Baby Yoda Plush Toys For The Child in Your Life

With you, may the cuddle force be.

Child holding a baby Yoda
Easily the cutest big-eared, big-eyed, green _Star Wars_ character to come out in recent memory. Mattel Mattel

In a time not-that-long ago in this galaxy, Star Wars captured the world’s attention. In 2019, we were given a glimpse of a precocious baby that looks an awful lot like iconic Jedi Master Yoda—and the Star Wars fandom still hasn’t recovered from the cuteness. This young character (it’s around 50 years old, which is young by its species’ standards) is officially called “The Child,” but fans were quick to embrace the name “Baby Yoda.”

We may never know the origins of The Child—is it Yoda reincarnated or is it a completely new character of the same species?—but we know that Baby Yoda uses his adorable mannerisms to disarm even his most fearsome enemies staunch critics alike. The Child is definitely here to stay.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Baby Yoda fan in your life, or just want your own to bring a sense of playful delight to your Star Wars character collection, we have you covered. Keep reading to discover what to look for and why no Star Wars fan should go without this tiny Force-wielding plush toy.

Imaginative Play

Stands just under a foot tall, comes with a display nest-style bed to dock when not in use. Mattel

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Take on the role of Mandalorian Bounty Hunter caring for The Child with adventurous play. Kids can carry Baby Yoda to safety, or create their own unique story to act out. Animatronic versions of the plush green guy are great for anyone who likes responsive interplay. Baby Yoda is small enough to fit discreetly in a backpack or zipped up in a jacket or sweatshirt, making it a perfect choice for travel, car rides, nap times and show and tell. Whichever Baby Yoda you choose, be sure you and your little imaginative bounty hunter also stock up on play frogs to keep The Child well-fed and happy.

Nostalgic Feel

It’s smaller than the model on the show and rotates between 10 vocal cues when squeezed. Ideal for younger fans. Star Wars

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Baby Yoda is a must have for any Star Wars collector. But what plush version will bring the most value to your collection? First, consider if you want your green guy to stay safely out of reach in its original packing or box, untouched by human hands. If this is you, go for an official collectible plush toy, and make sure it has a protective display box to keep it free from dust and discoloration. If you prefer to handle the toy, any brand will do. However, consider what type of model you’ll get the most use and joy from. Do you like to keep it for cuddling and play, or do you prefer for it to make noise when handled?

Top Pick

This option has a sturdy bean bag base, but a soft head and appendages. Comes with robe. Mattel

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Before you buy an adorable baby Jedi, be sure to consider who you are buying it for. While most Star Wars fans will gleefully embrace this stuffy, custom tailoring, your purchase for the kid in your life (or the kid in you!) is key. Size, authenticity, style, fabric and materials matter. Do you want branded styling and a hard plastic head on The Child, or do you prefer an all-plush toy that sacrifices a bit of authentic design for a totally soft Baby Yoda? Either way, choose the style that brings the most satisfaction to your life.