Dog Clippers to Keep Your Pet Trimmed and Tidy

Keep Fido looking fine.

Dog grooming salons do a wonderful job keeping your pup clean and pampered, but you can save time and money if you do it at home. Plus, anxious dogs might find it more comfortable to have their trims done at home, by their owners, in familiar surroundings. This information will help you choose the right set for your pet.

YIDON Dog Clippers, Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers
A heavy duty clipper that can be used on dogs, cats and even larger animals such as horses.YIDON

The sharper the blade the less discomfort to the dog; if the blade is getting blunt, the hair can drag and tug your pup’s skin. There are a few main types of blades including stainless steel, ceramic and titanium. All of them have pros and cons. Steel blades are the least expensive and can be replaced when dull. Ceramic ones stay cooler than metal, which is also important for the comfort of your dog and can be sharpened. Titanium blades cost more, but are often used by professional groomers because of their durability. So pet owners with multiple dogs or those with very challenging coat types may want to consider higher end blades.

PETKING - Dog Grooming Clippers for Pets
These ceramic blade clippers come with a full set of accessories including four comb attachments, cleaning brush, stainless steel scissors and a great grooming bonus: nail cutters and a nail file.PETKING

Most dog clippers come with a few accessories such as comb guides to help you trim your dog’s hair evenly. The snap-on plastic combs also “soften” the cutting edge to protect your dog from nicks and cuts from the blades. No matter what clippers or comb size you use, it’s important to comb your pet’s coat thoroughly before trimming to keep the clippers from tugging at your pet’s skin. If there are mats you may also need to snip them away with scissors before clipping.

ONEISALL Pet Grooming Clipper Kits Low noise Dog
Features both stainless steel and ceramic blades and has a low-noise, low-vibration motor to help keep dogs calm.ONEISALL

The noise and vibration of electric clippers can spook and scare anxious dogs, especially if they’re not accustomed to being groomed. Some clippers have quieter, smoother motors than others, so if you have a particularly skittish pet, it’s worth it to do a little research and see what other users say about the sound and vibration levels of the clippers you’re considering.