If you have the space in your backyard, make get-togethers really stand out with an outdoor projector. It’s a guaranteed party-starter as long as you’re aware of a few key features before buying one. Here’s how to choose one that checks all the boxes, from brightness to size. 

  • Image resolution. Just because a projector can play HD movies doesn’t mean an HD-quality image will be projected onto the screen. Many outdoor projectors “downsample,” meaning they will take in the high-resolution image, but output one of lower quality. Look for a projector with a minimum native resolution of 720p.
  • Brightness. Brightness is a huge factor in your choice of projector—especially if you’re using it outside. That’s because the video it throws can be dimmed by light pollution. That can be combated if your projector features the right amount of lumens, which is how light is measured. Make sure you find a projector with a luminosity of at least 600 to properly fight light pollution.
  • Connectivity. Outdoor movie night can also become game night if your projector features the right ports or connectivity technologies. Link your projector to a variety of electronic devices, including computers, game consoles, phones, and tablets. Look for a projector with a variety of ports, including HDMI, VGA, and USB. And some even have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity! 

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Projectors on Amazon

Top Pick: DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Outdoor Movie Projector with 100 Inch Screen

This model incorporates healthy diffuse reflection technology with a direct light source to ward off eye fatigue.
DR. J Professional

Runner Up: QKK Mini Projector 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector [100″ Projector Screen Included]

This item is designed with a long lamp life of up to 50,000 hours. QKK

Most Versatile: BOMAKER WiFi Mini Projector for Outdoor Movies

Designed with premium chipset and antenna to ensure fast, easy, and wireless connections without cutting out.

Budget Pick: Pansonite Mini Projector for Outdoor Movies

Budget Pick

This affordable option comes with a powerful speaker for cinematic sound.

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