When you’re taking multiple pills, it’s easy to lose track every once in a while. A sure way to remember, and a sure way to take the right amount of medication with you, is a weekly pill organizer. These products include labeled compartments for each day of the week, so you can load up at the beginning of each week and ensure that you never miss a dose. 


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The organizer you choose should work for your particular pill-taking routine. Luckily, there are designs for every possible iteration. Many people take pills in the morning and evening; if that’s you, look for an “AM/PM” design. Some organizers are small enough to fit in a pocket, which is good for short trips. Others can hold tens of pills in each compartment. 


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In recent years, manufacturers have started to experiment with more fun, colorful, inventive designs. The classic long rectangle is still out there, and still just as effective, but for some, it reads as a little staid and boring. Instead, opt for an organizer with bright colors, or in a fun circular design, to make taking your daily meds a little more cheerful.


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Another consideration for those shopping for a pill organizer is ease of use. For people with arthritis, look for one that’s easy to open. For people with visual impairment, a clear container may be helpful. If you take larger-sized pills fish oil usually comes in a heftier-sized capsule, for example, look for an organizer with especially roomy compartments.