7 GIFs From the Movie “UHF” That Cover Every Emotion You’re Having About the World Right Now

Gen Xers and Old Millennials: You’re welcome.

1. “I really want to keep refreshing CNN even though it feels bad.”

2. “Homeschooling for the next forever? How hard can it be?”

Man throwing dog gif
imgur.com/8guZNlz imgur.com/8guZNlz

3. “Things seem almost normal as long as I stay off Facebook and Twitter.”

Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse
Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse imgur.com/mahballs imgur.com/mahballs

4. “Every time I think things can’t possibly get worse…”

Clown gif
imgur.com/LLovIqP imgur.com/LLovIqP

5. “Did that person really just humblebrag about their awesome work from home/homeschool routine?”

6. “Relax, the government has this totally under control OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING”

7. “This is America! We’ll macho our way out of this whole mess in no time. Right? Right?!”