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In the age of the remote workforce, what constitutes “the office” for many employees is any place where they can set their laptops down and get to work. These makeshift work spaces can range from a coffee shop to a kitchen island, tray table, and so on. But just because the world has become your veritable office doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the basic comforts of desk life. And for some, a track pad just doesn’t cut it for scrolling and clicking. Enter the wireless mouse.

The wireless mouse—or mice, plural—was first conceived to declutter work spaces from superfluous cords and wires. Wireless mice typically transmit data via radio, whether connecting to the computer through Bluetooth or WiFi or a receiver that plugs into the computer, such as a USB port. They’re also highly portable and can be slipped right into the pocket of a laptop bag, tote, or purse. As an added convenience, many mice that use a USB receiver even have a storage compartment for it right inside the mouse.

And the best part is that wireless mice are also inexpensive and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best wireless mouse options currently on the market to meet a range of criteria. Happy clicking!

How We Picked the Products


Deciding which products to feature in this guide was no easy feat, as the wireless mouse market is saturated, and many of them are cheap, inferior, or subpar quality. As such, we looked at over 50 different types and brands of wireless mice before narrowing it down to these five. What ultimately helped guide our decision was customer reviews—and not just the overall user rating, but drilling down into what features people liked and disliked about the various products.

Battery life was undoubtedly an important consideration. Though only one wireless mouse featured here has a rechargeable option, it was important to choose products that had long-lasting battery life. Few things are more frustrating than having to frequently change dead batteries in the middle of your workday or gaming session.

Including wireless mice with different shapes and sizes was equally important—because no two hands are exactly alike. While people with smaller hands may prefer a slim, low-profile design, others may need the ergonomic comfort of a larger mouse that molds to the hand with rubber grips. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference, and these picks should include something for everyone.

The Best Wireless Mouse: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse

With a modern, minimalist design, this mouse looks as nice as it feels. Logitech

Why It Made The Cut: This sleek, pebble-shaped wireless mouse slips effortlessly into a pocket or bag and perfectly accents your workplace setup, wherever that may be.


  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB
  • Movement detection: Optical
  • Power source: AA battery


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Dual connectivity
  • High-precision optical tracking


  • Bluetooth not compatible with all Apple products
  • Slim design uncomfortable for some users

Enjoy smooth, stylish navigation when using the Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse, which boasts a modern, slim, and beautiful pebble-shaped design that feels great in your hand and is easy to carry around in a bag or pocket. Dual connectivity allows you to connect via Bluetooth wireless technology or USB, using the tiny included receiver.

But what really sets this wireless mouse apart is how quietly it operates, making about 90 percent less noise than comparable models by the same brand. That way, you can work in public spaces such as open offices, cafes, or libraries without disturbing anyone around you. Yet, the ultra-quiet operation doesn’t affect the high-precision optical tracking, which tracks fast and accurately on virtually any surface.

The only drawback to those dead set on using Bluetooth connectivity is that some Apple users had problems connecting the mouse to a MacBook or iPad. A small minority of customers have also found that the slim design was uncomfortable and not as ergonomic as traditional gaming or office mice. That’s definitely something to consider for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer screen.

Best Value: Cimetech Wireless Computer Mouse

Best Value

Big functionality in a small and affordable package. cimetech

Why It Made The Cut: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a durable, reliable wireless mouse that comes with all the basic features you want without the sticker shock.


  • Connectivity technology: USB
  • Movement detection: Optical
  • Power source: AA battery


  • Great for tight budgets
  • Wireless transmission of up to 50 feet
  • Three adjustable DPI modes


  • Can be difficult to wake from sleep mode
  • Doesn’t work great on all surfaces

The Cimetech Wireless Computer Mouse comes with basic features and an affordable price tag for no-frills computer navigation. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price, as this mouse has passed the keystrokes-per-hour test at 5,000,000 times to guarantee extra durability and an overall longer lifespan. In addition, the slim and lightweight design makes it an excellent option for carrying around with you or just for daily use.

The three adjustable DPI settings allow you to change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity very easily. And you might find that this comes in handy since the powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection provides anti-interference performance at a distance of up to 50 feet. 

It’s also easy to extend battery life simply by using the bottom on/off switch to toggle the wireless mouse off. But even if you forget to turn it off, it will enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of not being in use. Some users find that it can be difficult to wake from sleep mode, however, and it may even require you to restart the computer to reconnect the mouse.

Best Slim Design: OKIMO LED Wireless Mouse

Best Slim Design

The fun, flashing LEDs transform any home office into a discotheque. OKIMO

Why It Made The Cut: Don’t let the novelty of this LED light-up wireless mouse fool you, because the comfortable grip and rechargeable battery make it a force to contend with.


  • Connectivity technology: Wireless, USB
  • Movement detection: Optical
  • Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Comfortable, symmetric grip
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB-C to USB adapter included


  • Inconsistent DPI
  • No low battery indicator

Bring the party right to your office or workstation with the slim-design OKIMO LED Wireless Mouse, which lights up with seven different ambient rainbow colors. Those who work in the same room as they sleep will also find that it makes a great nightlight, as it shines just bright enough to help you find your way around in the dark.

But aside from the LED lights, another unique feature of this wireless mouse is that it boasts a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to an impressive two weeks with just two hours of charge time—no batteries needed! The charger is USB-C compatible; however, it also comes with a USB-C to USB adapter included, so you’ll have everything you need to get started right inside the box.

