Everybody knows that a helmet is crucial to safe cycling. But bright can’t-miss LED lights are important too. If you or your kids like to trek around at night or in high-traffic areas, installing flashy bulbs on your wheels will add an extra layer of security. Bonus: They look super cool!

These easy-installation rim bulbs can be seen from every angle, and can toggle between constant and flashing modes depending on the weather conditions. Plus, batteries are included! Activ Life

Standard bike lights can be seen only from front to back, leaving you vulnerable from other angles. Adding a string of bright bike lights to your wheels, especially when they’re a vibrant shade, ensures that everybody sees you coming and going.

Rainbow of Colors

These are sold individually, allowing you to mix or match different hues to make each ride uniquely you. Activ Life

When purchasing bike lights, double check that they’re waterproof. The last thing you want is to be cycling in low-visibility conditions, like rain or fog, and have them konk out.

Total Steal

Sixteen different modes mean a new ride every time you take off. And who says you have to stop at one strand? Buy multiple sets to increase your individuality. Sumree

Installing wheel lights is easier than it looks: Simply wind the light wire around each spoke so that the bulbs sit between the spokes. If you’ve ever hung fairy lights at home, you’re already an expert! (But don’t worry—you’ll get an installation manual to make sure everything’s clear.)