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If you’re like most every other American, you’ve spent hours of your time watching the Tiger King documentary on Netflix—hopefully with someone else. If that person has a birthday coming up—or if you just want to get yourself or a friend a souvenir of the experience—a Tiger King themed gift is perfect.

Sure, you can get a Tiger King T-shirt, coffee mug, or wine glass, but if you’re looking for something extra-special for your buddy or loved one, check out these seven special Tiger King gifts.

Tiger King Stickers

Show your support for the King by putting these stickers on your car, truck, or ATV. NEO Tactical Gear

Allow yourself or someone else to express your support for Joe Exotic—from freeing him from jail to putting him in the White House—with a selection of stickers for car, truck, bicycle, or even ATV.

Tiger Print Undies

See a tiger, and get your animal on, with these tiger face panties…complete with ears. Ababalaya

We’re guessing that you didn’t dress up to stay home for several weeks…if you even dressed at all. That’s what makes tiger-print underwear for men.

Tiger King Face Mask

Why wear a boring face mask when you have options like this Tiger King model? Aipula

Avoid contamination and show off your wild and crazy side in style with a face mask that features what just may be the world’s most famous exotic-animal owner.

Tiger Print Hawaiian Shirt

Even grandma would approve of this shirt that shows your support for Joe Exotic. Tipsy Elves

Want to express your feelings about Joe Exotic with a shirt that’s safe for work? A tiger print Hawaiian shirt is the answer.

Joe Exotic I Saw a Tiger CD

You heard it on the show; now you can blast it at home or in your car. Joe Exotic

Don’t just hum that song you heard on the documentary—sing along as it plays. And if you’re having friends over and the evening turns quiet, pop this in the CD player and get that party roaring.

Tiger Print Socks

Get your cool cat on while you binge Tiger King with tiger print socks. Tiaronics

You know you’ll be watching Tiger King episodes again…and when you curl up on the couch, what better socks to wear than those that proclaim exactly where you stand?

Tiger King Birthday Card

Happy birthday, tiger! The Card Zoo

This list is really about Tiger King gifts for others, remember? So, when you give that present, include a thoughtful card that expresses exactly how you feel about that friend or loved one.