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How often have you folded a quilt or comforter and then been surprised by how much space it takes up? When you fill up a box or bin with clothes you won’t wear until next season, do you need more and more space every year? Rather than let these bulky items take up precious space in your closet, consider vacuum sealer bags, which can compress the items down to only 20 percent of their original volume simply by removing the air trapped in the fabric. The sealing happens with the help of a vacuum or a hand pump; a vacuum is something you likely have on hand, while a hand pump is often sold as part of the package of vacuum sealer bags.

These bags are inexpensive, easy to use, and cut down significantly on the space that these items take up. This can be especially helpful during travel; simply choose smaller vacuum bags that fit easily into a suitcase, and suddenly your options for travel clothing become much broader. Don’t forget to pack the hand pump so you can keep the clothing as small as possible for the return trip!

We took a look at the best vacuum sealer bags on the market today and narrowed down the options so you don’t have to. 

How We Picked the Best Vacuum Storage Bags


As an avid traveler who has used more than her share of vacuum storage bags, exploring these options was quite an interesting journey. Here’s what I looked at when evaluating these products.

Variety of sizes. If you’re like me, you’ll start out with a few bags for travel purposes and quickly won’t know how you lived without them all around your home. Soon you’ll be sealing everything and anything and reveling in the newfound space. A variety of sizes helps with this sudden obsession.

Durability. The best bags are thick, made of at least a few layers of plastic or nylon, and can be tossed (gently) into the corner of a closet, where they are expected to hold their seal for long-term storage.

Seal strength. What good is a vacuum storage bag if you can’t get a tight seal? For smaller bags, a hand pump is fine, but larger bags might require a regular vacuum or even a shop vacuum to get that great seal.

Zipper strength. The zipper is the weakest link in the bag. Though the valves might seem as though they’d be a likely culprit for losing the seal, those valves are often fitted with rubber gaskets and threaded closures. The zipper is just that—a zipper. The design should be durable, however, complete with zipper clips.

The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags: Reviews and Recommendations 

Best Overall: Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Best Overall

These six jumbo-size bags hold everything from a season’s worth of T-shirts to bulky pillows, all with a double-zip seal and a triple-seal turbo valve. Spacesaver

Why They Made The Cut: These jumbo vacuum storage bags can handle up to four standard pillows per bag, with an innovative triple-seal turbo valve that ensures the air comes out but doesn’t go back in until you’re ready to open the bags up.


  • Plastic
  • Zipper closure
  • Pack of six jumbo bags


  • Large capacity
  • Pack of six provides plenty of storage
  • Travel pump included


  • All one size
  • Holds so much they can be heavy to move

Kiss those bulky comforters, pillows, and even queen-size duvets goodbye for the winter with these six jumbo-size storage bags from Spacesaver. With a double-seal zipper enclosure and a three-seal valve to help prevent air from creeping back in, these thick plastic bags can hold up to four standard pillows each. That means significant room for smaller items, such as sweaters, T-shirts, and even towels and robes. Follow the instructions carefully before sealing the bags to ensure the longevity promised by the manufacturer. The included travel pump helps with on-the-go travelers who need to make the most of every inch of their luggage; however, remember that these are jumbo-sized, so they fit into larger luggage pieces. At 40 by 30 inches, these jumbo options aren’t foldable and so might be tough to use in a carry-on.  

Best Value: Suoco Vacuum Storage Bags (4 Jumbo, 4 Large)

This eight-pack of two different sizes gets you organized at home or for travel, all at an affordable price.

Why It Made The Cut: This product is an eight-pack with two different sizes, thus making it easy to get organized at home and for travel. The included hand pump makes them easy to use anywhere.


  • Plastic
  • Zipper closure
  • Clear
  • Pack of eight bags in two sizes


  • Durable plastic bags
  • Double zipper seal
  • Triple seal valve
  • Hand pump included


  • Valve can be temperamental
  • Holds better when sealed using a vacuum than a hand pump

Want to store items while you’re at home but need to compress things on the go too? This eight-pack of two sizes from Suoco gives you the flexibility to store quilts and pillows at the bottom of your closet in the 40- by 30-inch jumbo size but take flight with clothing onboard a plane with the large 32- by 24- large size, which fits conveniently in a typical carry-on. The completely clear bags allow you to see your clothing at a glance, which is yet another convenience for storage or travel.

The nylon film in the bag helps ensure durability, while the triple-seal valve has a rubber stopper and internal threads to ensure no air escapes. While the traditional vacuum method makes compressing clothing a breeze, using the hand pump takes longer but produces the same results. Follow the instructions closely to ensure the proper seal for each bag.

Best for Families: Hibag Vacuum Storage Bag Combo Pack Bags

Best for Families

With numerous sizes in one jumbo box, these storage bags are appropriate for everything from large pillows and stuffed animals to the tiniest clothes for the little one.

Why It Made The Cut: With five sizes ranging from jumbo to small and roll-up dedicated travel, this 20-piece combo pack is ready to handle every need in the home and on the go.


  • Polypropylene
  • Zipper closure
  • Clear
  • Combo pack of 20 bags in five sizes


  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Stay-on zipper clip
  • Colored zipper seal for better security


  • Must be resealed every three to four months
  • Might not hold up with many items inside

Those looking for a variety of sizes in vacuum sealer bags can opt for this 20-pack from Hibag, which includes five jumbo, five large, six medium, two small, and two travel roll-up bags for a complete space-saving solution. Some of the bags are white, while others are clear; keep that in mind if seeing the clothing or bedding inside matters. Otherwise, it’s possible to write on the white bags with an indelible marker.

