Ready to say “Awwww” more times than you can count? We have just the things.

Great Gift

Each figure is 3 inches tall when built—small enough to keep on a grown up’s desk or a tween’s bedroom shelf. LEGO

As you probably know, in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, when Baby Yoda isn’t being held or waddling around on the ground, he travels around in a flying something that looks like a cross between an infant carseat and a chicken egg. The official name of this lovely little vehicle? A hoverpram. This building kit comes complete with a hoverpram for Lego Baby Yoda to get comfy in.

Cutest Baby

This soft, 10-inch-tall doll makes 10 different sound effects when you squeeze him! Star Wars

In the streaming TV series, Baby Yoda—who’s called “The Child” on the show—is a hungry little thing. And what does he like to eat best? Frogs. We love that this baby doll comes with a frog for him to dine on.

Impactful Pair

These mini figures depict some of the coolest moments from season one of the character’s debut show: Baby Yoda gulping down an amphibian for dinner, and using his powers for the first time to save his guardian. Star Wars

Baby Yoda doesn’t use the Force very often. But when he does, it’s intense. The first time fans of the series witnessed his outsized powers was in season 1, episode 2 when his guardian was about to be gored by a huge, lethal creature called a Mudhorn. Baby Yoda thrust out his tiny hand (claw? paw?), closed his eyes and levitated the beast off the ground. Then promptly collapsed from the effort. Our hero!

We Also Love…

Have a Mandalorian fan who’s always on their phone or tablet? This self-sticking device stand will make them smile every time they see Baby Yoda’s sweet face. PopSockets

This Baby Yoda stuffy is 8 inches tall and has a base full of beans so he can stand up straight when you set him down (if you ever do!). Mattel

Tell your partner or roommate if the silverware and coffee mugs are clean or dirty with a flip of this magnetic badge. Brothers Bench