Pet Doors to Give Your Four-Legged Friend Free Rein

Let your pooch or puss make their own decisions about whether they go out or stay in.

Cat walking through pet door.
Let your pet come and go as they please.Amazon

Before cats and dogs were properly domesticated, farmers would cut small holes in the side of sheds or barns in the hope that feral cats would come in and cull the rodents that preyed on the stores of flour and grain within. But now that cats and dogs are part of our families, pet doors have become much more sophisticated. Here are a few things to think about before you invest...

SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification, White (4 x AA batteries required)

Universal Feline Door

Can be installed in doors, windows or walls, and has a sensor that works with your pet’s implanted or collar-mounted electronic ID, so only your animals can use it. Also available in brown.Amazon

It sounds obvious, but do measure your pet, and the size of the door before purchase, and if your pet is “in between sizes” go for the bigger door. If it’s difficult or uncomfortable for them to use, they’re less likely to use it—after all, if you had to squeeze through a tight fitting gap, you probably wouldn’t bother, would you?

PetSafe Staywell, Convenient, Original 2 Way Pet Door, Fast Installation, Easy fitting, 2 Way Locking, Cat Flap for All Pets – White - Large

For Most Walls & Doors

Universal design that can be fitted in PVC, uPVC, metal, wood and brick. Also available in brown and silver, and in two other sizes, with an optional tunnel extension for deeper constructions.Amazon

As well as checking that you’re buying the right size door for your pet, do make sure that you’re buying the right type of product for your door or wall. There are various kits out there that can be used with glass doors or wooden doors, or can be expanded to accommodate a cavity wall, but they’re not all interchangeable, so decide on where you’re planning to install before you buy, and buy accordingly.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Smart Collar Included

Hi-tech option for glass, brick and more (additional accessories may be required) that can be programmed to recognise up to 32 different animals and to be locked for a fixed period of time. Comes with one RFID collar.Amazon

Once you’ve installed your pet door, you don’t want every Felix or Fido in the neighbourhood, ambling in and making themselves at home, so while most doors can be easily locked from the inside, another option is giving your pet a “key”. Basically installing a door that will only open in response to a signal from a collar worn by your pet, or because the door recognises your pet’s implanted microchip.