Best Sofa Slipcover: Give Your Couch a New Look

A new lease on life for your favorite place to sit.

For some people, the words “sofa slipcover” may conjure images of the tacky plastic their grandmothers used to protect the living room couch when they were kids. Banish those thoughts. Today’s sofa slipcovers aren’t made of cheap plastic, and they have both function and glamour on their side. In addition to providing a protective barrier between the sofas they cover and dust, dirt, and family life, you can get them in different colors, patterns, and fabric to give your couch a new look. Have a seat and let’s discuss.

Basic Fabric Barrier

This quilted option is water-resistant and tough. It’s machine washable in cold water and can tumble dried afterwards. Easy-Going

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Before choosing a sofa slipcover, think about whether you would like it to be tailored to the shape of the couch or more loose and flowing. Do you want it to be fitted to enclose the entire couch or just cover it like a blanket? If you go the fitted route, heavy fabrics like chenille and velvet may look great, but they won’t easily adapt to the shape of a sofa. Medium fabrics work best, and textured options like twill, damask, and denim look cool and won’t easily wrinkle.

Flexible Fit Stays in Place

This one can cover a wide range of furniture, from widths of 66 inches to 90 inches, and it’s designed to be snug without wrinkling. Purefit

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It’s important to consider the style of the sofa that the slipcover will be going over. They make more sense with stainable couch fabrics. If you have a leather or faux leather sofa, you can wipe spills and debris off it, and unless it’s a thousand years old, you’ll probably want to show off the look of the couch rather than hiding it under a bunch of fabric. If your sofa has a wooden frame or wooden arms, a slipcover might not be a great idea. They work best on couches that are soft all over so there aren’t any hard surprises when someone sits down. 

Machine Washable

The fabric is smooth and silky, so to prevent constant slipping, it shouldn’t be used over leather.

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You can add various details to a slipcover to give it a specific and unique look. Braids, fringes, and buttons can enhance the look and make it more than just a protective barrier. Welting can also make a slipcover appear more decorative than functional. Contrast welting on a slipcover makes the lines of a sofa pop, while self welting plays them down. If welting isn’t incorporated into the design of your slipcover, you can always add it yourself.