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Noisy apartments and busy homes can make it difficult to unwind after a hard day at work, but replacing these stressful noises with the quiet, peaceful sound of a water fountain is a great way to bring a sense of relaxation into your home. Not only does the sound of water bubbling, burbling, and flowing help to put people at ease, but a water fountain can also be used to improve the aesthetic of a room or even add to the natural beauty of the yard.

The best water fountain for your home should be able to function in the environment of your choosing, so if the goal is to set up a large water fountain outdoors, then you will need to check to make sure that the water fountain can be used outdoors without any issues. Check this list of top products to get a better idea of the possible options available to you and keep reading for more information on how to choose the best water fountain for indoor or outdoor use.

How We Picked the Products


Owning and maintaining multiple water fountains over the years, as well as extensive product research, helped to select the top water fountains from more than 40 different potential options. The primary factors that affected the selection included the type of water fountain, the style, material, and overall quality of the product, with an emphasis on the aesthetic appeal in order to highlight unique designs.

The type of water fountain helped to split the potential products into categories for a more balanced comparison between similar items. Also, whether a water fountain water was intended for indoor or outdoor use made a big difference because the sizes and materials typically differed significantly. When it came to material, preference was given to high-quality materials, like stainless steel and glass, although it was also noted that cheaper materials, like plastic and resin, were well-suited to create more affordable water fountains. The aesthetic appeal of each water fountain was more difficult to compare because people have their own preferences when it comes to style. So we considered top-quality products from a range of styles.

Best Water Fountain Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Glenville Water Pump Cascading Water Fountain

Best Overall

The old-fashioned water pump design and multitiered flow look great in a natural setting, like the front garden or the back patio. Jeco

Why It Made the Cut: The fiberglass and resin construction is lightweight and waterproof, with a rustic brick, wood, and aged metal appearance.


  • Dimensions: 15 by 15 by 32 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass and resin
  • Type: Indoors or outdoors, freestanding


  • Rustic style and appearance
  • Is a suitable water fountain indoors or outdoors
  • Compact, freestanding design
  • Can be used as a large tabletop fountain


  • Fiberglass and resin are vulnerable to damage

Whether your goal is to improve the appearance of the yard or set up a relaxing water fountain inside, the Glenville Water Pump Cascading Water Fountain is suited for the task. It’s designed with a sturdy fiberglass and resin construction made for enduring the wind and rain. The fountain also features a detailed brick catch-basin, an old-fashioned water pump, as well as two simulated wooden buckets. 

The water is released through the old-fashioned water pump at the top of the fountain and it flows down into the wooden buckets. The buckets form multiple tiers that direct the flow of the water into the simulated brick catch-basin, where it is pumped back up to the top of the fountain to continue the cycle. This attractive water fountain can be set up as either a freestanding fountain or a large tabletop fountain, though the design would also blend perfectly with the natural growth of a vibrant garden.

Best Value: HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Add this soothing tabletop water fountain to the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom to enjoy the peaceful sound of flowing water. Homedics

Why It Made the Cut: Compact and elegant, this tabletop water fountain is an ideal option for improving the ambience of a room without taking up too much space.


  • Dimensions: 8.1 by 7.25 by 8.25 inches
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Type: Indoors, tabletop


  • Affordable price
  • Ornate aesthetic design
  • Small size is suitable for side tables


  • Built-in pump motor can be loud

Set up the HoMedics tabletop water fountain on a kitchen counter, the dining table, or in the bedroom to fill the room with the soothing sound of flowing water. The compact size of just 8.1 by 7.25 by 8.25 inches is suitable for almost any area around the home and can be set up in a bathroom or home office.

This affordable water fountain is made for indoor use and the small size makes it ideal for use as a tabletop aesthetic. The water travels through the three tiers and down into a catch-basin bowl. The simple but elegant design along with the natural beauty of the river rocks in the catch basin improve the appearance of any room. Keep in mind, though, that the plastic and ceramic parts might be damaged if the fountain is dropped or knocked over onto a hard surface. Also, it should be noted that the motor on the pump may run at a loud volume if the fountain and rocks are not washed before the first use. 

