Kids’ playmats can provide hours of entertainment if imaginations run wild and if you’ve got the right playmat. For babies and toddlers, playmats are a great way to let kids learn and expand their creativity. There are many different options for kids playmats that can make it tough to pick the right one. However, features exist in kids playmats that are key to their enjoyability and functionality.

It Sound-Proofs!

Insulation not only adds safety, it also muffles sounds. BalanceFrom

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Look for a mat that is built to resist moisture so you can easily clean any spills with nothing more than soap and water. To make your cleaning even easier, opt for a mat that is built with interlocking pieces, as you have the ability to wash each part individually. Puzzle piece kids playmats also give you the option of choosing the size of mat you want to play with. Do you have just one kid? You can keep the mat fairly small. Do you have a few kids playing? Then add more pieces to make it bigger.

Rolls Up Easily

Mix learning with playtime by picking an option little ones can interact with. Angels

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The ideal kids’ mat gives your kids something to play with, and for some young minds that means nothing more than a scene where they can let their imagination run wild. If that sounds like your child, look for a mat with printed things like roads, airports, and other scenes. This is a great way to spark creativity, as are mats with numbers and letters.


Just wipe this one clean! teytoy

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Many people buy kids’ playmats to help foster their children’s imagination, but honestly, it can also occupy them enough for you to get stuff done around the house. But there’s a trade-off. The more time your kid spends on a playmat, the higher the chances that he or she will make some messes (lunch served on the playmat can be a great idea if done right). Either opt for a mat that has individual, interlocking pieces to make clean-up easy, or one that is resistant to food and milk stains that you can clean with nothing more than the wipe of a cloth.