.

Consider the size of the kit. It should include enough tools for the kit to handle the repairs or home improvements you wish to complete while still suiting the storage restrictions you may have in your home. If you’re living in a small apartment, it may only make sense to purchase a smaller set that allows you to perform simple tasks, such as hanging a picture or tightening a loose screw on a cabinet pull while still being able to fit in the corner of a closet or a kitchen utility drawers. If you plan on performing more advanced projects, like installing a new faucet or installing a dimmer switch in a dining room, consider going with a larger kit. 

Large kits may impress with the sheer number of tools they offer, but all those tools will do is gather dust if you don’t need them. Look carefully at the types of tools the kit offers and how they suit your needs. If you plan on using the kit for mainly auto mechanic work, then purchase one with a comprehensive ratchet and socket set. For general use, look for one with tools that allow you to install hooks, repair plumbing, or trade out light fixtures such as multiple types of pliers, a hammer, and various size screwdrivers.


Q: What is the best brand for tool kits?

While there are many quality brands to choose from, Dewalt is one of the most highly regarded in the tool industry. Though Craftsman does not have the same presence in the market since the demise of Sears, its tools are still among the best on the market. Apollo tools, though lesser-known, is also a quality brand.

Q: What are the best tools you can buy?

While the answer to that question really depends on what you plan to use the tool kit for, the core cools in most kits are a screwdriver set, hammer, set of pliers, tape measure, a crescent wrench, and utility knife.

Q: How much does a good toolset cost?

While tool kit costs range in price based largely on the number of tools in them, a kit with enough tools to meet most needs around the house costs around $50.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a tool kit, look for one that will meet your needs while keeping you on budget. If you’re looking for a good all-around tool kit to handle general repairs and smaller projects around the home that offers more power than other kits, it’s tough to beat the Black+Decker 12V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit. For those in the market for a more comprehensive kit that can handle a broader array of household repairs, consider the Eastvolt 218-Piece Household Tool Kit.