For families that frequently have home-cooked meals, leftovers are a happy byproduct. And as food prepping becomes more popular, a good means of food storage is more important than ever. But keeping those leftovers and prepared meals fresh can be difficult if you don’t have a good set of glass food storage containers. 

Glass containers are among the best, and for a variety of reasons. The surface of glass is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb materials during storage and reheating like plastic can. It is also safe to wash in your dishwasher without fear of melting, and great for reheating items in the microwave without causing any damage. When shopping for glass food storage containers, consider size, shape, and lids.

  • Container Size: The perfect glass food storage container will hold just the amount of food you need to store, fit easily in your refrigerator, and also be microwave-safe. If you regularly prepare large family meals in advance, larger containers will probably be helpful to keep your food fresh and organized. If, on the other hand, you generally only have a small amount of leftovers, smaller, easier-to-store containers will likely be better. If you frequently need to store food but not always in the same quantities, it’s worth investing in a set with a variety of different sizes.
  • Size: While the shape of glass food storage containers might seem more like a matter of aesthetics, getting just the right shape can make storing food easier and more efficient. Round containers typically take up more room in cupboards or drawers because they leave empty space in the corners. However, some foods are just easier to eat out of a round container than one with corners. Square containers tend to fit better in cupboards and deep drawers, but they still take up a lot of space. Rectangular containers are a popular choice because they store quite easily, plus are fairly convenient to eat out of. Whatever shape you choose, make sure you get containers that stack inside one another so you take up the least storage space possible.
  • Lids: Lids might not seem important, but they’re just as critical as the actual storage container. A lid that won’t create and maintain an airtight seal will not only allow food to spoil more quickly, but can also lead to unnecessary spills and messes. Some square and rectangular containers have snap-like lids that can be clicked into place to maintain an airtight seal. Note that some lids can be damaged in the microwave, so consider that before heating food in a glass container with a plastic lid. Some extra handy lids are made with a closeable vent in them so they can stay in place and still be able to vent steam when microwaved.

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