A dog jacket isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s a great way to protect your dog from harsh weather as well. Many dogs, especially those with short hair or minimal body fat, can get quite uncomfortable in cold, windy, or wet weather. Give your furry friend the protection he needs with one of these dog jackets.

Turn it inside out to change up your pooch’s look! Kuoser

If style is top of mind when shopping for a jacket for your best furry friend, a reversible dog jacket might be a good choice. One that rests over the back and clasps at the neck makes for a quick and simple switch. Wardrobe change!

Perfectly Puffy

Keep your cutie warm even in the worst conditions. vecomfy

A light windbreaker won’t cut it when Mother Nature unleashes her icy fury. Instead, shop for a dog jacket with puffy lining for maximum warmth. One that fits around the arms and has a hood will keep it secure in blustery winds.

This sporty option makes a great choice for a light rain or wind. Kurgo

Not all weather conditions call for a heavy dog jacket. After all, a pooch shouldn’t get too hot or there’s a risk of overheating. On days with slight wind or even a misty rain shower, grab a lightweight dog jacket before hitting the great outdoors.