The three-level adjustable DPI, or dots per linear inch, used to measure the mouse sensitivity, allows for smooth tracking on most surfaces. Unfortunately, some users have noticed spastic glitches or find that the DPI changes randomly or jumps around while in use. But the inconsistency seems like a minor quibble when factoring in the low price and other cool features.

Best Colors: Seenda Noiseless Wireless Mouse

Best Colors

Both kids and adults will love the variety of bright, fun colors to choose from. seenda

Why It Made The Cut: The simple plug-and-play design paired with a wide variety of bright colors is what we love most about this Seenda wireless mouse.


  • Connectivity technology: Wireless, USB
  • Movement detection: Optical
  • Power source: AA Battery


  • 25 bright and fun colors
  • Silent operation
  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmission


  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch
  • Not compatible with USB-C ports

Adults and kids alike will love the Seenda Noiseless Wireless Mouse, which comes in over two dozen bright and dazzling colors to make work and school less of a chore. Aside from the fun colors, the compact size also makes it an ideal choice for kids and teens. Yet it’s also great for presentations and more, since the 2.4 GHz wireless transmission provides a robust and reliable connection at up to 33 feet.

The simple plug-and-play design also eliminates the need for drivers to be installed, so it works practically right out of the box. All you need to do is insert the AA battery and connect the USB nanoreceiver from the back of the mouse to a port on your computer. It’s that easy!

With universal compatibility, this wireless mouse can work seamlessly with a variety of operating systems, with the exception of MacBook Pro and other devices that have only USB-C ports. It also doesn’t have an on/off switch, which is a pro or con, depending on the user. Some customers like that it shuts down automatically and that you simply left-click to wake it up, while others complain that this feature drains the battery more quickly.

Best Ergonomic Design: Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse

Best Ergonomic Design

Let hand cramps be the least of your problems with this ergonomic mouse. Logitech

Why It Made The Cut: Because a slim, low-profile wireless mouse is not for everyone, you might love the ergonomic design, comfortable grip, and hand feel of this Logitech model.


  • Connectivity technology: Wireless USB
  • Movement detection: Optical
  • Power source: Two AA batteries


  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Micro-precise scroll wheel
  • Long-lasting three-year battery life


  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing design

Let the ergonomic design and soft rubber grips of the Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse conform to your hand for a natural, comfortable fit. The perfect wireless mouse for long workdays or gaming sessions, you can use it for hours on end without having to worry about your hand cramping up or getting tired.

But that’s just the start of this impressive list of features. The new and improved micro-precise scroll wheel provides the ultimate navigation experience with more grooves per millimeter, making it a breeze to scroll quickly. The laser-grade optical sensor likewise delivers super-precise tracking, even on smooth or glossy surfaces, with convenient back and forward button controls to make browsing more effortless than ever.

As a bonus, the Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse boasts an impressive three-year battery life, with a smart sleep mode that helps save power. However, that is taking into account that it requires two AA batteries, whereas most wireless mice run on just one battery or have rechargeable batteries. But still, it’s a small concession not to have to think about charging.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Mouse

If you’ve never purchased a wireless mouse before, or even if you have, there are some considerations to weigh before deciding which one is right for you. For instance, if you’re looking to do some light work or web browsing, a more compact mouse that doesn’t necessarily come with all the bells and whistles might be more your speed. The same goes if you plan on working remotely from different locations and feel that a wireless mouse that fits easily into the pocket of a laptop bag or purse would be preferable.

But if you plan on spending a lot of time in your office, or are a gamer prone to hours and hours on end in front of a computer screen, then a more high-end model with a weighty, ergonomic design and extra features might be a better fit.

What type of battery you prefer is also something to consider. The allure of a wireless mouse that’s fully rechargeable and never wastes a single disposable battery might be an attractive feature for the eco-warriors out there. But alternately, if you don’t love the thought of being bothered with having to charge yet another gadget constantly, then the convenience of disposable batteries might be worth it.


Q: How do I connect a wireless mouse?

To connect a basic USB-connected wireless mouse, first, make sure your computer is turned on. Then, remove the battery compartment cover on the bottom of the mouse (if it’s battery-operated), insert the battery, and replace the cover. Finally, simply turn on the mouse and connect the USB receiver to the USB connection on your computer.

Q: Which type of wireless mouse has a better battery life?

When it comes to battery life, wireless USB mice generally perform better than Bluetooth mice. The battery for a Bluetooth mouse typically drains faster since Bluetooth devices also consume more power, putting added stress on the CPU and preventing the mouse from shifting to a power-saving mode.

Q: What causes a wireless mouse to stop working?

If your wireless mouse stops working, the first thing you should do is check the battery, since a low battery could cause the signal to get weak and prevent the mouse from operating. Electrical or radio interference is another possibility, which could be the fault of anything from your WiFi router or smartphone to your microwave. It’s also possible that a weak signal may simply just be the result of your mouse being too far from the USB receiver, or “dongle,” which is the part that plugs into your computer.

Final Thoughts

With its chic design and all-around great features, our pick for best overall is the Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse. The slim, compact design and quiet operation also make it the best wireless mouse for working remotely, whether at home or out and about. However, for those who appreciate more of a robust hand feel, we’d have to recommend the Seenda Noiseless Wireless Mouse or Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse. Really, it all just depends on which features you prioritize when shopping for a mouse, and you can’t go wrong with any of these options.