Best Tabletop: Kenroy Home 51008SLCOP Spillway Fountains

The rectangular slate frame of this tabletop water fountain features five copper tiers that direct and control the flow of water to the rocky catch basin at the fountain’s base. Kenroy Home

Why It Made the Cut: This tabletop water fountain by Kenroy Home features a simple vertical waterway framed by slate comprising five, solid copper tiers.


  • Dimensions: 10 by 6 by 19 inches
  • Material: Slate, copper, plastic
  • Type: Indoors, tabletop


  • Compact base is suitable for smaller tabletops
  • Tall, vertical fountain stands out in most rooms
  • Five-tier design enhances its visual appeal


  • The pump does not have an on/off switch

One of the problems with typical tabletop water fountains is that they need to be small to fit comfortably on most tabletops, but the smaller size also diminishes the aesthetic presence of the fountain within the room. The Kenroy Home tabletop water fountain overcomes this difficulty with a 19-inch height and a vertical waterway that pours down five tiers before ending on the river rocks in the catch-basin. Despite the fountain’s height, the base of the water fountain is a mere 10 by 6 inches, ensuring that it will fit on most tabletops without a problem.

This fountain is intended for indoor use, though the slate and copper design reflect the earthiness of nature. However, it should be noted that some of the fountain’s construction is plastic painted to look like slate, and this fountain does not have an on/off switch, so it needs to be unplugged each time the user wants to turn it off.

Best Freestanding: Alpine Corporation MLT102 Mirror Waterfall Fountain

Best Freestanding

The stainless steel base and frame ensure the balance and durability of this freestanding water fountain, so users don’t need to worry about it being knocked over. Alpine Corporation

Why It Made the Cut: Make a statement with this impressive 72-inch mirror waterfall fountain that can be set up in the living room, bedroom, or even as a primary focal point in the dining room.


  • Dimensions: 24 inches by 10 inches by 72 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel and mirrored glass.
  • Type: Indoors, freestanding


  • Outstanding mirrored glass aesthetic
  • Strong and durable stainless steel construction
  • Integrated spotlight projects onto the water as it falls


  • The large size may not be suitable for some rooms
  • Expensive

Create space in the living room, dining room, den, or even your master bedroom for this impressive, beautiful water fountain. The well-constructed base and frame are made from painted stainless steel, which blends into most home decors. This frames a tall sheet of mirrored glass that allows it to quickly become the focal point in almost any room. The water cascades down the mirrored glass, creating a waterfall appearance that is illuminated by the integrated spotlight, which helps draw attention to the peaceful burbling of water as it flows.

This indoor Alpine Corporation MLT102 Mirror Waterfall Fountain has a sleek, modern design that is suitable for an office or your home. The large size of the fountain does make it less suitable for smaller indoor spaces. The price tag for this exquisite water fountain may make it unaffordable for those on a tight budget.

Best Outdoor: Peaktop 201601PT Water 4 Tiered Bowls Waterfall Fountains

Best Outdoor

The simulated stone design fits well with wooden decks, stone patios, and the vibrant colors of a spring garden. Peaktop

Why It Made the Cut: With built-in LED lights that enhance its appeal, this freestanding water fountain is ideal for highlighting the home garden.


  • Dimensions: 16.25 inches by 15.5 inches by 33 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass and resin.
  • Type: Indoors or outdoors, freestanding


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Install the water fountain indoors or outdoors
  • Simulated stone is ideal for outdoor settings


  • Fiberglass and resin may be vulnerable to damage

Constructed of fiberglass and resin, the Peaktop waterfall fountain is resistant to wind, rain, and sun, so you can set it up on the back deck, the front patio, or right in the garden. The freestanding fountain will quickly fill the yard with the sounds of bubbling water as it flows down four tiers from the top of the fountain. Each tier is designed to look like a stone bowl with spouts that direct the flow of water to the next level. These bowls appear to be sitting on top of stone ledges. However, the entire fountain is one piece, and since fiberglass and resin are not as heavy as real stone, the fountain may be vulnerable to damage if it’s knocked over.  

