If hugs were furniture, they’d be bean bag chairs. Because they’re intrinsically ergonomic, molding around the shape of the sitter, beans alleviate pressure and feel good on your back. Plus, they’re just good fun—for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

Unzip the washable-dryable cover and voilà: Out pops a bed for two, made of soft, shredded cotton-poly foam. CordaRoy’s

Some bean bags aren’t just chairs—they’re beds, too. A convertible style is a dream for anyone short on space or a guest room. A bean bag chair is a cute accessory in a kid’s room, and friends won’t have to bring a sleeping bag or air mattress for slumber parties.

Comes in five different sizes and six colorways. Amazon Basics

Look for a machine-washable cover. An easily cleaned, removable outer is a must for a bean bag chair, especially if children (or pets!) will be climbing on it. The most secure models have an inner lining so that you don’t spill the beans when you unzip the cover.

Also Consider

Safety-locked zippers and spot-clean-able fabric make these ideal for messy kiddos. Big Joe

If you want to make sure your chair isn’t too hard or too soft but just right, choose a style with removable and replaceable beans—i.e. no sealed inner liner—so you can customize how densely packed your chair is.