The zipper clip has been improved over previous versions and now seals with better security thanks to contrasting colors. One glance and it’s easy to see the bag is sealed. The bags can be sealed very quickly with a household vacuum or with the included hand pump. Opening them up again is easy thanks to the two-tier zipper seal, which can be opened successfully even by those who have difficulty using their hands.

Although these bags are good for sealing up clothes for travel and storage for a season, they aren’t the best for long-term storage, as they must be resealed every three to four months.

Best for Hanging Items: SunHorde Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags

Best for Hanging Items

Those who have plenty of vertical space can make the most of it with these hanging storage bags.

Why It Made The Cut: Keeping those winter coats, fine suits, and expensive dresses in a hanging bag is great for protection; a vacuum sealer bag protects and saves space at the same time.


  • Polypropylene
  • Zipper closure
  • Clear
  • Package of six long hanging bags


  • Allows for up to five hangers per bag
  • Clear bags for at-a-glance opening
  • Softer material is great for long-term storage


  • The seal can fail at the hanging hook
  • Long-term storage might lead to strong wrinkles

These hanging vacuum storage bags from SunHorde come with a five-tier hanger at the top, which helps widen closet space with ease. The strong vacuum seal and zipper closure helps protect the most precious clothing from pests and keeps the bulkiest clothing under control. The clear bags allow for easy viewing to decide which bags to open, but they are great for long-term storage of rarely used dresses, suits, and coats. The vacuum valve is in the middle of this garment bag, not at the top like many of the competitors. That placement helps in properly vacuuming the bags to get the necessary seal.

The convenient hanging hook is great for keeping clothing streamlined, but that does create a potential fail point for the seal, so it’s important to check the hanging clothing on a regular basis to ensure the seal is still working properly. Keep in mind that clothes made of finer fabrics might compress with strong wrinkles, which could take dry cleaning to remove.

TuckBest for Bedding: Suoco Vacuum Storage Bags 8 Pack

Best for Bedding

With the ability to hold large comforters and blankets, these jumbo bags make it easy to fit a great deal of bedding into a small space.

Why It Made The Cut: Quilts, blankets, and comforters take up an enormous amount of space; these jumbo bags can hold up to 12 pounds of blankets with ease.


  • Plastic
  • Zipper closure
  • Clear
  • 8 jumbo bags 


  • Can hold a great deal of bedding
  • Double zipper
  • Triple seal valve


  • Hand pump takes a great deal of effort

At 30 by 40 inches, these jumbo bags from SUOCO provide ample space for comforters and quilts; in fact, the bags hold up to 12 pounds of blankets and/or quilts, and up to 7-pound comforters. It can also hold plenty of pillows, crushing them down by 80 percent of their original size. This 8-pack of durable vacuum sealer bags can be used season after season to store the items that would normally take up far too much space in a closet or underneath a bed.

Though it does come with a hand pump, it takes quite a workout to get the heaviest of comforters or duvets sealed down to a smaller size; for these, a regular vacuum works well, but a shop vacuum works best. Long-term storage is possible with the double-sealed zippers and triple-sealed valves. Note that the zipper clips come in a separate bag in the package; though the bag can seal well without them, the clips offer extra protection against opening.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Sealer Bag

With so many options for vacuum sealer bags on the market, it can be tough to decide what you really need. Think about these considerations before putting down your hard-earned money for a set of bags. 

Consider your intentions for the bags. Are you going to compress down those big comforters, duvets, and even sleeping bags? Then it’s a good idea to go with a large or even jumbo bag, one with a strong zipper. If you’re going to use them for travel, look for a set with a good hand pump that doesn’t take too much elbow grease to work.

What about the color? If you’re storing things long-term, it’s okay to have a colorful bag, or even one that’s plain white, as you can write on the outside. If you want to open up the bag every season or pull out items you wear very infrequently, a clear bag is the way to go. The same is true with travel; you want to see what you’re reaching for before you break that seal.

Finally, consider the quality of the bags. Some are very clearly designed for long-term storage; these are the ones you can put those heirloom quilts in. But others have notable issues right out of the box, such as hanging bags; that hanger is a natural weak area for a seal. Remember that you’ll need to check the bags periodically, no matter how great the quality, to ensure that a seal doesn’t fail. That means you can’t really tuck them into a guest room closet and forget they’re there.


Q: Are space saver bags reusable?

Most of them can be reused over and over. To ensure this, take great care of the seal when closing or opening the bag, and play with the valve mechanism to figure out exactly how it works for consistent results every time.

Q: Do vacuum bags work for big comforters?

Yes. Go with a jumbo bag that can hold large comforters, duvets, blankets, coats, and sleeping bags. Comforters tend to hold a lot of air, so you might be very impressed by how small the vacuum bag can get when compressing one of them.

Q: Are vacuum bags good for long term storage?

Yes, but look closely at the manufacturer’s promises. Some are of higher quality and specifically designed for long-term storage; there are even some options meant to protect higher-quality clothing for the long term.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to protecting treasured quilts, clothing in the off-season, and towels and sheets, vacuum sealer bags can be a lifesaver. There are plenty of options for both at home and on the go. When choosing a set of vacuum sealer bags for your all-around needs, my recommendation is to go with one that offers jumbo sizes for keeping at home and smaller sizes that can be great to use in a suitcase while traveling.