Bartending Kits for Beginner, Intermediate and Professional Mixologists

Shake it up like a real mixologist.

Making and mixing spirits is a time-honored profession. In fact, the history of mixed drinks and bartending can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Modern cocktails rose to popularity in the early 20th century, and when prohibition outlawed alcohol entirely, mixed drinks became the beverage of choice in illegal speakeasies across the United States.

While we now have the freedom to drink our spirits in bars and restaurants, the rise of craft cocktails and home bartending have ushered in a new era of this time-honored tradition. If you’re curious about making your own mixed drinks at home, bartending kits are an excellent way to whet your whistle. Most come with tools to get started, a way to neatly store and organize those tools when not in use, and a recipe book so you can master the basics.


These tools have a dark, modern finish with contrasting wood rack for easy storage. Hand wash only. Modern Mixology


If you’re new to mixology, be sure to look for a bartending kit that has what you need to make your favorite drinks from scratch. Martini shakers are essential for any home bartender, and are used in almost every mixed drink—martini or not. You’ll need a jigger for measuring, a shaker strainer that fits nicely on the top of the shaker, a long mixing spoon, tongs for ice and a bottle/wine opener. Investing in the basics will yield tasty, professional cocktails every time.

Ready to Go

Professional grade with specialized equipment. Comes with soft sided travel case and mixology guide. Dark finish, hand wash only. barillio


Home bartending kits don’t have to be relegated for use inside your house. Mixing up drinks anywhere you go is doable as long as you have the right ingredients and right equipment. Kits that have all of the basic tools you need in a neat travel case make it easy to share your favorite cocktails on the go: backyard barbecues, family gatherings—even camping.

Midcentury Modern

Comes with nearly a dozen items to help make drinks and a beautiful wooden container for the pieces. Mixology & Craft


If you want to keep your bartending kit on display, be sure to choose a finish and design that complements your home decor. Martini shakers and mixing tools come in all kinds of finishes. Shiny brass for a mid-mod feel, classic stainless steel, ultra modern matte black—there is a set to reflect your own personal design. Just make sure your kit has a rack for tidy storage and an attractive display.