The waterfall fountain is easy to assemble, and once you fill it and plug it in, it will be ready to begin making the beautiful sounds of water. It also has built-in LED lights that illuminate the water and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, especially at night.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Fountain

Water fountains are available in many different shapes, sizes, and designs, so it’s important to understand the different product factors involved before deciding on the best water fountain for your home.


You’ll want to determine where you want to set up the water fountain and whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors.

  • Tabletop water fountains are usually designed to be smaller so that they may  sit comfortably on a countertop or table. These are generally intended for use  inside the home, although there are a few that are intended for outdoor use.
  • Wall-mounted water fountains are not as common as tabletop or freestanding fountains because they need to be attached to the wall of the home. However, once installed, these fountains create an appealing water feature that makes the home stand out.
  • Freestanding water fountains don’t need to be placed on a table because they are large enough to stand directly on the floor or ground. Different models can be used indoors or outdoors, though most freestanding water fountains are best suited for outdoor use due to the larger fountain dimensions. 
  • Indoor water fountains are typically made of lighter weight materials, like plastic, though some products may be constructed of stainless steel or even glass. Water fountains that are designated for indoor use can be damaged if they are used outdoors.
  • Outdoor water fountains can range in size from small, tabletop designs to large, decorative focal points for the entire yard. Unlike indoor water fountains, these fountains can be used either indoors or outdoors as long as the fountain fits, although size certainly may be an issue for larger fountains.

Style and Design 

When it comes to style and design, it’s necessary to consider the size of the water fountain, compared to the area where it will be installed. While a water fountain can look great, even in a small room, it’s necessary for the fountain to have enough space to function properly without splashing objects that might be damaged. Typically, tabletop water fountains have a small size and lightweight design, making them ideal for bedrooms, dens, and even bathrooms. However, freestanding water fountains are better for the living room, dining room, and outdoors.

The aesthetic style and design are among the most important factors when choosing a fountain. Do you want the water fountain to blend the background of your home? Or would you prefer the fountain become a focal point for your garden or home? Choose a fountain that matches your sense of style and your budget. 


Water fountains are made from a variety of different materials including resin, fiberglass, bamboo, stainless steel, stone, concrete, and plastic. Resin and fiberglass are great for outdoor use because they are weather-resistant, but stone and concrete are also used for outdoor water fountains because of their outstanding durability and natural resistance to rain, sleet, and snow. However, natural stone or concrete fountains will cost and weigh significantly more than resin and fiberglass do.

Bamboo is an inexpensive material that is great for a home water fountain and naturally accents the beauty of the yard. Stainless steel fountains have a sleek, modern look and are weather-resistant and lightweight, making it the ideal substitute for stone or concrete. If an inexpensive water fountain is your goal, then plastic may be a good choice since it will not be very expensive and can be molded to look like more elegant materials, such as stone or brick.


Q: Do water fountains attract insects?

Most pests that may be attracted to the fountain—such as mosquitoes—are usually interested in standing water, so if the fountain is regularly in use, then it should not attract them.

Q: Is there a way to change the sound of the water fountain?

The flow of water through the water fountain and over the multiple tiers can create a soft burbling sound that’s pleasant and relaxing. By changing the amount of water in the fountain, the sound can be adjusted, allowing users to customize the sound of the fountain to their desired preference.

Q: Can a water fountain run for 24 hours a day?

Yes, in fact most water fountains are designed for this exact purpose. By leaving the water fountain running, even when you aren’t home, the movement of the water helps to deter insects and prevent stagnation, which can lead to algae growth and mineral buildup.

Q: How do you clean a water fountain?

Most water fountains can be cleaned by draining the water and using a gentle scrub brush to remove dirt, algae, and minerals from the surface of the fountain. Consider using a mixture of hot water and vinegar to help remove tough grime, but always make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s directions before beginning to clean to ensure that the cleaning solution is not harmful to the material. 

Final Thoughts

The rustic look and quality construction set the Glenville Water Fountain apart from its competitors, but the elegance and simplicity of the HoMedics Tabletop Fountain cannot be understated.