The Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners

Check out these pooch presents!

Dogs are simple—all they really need is your love and affection. (And food, of course.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t level up and shop for a truly unique gift for your pooch, or for a pup that belongs to someone special. Here are our favorite gifts for dogs.

Stay Connected

Stay close to your pup even when you’re away when you peek in using this system. Oh, and don’t forget to offer a yummy snack using the remote technology. Furbo

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High-tech toys are the future, and that includes dog toys, too. A camera that allows you to periodically check in on your pooch’s welfare from afar is a gift to both you and your furry friend.

Stylish and Warm

Designed to snugly fit a pup of any size. Kuoser

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Dog jackets are key to cozy warmth and comfort for dogs who live in colder climates. Shop for one that clasps under the neck and even around the girth for the best fit. A reversible jacket always makes a great gift for dogs, allowing for two looks in one.

Get Informed

Easily learn everything you need to know about a pup. Wisdom Health

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Doggie DNA is the wave of the future for serious dog owners and breeders. A simple DNA test can enlighten owners with a host of information about not only the breed, but a specific dog as well. It’s a great way to get a heads up about ancestry, health conditions, and other breed-specific information.

Save Your Shoes

Furry friends are great, but they can be destructive! Let them relieve their desire to chew with this tough toy. Benebone

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Some dogs like to chew more than others, and nothing is safe with them! From shoes to hairbrushes and just about everything in between, it takes a great chew toy to save your valuable items. Look for one that’s super strong to stand up to those powerful jaws.

Noisy Fun

Designed for rough play, this one can stand up to your furball’s daily chew and toss sessions. ZippyPaws

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Stuffed toys for dogs don’t typically go the distance. Scouting out a plush toy that doesn’t include stuffing that won’t spill all over your living room floor is the right choice for almost all playful dogs.