How to Choose a Baby Cot or Crib

Help a new family settle in with these necessities.

Sometimes working out what kit to buy for a newborn is almost as difficult as settling on a name. A cot is one of the most important purchases a new family can make and although there is an overwhelming number of options to choose from, there are a few things to consider that will help you choose the right one.

Wooden Baby Cot with Drawer + Foam Mattress + Teething Rails

Versatility is Key

This cot is also a storage unit — and the chew-safe rails double as teething relief as baby grows.loveforsleep

Unless a family has a huge home, space is usually at a premium when baby arrives. With stacks of equipment, nappies and wipes to make room for choosing items that can serve more than one purpose is a brilliant approach. So look for gear and furnishings that have more than one job, such as a cot that doubles as a clothes dresser for baby or storage area for nappies.

Solid Wood Baby Cot and Junior bed

Grows with baby

Your baby won’t grow out of this cot until she goes to preschool—it converts from a newborn sleeper to a crib for larger infants to a junior bed for a 3 year old.Extreme Furniture

Even if you go with an affordable pick, a cot is an investment in both money and the time it takes to assemble the furnishing so when you finally settle on one and bring it home, you want it to last for more than a few months. That’s where “convertible” cribs are essential. They can go from a newborn cot — with the mattress up higher so you don’t have to bend so far to reach baby, to a deeper crib for older infants who can roll over or stand on their own, to a junior bed with a little reconfiguration.

Foldable travel cot with bassinet, changing table, carrying bag


This portable wonder can act as a newborn bassinet, a cot for older babies, a playpen and even a changing table. Plus, it folds up and comes with its own travel case.Hadwin

A portable cot is essential if you plan to travel and will be staying with friends and family or in a hotel. There are many to choose from, with many different attachments and features. In fact, families with limited budgets or small flats may even consider using a well made portable as the everyday cot for their babies rather than having a larger wood model.