If you’re trying to grow a great lawn, vegetable garden, or flower garden, there’s little doubt you’re going to need a good sprayer. Both lawns and gardens must be fertilized properly and watered the right amount to eradicate weeds whenever they pop up. Of course, a garden sprayer is great for all those jobs. When shopping for the best garden sprayer, consider these factors.

  • Handheld Options: Handheld garden sprayers are typically the smallest and least expensive, but they still get the job done quite well. That is, if it’s not a huge job that requires you to spray lots of liquids. Many of the most popular models only hold a gallon of liquid, so spraying large areas isn’t possible without repeated refilling; these models are best for smaller yards. 
  • Pack Design: A five-gallon sprayer weighs about 40 pounds when full, and it can be quite a handful. Sprayers with a built-in backpack are just the ticket for those who want a larger sprayer. Backpack sprayers with a base are designed to sit upright if you set them down to prevent leaks or spills. Backpack sprayers also come with well-padded straps that are comfortable and easy to adjust.
  • Battery-Powered: For those tired of pumping up their sprayers in order to build up pressure, some manufacturers offer battery-powered sprayers for added convenience. Look for a model that will spray for at least three or four hours on a single battery charge, and that will allow you to spray more than 100 gallons before replacing the battery. While these units are typically substantially more expensive than pump units, the added convenience makes them well worth it for many gardeners.

Our Picks for the Best Garden Sprayers on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Chapin 20000 Garden Sprayer

Top Pick Overall

This small, handheld model has an in-tank filter and is great for those with smaller lawns or beds. Chapin International

Runner Up: Field King Backpack Sprayer

Runner Up

This model holds plenty of liquid for larger areas and can easily be carried on your shoulders, leaving your hands free for other chores.
D.B. Smith

Premium Pick: PetraTools 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Premium Pick

This model doesn’t require pumping, making it easier and more convenient to use.

Also Consider: Scotts Battery Powered Pump, 2-Gal

Also Consider

Get 12 uses on a single charge. The built-in nozzle has three different settings: fan, stream, and cone for versatile spraying. Scotts

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