Tummy time is an essential part of your baby’s development. After the first few weeks of life, you can stimulate your baby’s cognitive and motor skills by placing your infant on the floor for some tummy time. One safe and fun option to make your baby squeal with delight? A kick-and-play gym. Whether you prefer lots of colors or a quieter experience for your baby, here are some factors to consider.

  • Teaching style: Tired of bright lights and overstimulating noises? Consider a kick-and-play gym that’s designed with the Montessori style of learning. They’re made of from high-quality materials, neutral tones, and feature lot of opportunities for exploration.
  • Music: Some kick-and-play gyms that incorporates beautiful music and soothing sounds. So your baby will get both visual and auditory stimulation. The early exposure may foster a lifelong appreciation for music!
  • Storage: Babies only use kick-and-play gyms during their early months. So it makes sense to purchase one that’s relatively inexpensive and can be tucked away for any future kids. Look for one that provides plenty of sensory play despite its small size.

Our Picks for the Best Kick-and-Play Gym on Amazon

Best Overall: Lovevery Play Gym

Spur your infant’s growth with five Montessori-inspired development zones. What’s more, this pick is also made with sustainably sourced wood. Lovevery

Runner Up: Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym

Runner Up

Delight your little one with animals from the jungle, including a toucan! Tummy time is a hoot with this option. Fisher-Price

Premium Pick: TUMAMA Gym

Premium Pick

Lull your little one to sleep with the pick’s sound machine. You can adjust the timer and volume from your phone. TUMAMA

Budget Pick: Fisher-Price Piano Gym

Your child will love to plink away at the keyboard and rattle the monkey cymbal-clackers. And you can toss the mat in the washing machine at day’s end.

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